EXIM Bank Overview

With the global middle class rising… and
demand for quality products increasing at an historic pace… countries are turning
to exports to spur job growth and fortify their economies. Opportunities for U.S. businesses
to reach overseas consumers have never been greater, but at the same time, the competition
has never been more intense. If a business can’t secure the financing necessary to
compete, they risk losing out to overseas rivals… and jobs that could be created in
America instead end up thousands of miles away. When private lenders and brokers are
unable to offer support, that’s where the Export-Import Bank comes in. EXIM has been
empowering U.S. companies to confidently enter new markets, win deals, and add jobs for more
than 80 years. By equipping businesses with tools like export credit insurance, working
capital funds, and loan guarantees, EXIM levels the playing field for American exporters.
While 90 percent of EXIM’s customers are small businesses, no transaction is too big
or too small. In recent years, EXIM has supported millions of good-paying U.S. jobs, while generating
billions of surplus dollars for American taxpayers. By supporting American exporters to reach
new frontiers, EXIM fuels job growth, strengthens communities, and contributes to a strong,
durable national economy. The Export-Import Bank… Reducing Risk. Unleashing Opportunity.
Contact us, or visit EXIM.gov to learn more.

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