Day in AQABA & our FREE STAY at the Intercontinental Hotel & Resorts using IHG credit card points

We’re staying here at the Intercontinental hotel, for free, for free again thanks to credit cards We just left Wadi Rum and we’re on our way to Aqaba! Aqaba is actually a resort town on the
southwestern border of Jordan on the Red Sea it is so close to four countries
Egypt Israel Saudi Arabia and Jordan that it is special economic zone we just went thru what appeared to have been customs driving from Wadi Rum to Aqaba it’s a gorgeous relaxing resort town with the red mountains of Jordan in the back and
the Red Sea the ocean on the other side Can’t wait to shave, you are getting a little bit stubby this guy’s honking at us I think he’s
trying to like half go on the sidewalk so he can make a turn I don’t know how
else he’s going to fit, so far Aqaba is way more developed than There was a Movenpick resort
back there that was just like the nicest building we’ve seen in Jordan, like nicer than the Mosques and there, we got honked at again, don’t know what we did, here is another McDonald’s sign, like every fourth sign is a McDonald’s sign there’s subway and there’s the actual
McDonald’s can we go check it out McDonald’s? We’re at McDonald’s there’s a good
reason for this the milk here was really good this morning for our coffee so we
wanted to try out there ice cream to see if it’s
really good You got some wings How is it? I smell something different, oh you do? It has a fragrance like brain freeze! no no no I actually don’t
like that it tastes too organic oh I like the
American like tasteless milk. you mean so it’s like this morning’s don’t even
like this morning’s felt oh I like this I like Farm Fresh
yeah straight from the udder that was a nice little snack now we are headed to
real Jordanian restaurant Traffic is really bad here we’re getting honked at non-stop for doing nothing so excited! Just had this hummus it was really good finally going to try some lamb chops OMG it’s so good! I’m so waiting to take a shower we
have just arrived at the Intercontinental and it’s so much warmer! we went from like a tent to this! we get special check-in, maybe they’ll give us our room early so I can shower we’re in our room, I’ll give you a quick tour
nothing really special but after not having our own shower since we left
home it just feels really good to get really clean
we’ve been showering just we haven’t had our shower. so let’s give you a look at
the outside we got upgraded because of our platinum
status with Intercontinental it’s not that we stay at the hotel a lot but it’s
just because we have their credit card so with platinum status you get the
better room if it’s available and this is what we got! So behind me
is the Red Sea we’ll be snorkeling there this afternoon or tomorrow there’s supposed to be really good coral in the red sea so that’ll be kind of interesting but we might also just just stay here and chill cause look at this pool! we’ll include down below the credit
card that we got to make this day free for us its the IHG credit card and we
think it’s one of the most versatile credit cards especially for budget
travelers because there are so many hotels within this hotel group that you
can almost find a stay anywhere in the world including Crowne Plaza Holiday Inn
Intercontinental Hotel groups and resorts and a bunch of other ones this
video is totally not sponsored by them but we really like this credit card so
we hope that you guys can find use of it as well bye!

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17 thoughts on “Day in AQABA & our FREE STAY at the Intercontinental Hotel & Resorts using IHG credit card points

  1. There are very interesting ruins and reliefs on the Black Desert, dated 8,500 years old. They can only be seen from satellites from the outer space. They comprehend a huge area, mostly located in Jordan, as well as in the neighboring countries. Even archaeologists don't exactly know nowadays what they represent. According to a researcher these ruins really represent embryos of several species in different stages of development and will be able to shed light on the origin of the human being and our planet. When it will be officially confirmed by biologists, this discovery will change the way we see ourselves and the world, boost the Jordanian economy and bring many tourists. and the video's translation:

  2. Omg aquba looks amazing! I've never been to Jordan, but I have been to israel and to the Dead Sea so I imagine it is something similar? I loveeeee the prayer sound from the mosques! Your hotel room is so nice the view is insane! Damn I need to get this credit card ahaha, get all these benefits lol! That poolside bed is amazing! I'm a bit jealous right now hahaha! Great vlog!

  3. Wow for free .. You guys are lucky ❤️❤️ Happy traveling guys😊Love the video . New support here .. Hit 🔔🔔 watch your full video..lets grow together ❤️❤️

  4. Hello ! Well i've learnt something new today, never heard of Aqaba ! Great video, and thank you for subscribing to my channel, i look forward to your next video xxx

  5. That's amazing that you stayed there for free. Gotta love the perks of those CC's. OMG can't believe there was a McDonalds. Lawrence REALLY didn't like that Flurry from McD's Great travel vlog and love the info on the credit card. Lovely hotel. Great video you two. Keep up the great work.

  6. We absolutely love your travel vlogs! And it's so cool you've hit over 50 countries. What list are you basing your 215 countries on? Heaps of YouTubers use the 193 UN list – just wondering what you guys use!

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