Empowering Your Wallet – Meet The Family Bank Game

Everyone dreams of security and happiness
for their family, but when you are riding the rollercoaster of save and spend, and watching
a quarter of your income go to interest payments, instead of your pocket or struggling with
debt or lack of savings, what you want for your family can seem beyond your reach.
The Family Bank is a 200 year old strategy that is been featured in the Wall Street Journal,
Forbes and Barron’s Magazine. It is the most important financial strategy
for families today, yet most families don’t know how to implement it and running a successful
family bank takes a lot of knowledge! That is why the Family Bank Game was created!
The Family Bank Game is a fun two-day interactive learning event that helps build financial
muscle memory So you can walk away ready to create a whole new future you may never have
thought possible. The Family Bank Game makes you part of a community,
that learns together, and supports each other. Strengthens family bonds, while taking control
of finances and ulitmately reclaiming power and wealth through family banks. Don’t stay
stuck in your old financial ways with constant worries and lack of control.
Grab your family and make plans to find financial security with the Family Bank Game!

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