DIY SSD made of SD Cards!

Okay so today’s video yeah it’s a product that really makes no sense to me at least on the surface this right here is i’ve actually got the product page up behind me this is come on come on get in here check this out check this up this is the i don’t know highland star microelectronic anyway we ordered it from usb dot brando dot-com and this doodad right here adapts as as regular sata interface with some controller from sage that i’ve never heard of to 10 micro sd slots That’s quality right there so yes my friends today we’re gonna make our own ssd [LTT Theme] {click click} [Intro] Song: Lazlo Supernova Today’s videos brought to you by tunnel bear the simple VPN try Tunnel bear for free at we’re gonna have that linked below So step one is gonna be some RATFAM because while it does seem fairly straightforward in principle you take the 10 micro sd cards that Kingston graciously sent you because you’re a famous youtuber and then you Install them in all the things i do want to make sure that we are doing it correctly so instructional note number the first you can use 1 2 4 8 or 10 micro sd cards at one time it does not support 3 5 7 or 9 Instructional step number ii insert the micro sd cards into the micro sd slots one by one as The order shown on adapter where’s the CHP0L I just see COM tf 1 tf 6 tf 2 i think that’s for trans flash why does this pcb say demo on it okay well We’re just gonna we’re just gonna go according, to the numbers so where’s here’s tf 1 let’s do this thing wait doing this write Down and then you slide it there we go So the idea here is that it runs all of your micro SD cards which aside from being a much lower grade typically than the nand flash that you would find in an ssd are fundamentally the same thing it runs them all in RAID 0 To make up for the fact that a typical micro SD card will be capable of anywhere from you know 20 to maybe 80 to 90 megabytes a second reads and writes whereas a typical SSD especially a SATA 3 one can saturate a SATA 3 interface at around you know 500 Mm 50 or so megabytes per second One problem that i do foresee though is that there’s more To life than sequential performance when it comes to SSD and the controller dictates what the random performance will be like and oh That too ignores the other problem which is that the flash on a typical microsd card is not only slower But also less resilient than the higher quality stuff on a normal SSD a problem that is compounded this is all about the problems with this thing hey Compounded by the fact that you’re running this whole thing in RAID 0 so one dead micro SD card means there goes your data it’s gone, so there it is for better or for worse this is now a 1.2 terabyte RAID 0 micro SD SATA SSD I don’t know what it is let’s plug it in this is so dumb it’s like cool but it’s like why there it is no way 1.16 terabytes of useable space let’s call this drive letter k has it special So i’m actually a bit of a loss now because i’m gonna let you guys behind the curtain for a second here while i was prepping this video i actually realized that this probably wasn’t going to work because i hadn’t gone through the instructions ahead of time and i just noticed that it says right here do not support uhs-1 and these are quite clearly uhs-1, cards so i Was expecting to like go on a field trip to best buy and come back? But it’s working so let’s let’s test it i guess ok, so if i told you we have the world’s stupidest ssd special k drive here how would you benchmark it it’s 10 micro sd cards on a pcb we could use crystaldiskmark, ATTO disk benchmark i’m coming into this with literally no expectations whatsoever actually at 512-byte that’s right even that bad is it this is that a queue depth of eight though so to be clear this is very unrealistic for a desktop workload okay So there’s a couple of takeaways here number one is that our drive is indeed sata to and number two is that The performance is actually better than i expected but this is just sequential this doesn’t really tell us anything about how it would perform in a real-world workload let’s head it with crystal disk mark just for lulz oh wow um we’re still gonna run the pass mark test i guess but this is not looking good for random performance this is performing about like you’d expect from a bad SSD four or five years ago because there’s a lot more To SSD performance than just taking a bunch of nand flash and writing to and reading from it in a Parallelized manner to get more speed out of it the controller intelligence has to be high in order to get better oh, wow these random numbers these are awful okay So for our last trick pass mark just thread test so The average latency here doesn’t really tell us the whole story because where you really feel the slowness of a drive is when it when it spikes That’s what most modern SSDs are really trying To overcome this those spikes and latency that’s when you like click on something and you feel like your computer’s like? So we are seeing spikes up to almost half a second on this drive with a lot of them actually sitting here around a fifth of a second so while you could run an os on this thing i really wouldn’t recommend it and to drive that point home i’ve actually spent the last half an hour waiting for windows to install off a usb drive and it’s still at 81% of getting files ready for installation this thing is kind of painfully slow like to the point where i’m having a really hard time figuring out what its purpose could possibly be because you might go oh well you know maybe Disposable data that you need to be faster than a hard drive? But not as fast as an SSD like a steam game library but even then the cost is so high to fill this thing with 64 gig or 128 gig microsd cards like we did would cost more than just buying a proper ssd like a crucial mx 500 or a wd blue so I’m not sure why it exists but it does And it’s cool So there it is and you know what else is cool Dollar Shave Club if you have it for whatever reason signed up for Dollar Shave Club then now is a better time than ever for just five bucks they are offering their shave shower starter set it includes their executive razor as well as three trial size versions of some of their most popular products their body wash their shave butter and their one wipe charlies butt wipes After the starter set replacement cartridges are just a few bucks a month’s so head over to slash lightest we’re gonna have that link below and join the club so thanks for watching guys if you dislike this video you can hit that button but if you liked it hit like get subscribed maybe consider checking out where to buy the maybe not that this thing but maybe the SD cards and and that site actually where we got this has lots of other cool random gadgets as well so you can check that out at the link in the video description also linked down there is our merch store which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum which you should totally join

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100 thoughts on “DIY SSD made of SD Cards!

