Direct debits

(DESERT REGGAE) VOICEOVER: Direct debits are amounts
that come out of your bank account, wages or Centrelink payments
automatically at regular periods. (ATM screen flashes ‘Processing’) (ATM screen flashes ‘Insufficient Funds’) (PHONE RINGS) (COUNTRY MUSIC PLAYS) # The old way’s gone away… # Auntie Doris: Oh, hello, bub. Mick: Hey, Aunty Doris. Bad news. I can’t make it up to you mob
this weekend. Auntie Doris: Oh, but, Mick,
I’m looking forward to it. Everyone here is so excited. Mick: Yeah, I know. But I haven’t got
the money for the ticket. It was in my bank yesterday,
it’s gone today. I don’t know what happened. Auntie Doris: I bet it’s them footy magazines
that you signed up for the last time you was here. You remember? Them mob take money out of
your account automatically. Auntie Doris: What you doing
in there, Mick? Mick: I’m signing up to get
some footy magazines. It’s only $25 and they send
the latest ones each month. Auntie Doris: Well, that don’t sound right. Them mob probably take $25
EVERY month. You want to check it properly, boy. Mick: Aunty, don’t worry.
I know what I’m doing. VOICEOVER: You could be
entering a contract by signing a document or clicking on
an ‘I accept’ button on a web page. I can’t afford this. Know how long the contract is for and how much it’ll cost you
in total. Keep copies of all your contracts
in a safe place and know how to cancel them. Mick: Hello.
I’d like to cancel my subscription. VOICEOVER: Ask someone you trust
or your local legal service if you’re unsure about the terms
and conditions of a contract. And, if you think you have been
wrongly charged or misled, make a complaint to the ACCC.

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