DigiTek LP E6 Platinum battery for canon 60d,5D,6D Unbox & Review

I friends in this video we are going to
unbox and review the new high capacity battery from DigiTek I already
purchased a DigiTek replacement battery for Canon LP E6 and I was satisfied with
the performance after that I saw there was another battery from DigiTek which
is called platinum series so I decided to try and review it in end of the video
I am going to tell you some tricks and tips to maintain the battery life and
difference between generic battery and a third party battery without any delay
let’s get into the unboxing video this time
Digitek Box itself feels premium inside the box they used a styrofoam to protect
the battery which is really good because most of the time we purchase from online
stores like Flipkart amazon india ebay India the battery is completely secured
with the Styrofoam Here they mentioned DigiTek platinum
battery pack for LP E6 7.4v 2100 Mah regular battery has
only 1800 mAh even the Canon High capacity battery LP E6N as only 1865
Mah which is low comparing the DigiTek Platinum Series
battery this is impressive for the price here is my canon 60 D currently i am
using DigiTek replacement battery which is regular battery and here is my
platinum battery both look almost same but the platinum battery has high
capacity 2100 mah and regular battery has only 1800 mAh it’s time to test the battery if the
battery is in good condition it’s supposed to hold at least 40% charge
left in that battery here my camera recognized this battery
has LP E6 and 84% charge left in this battery we came to know that the battery is in
good condition so Its the time to charge the battery I am going to charge the
battery using original canon charger which comes with my Canon 60 D it
doesn’t fall the battery fits perfectly the battery is charging in original
charger and the light flashes three times which means the battery is charging
between 75% to 100% once the charging is done it’s supposed
to light in green color After 10 minutes of charging there is no
heat in the battery the charging is completed that’s why the
green LED is lighting I already did the same testing method
more than five times to ensure the battery performance test is accurate here my camera shows the battery has
100% charged and I’m going to format the memory card to begin the test right now I’m filming some of my bicycle
gears at 180 be the difference per second let’s see how long the battery
lasts my 32gb memory card is full my camera recorded 10 clips
at the top of it it shows the duration of the clip well zero for 1141
11:38 11:34 1138 to Alton eight pudding
655 9 seconds and 11 seconds so I need to format the memory card to
continue the test due to memory card is full again I am
flaming to completely drain the battery the battery reaches 10% and the memory
card is almost full so is a time to stop the battery performance test and let’s
calculate the total duration of the clips eight seconds 1225 1138 1225 7/16 1233
1229 battery performance test report when I combine all time duration
together I’ll get two hours and 35 minutes battery backup on video
recording at 180 P 30 frames per second if you like to buy this battery check
the description for online purchase links and this battery is also available
in all camera stores if you don’t know what is the difference between generic
and third-party I will explain simply generic they don’t have any brand name
or goodwill third-party they have a brand name and goodwill generic they
make cheap quality product for profit because they don’t have any brand name
so you cannot even ask a single question about the quality issue third party they
make quality products to maintain the brand name and goodwill generic they
don’t do research and development of the product which is very important in any
electronic gadgets they don’t check the quality of the product before packing
for sales third party they have own research and development team and
frequently testing the products they test each and every product before
packing for sales so they have a quality control on their products generic they
make fake products look like an original they copy only the exterior part of the
product not the interior which is very important in any electronic gadgets to
avoid fire accidents third party they make replacement products which can be
compatible with original product they copy the exterior and the interior
safety futures for example soft circuit protection or heat protection or very
essential for any electronic gadgets to avoid fire accidents generic no warranty
no service centre because they are not making any quality products so they
cannot offer any warranty on the products third party they provide
warranty and they have service center because each and every products is
tested by the quality control team so they can offer warranty on their
products generic pricing 1 by Phi for example
original battery cost 5000 rupees they make a fake battery 4000 rupees but
without any safety features don’t lose your costly camera by risking in buying
generic battery without any safety features third-party pricing to buy Phi
for example original battery cost 5000 rupees they make a replacement battery
for below 2000 rupees with all essential features you need so no need to worry
about the camera because the battery was already tested by the quality control
team tricks and tips once you bought new battery don’t directly put into the
charger without checking the battery condition this follow what I did in this
video first charging is very important don’t
fully dry in the new battery without charging it once the battery is fully
charged and the green LEDs lighting let it charge for another 30 minutes this is
called tikkun charge you need to fully charge and discharge the new battery up
to 10% repeat this for Fito 10 cycle to get
good battery backup don’t grind the new battery below 5% you

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