  1. "Do NOT support UHS-I" means they don't support the higher-speed microSD modes. UHS-I cards are require to work in non-UHS bus microSD slots. It means that it'll work, just not anywhere close to the rated speed for the card.

  2. cool to see this device but its just not worth it. buy ths for 40 USD and buy 10 SD cards? comeon, just got a Samsung SSD but i'll do this to show my friends I'm cool though

  3. I work at a recycling place that doesn't recycle electronics, so I always find free micro SDs so this is actually amazing for me.

  4. Quick inexpensive easily fully destroyed. For sensitive or illegal data storage and discrete physical transfer (handoff).

  5. If i had money instead of sd card i will buy directly ssd 🤦‍♂️ why to bother myself with these craps

  6. Instead_of doing this shit ,you can buy 1 TB SSD from Aliexpress in just 6999 indian Rupes ($100) approximately smh

  7. we must find a way to harness the energy from his hands and facial expressions. we can have sustainable power for years.

  8. I'm not hearing that this general idea is bad, exactly. What I'm hearing, is that this particular product is bad. Because if they ran it in RAID 5 or 10, had a much more intelligent controller, and used a lot more SD cards which they could pack in there pretty tightly by standing them up vertically: this might actually be a passable way to do a weird thing. There may be some advantage to having the failure of your storage system be much finer grained than the HDDs in a RAID 10, because individually, an SD card is a lot cheaper, and easier to install. Although, you'd want to streamline the replacement process, by, for example: adding an indicator LED for a dead SD card slot. Also, there may be benefit from getting SD cards with a higher read/write rating.

    I don't know, maybe I'm crazy, and this actually wouldn't work out so well, under any circumstance.

  9. fun fact, if you ever need to transfer an abhorrent amount of data not much can match the bandwidth of a shoebox full of sd cards sent usps priority express

  10. my wifi is so r/CrappyPoorDudeNoOneCaresAbout that your 2k quality in the settings lags for 2 minutes on my end before playing 1 frame….

    THis not fair… Iw ant gaming PCDNNEjsddsfasdfasdfadsf

  11. With the last five years, I've accumulated 8 Micro SD cards from four different phones. That's what products like these are made for, data storage, not an OS. Instead of having them laying around they can be repurposed.

  12. But what if, I had a bunch of old 2GB sd cards from 8 years ago which I have actually no use for. Hey a 20GB SSD is better than a bag of waste.

  13. you could always run it not in raid and have a bunch of nonsense drives displaying the alphabet on your computers directory

  14. I had this idea 5 years ago and decided that since it doesn't exist there must be some problem I am not noticing…
    Also why Raid 0 and not Raid 10?

  15. maybe the only purpose could be a very low power solidstate drive? ie like you add a battery and a nas controller with wifi. I have a wifidisk now with an old rotating disk and the battery does not last very long. Not even long enough to watch one movie from the disk. But than. powerbanks are not very expensive anymore. But if you could have a wifi disk that can last all day or longer on one charge that woul dbe cool I gues. Speed is not that important and it will be mostly sequential anyway. But I have no clue how much less power 10sdcard would use compared to a 1.6 tb ssd disk.

  16. CrystalDiskMark Seq Read 220 MB/s and Seq Write 134 MB/s; par for the course for eMMC, or maybe slightly better, but better than hard disks. I'm worried about the endurance of the flash and performance while copying/moving and using the computer at the same time, since SD card flash/MMC/eMMC flash is said to be single-lane.

    Edit: and controller considerations.

  17. To answer “What is this for?” The fact that it’s SATA II and doesn’t support UHS-1 tells you it’s an older product from when solid state was ridiculously expensive and people were legitimately asking for a way to use the plentiful Micro SD cards as a cheaper alternative to get away from spinning mechanical drives. At that, it succeeds for linear storage, like movie and game files, compared to ~80/MBs on mechanical drives.

  18. So it's essentially an ssd with extra steps. Also if you want a drive that's faster than a hdd but slower or more reliable than an ssd then a sshd would do that, it's basically a hybrid between the 2 different drives with the main storage being hdd and the buffer being ssd

  19. More objectivity before you test would be more becoming. When you act like you do, why should we watch this vid in the first place?

  20. If you would use 512GB cards *10= 5.12 terabytes
    Load them in to a server like linus uses Storinator XL60
    60*5.12 tb = 307.2 terabytes

    After making the calculations jes this makes no money sens
    using 16TB drives wold be cheeper and safer.
    But that server would be so much lighter to carry.

  21. It exists so that spy agencies can easily give every spy ONE SD-card and send them out in the field to gather/collect data.
    Everything combined in this particular one of a kind wannabe-SSD, would help keeping data safe.

    Now back to the real world:
    – You have no idea what exists in computerworld. #RockstarLogic

  22. What's next, micro SD card to ram adapter? That would be an interesting experiment, I have too many 512mb cards from stone age

  23. I just came across this today but the idea of this has always been interesting… just and fyi thou that 81 percent issue you had didnt have to do with the micro sd ssd at all but with the network adapter. its a known issue for win 10 installers i have come across it a lot of times. mostly on VM's but still if you unplugged the Ethernet cable or disabled the nic before you installed it would have worked.

  24. I’d rather have half in raid 0, then raid 1. At least there’s some redundancy and you still have 600GB, even if it isn’t as fast

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