(Day 1) $25,000 Buy-in Poker Tournament – $5,100,000 for the WIN!

it’s time for a new bankroll challenge
guys let’s turn twenty five thousand dollars
into five million dollars all we have to do is win one tournament let’s go to the
Bahamas and win this event Simon trails day one of the $25,000 PSP see we’re in
the Bahamas we’re gonna be aggressive fearless we’re gonna have to bluff
so let’s Bluff against people that can fold we’re gonna bag up around 120,000
and come back on day 2 are you videotaping me 60,000 starting chips blinds are 100-200
with a 200 ante the very first hand I get dealt East King off suit under the
gun you might have to put in the warm a6 bet to show him who’s boss let’s start
it off with an open to 600 action folds to the big blind any folds we take down
the first pot I opened to 600 in mill position with
Ace King offsuit folds the big blind a middle-aged Indian male who puts in the
call the flop comes jack 6-3 rainbow he checks we can down bed a little bit 500
is the bet he puts in the call he’s gonna have a lot of weak Holdings here
weak Jack’s 6 X 3x maybe even some bad straight draws the turn brings a queen
it’s a great card for our range we could still wrap our story he checks and I
size up to 2,000 he thinks about it for a long time it looks like he’s pretty
weak but he puts in the call the rivers an officer do so for 5 gets their could
barrel but I think he’s gonna hold on with his jack axe for some reason we
check and he shows 6 3 off suits two pairs good good thing we didn’t fire
that river blinds are 100 200 200 for the first two hours actually holds the
middle position and Brazilian male aged 30 to 40 he opens to 600 I’m in the
cutoff with 10 8 of spades it’s a good candidate to 3bet so we do that and make
it 2000 ago he snap calls so not putting him on a premium at this point Bob comes
East 7-5 the 7 of spades great board for us to see bet we down bet to 1,500 and
he snap calls okay he probably doesn’t want me to keep firing turn us the ace
of spades giving us a flush draw he checks time to rub that ace maybe
even thin value with kings or queens at 3,500 any snap balls let’s hit a spade
on the river the river is a nine of clubs he checks and I just don’t think
he’s gonna fold we checked behind and he shows ace four
of clubs around first break and we have 50,000 from our 60,000 starting stack horrible service here here to spend 15
minutes to buy tickets to buy food you can’t buy food with cash for some reason so I got $6 a conch chowder and it was
spicy chewy and almost unedible I love massages that’s how we can use
them whatever but blinds at two hundred five hundred under the gun plus one with
pocket East’s love pocket aces make it 1200 gone my immediate left axe pretty
strong and makes a three-bed to 3300 action folds back to me and I put in the
warm for bit that’s right nine thousand ago he thinks about it for
a minute and folds aces not cracked you make investments with blinds at 400 800 800 action folds
I mean the small blunt I have Jack eight of diamonds I could raise here but these
medium strength hands are better for a limp so they can check behind with
dominated jacks and dominated eights and dominated flush drawers or they can
raise and you can still see a flop compared to raised get three but and
it’s a lot tougher to see a flop plus they have positional advantage so
it’s best to keep the pots small he thinks about it and makes it 2,000 more
2800 to go the plan was to limp call let’s limp call the flop comes eight
seven four with the seven four of diamonds a great flop I check and he
down bets to 2200 he’s repping an over pair I guess maybe a better eight or
he’s just see bettin blindly my gut says to check raise you know go for value but
do I really want to get in stacks here you can’t have that fearful line of
thought you got to claim your acadec wa T while you have it I should have
checked raised to around 7000 but instead I’m just going for the slow play
we for sure have a the best hand if not we have great equity to get there even
against pocket aces I think we’re a favorite so I just put in the call
planning to play future streets the turn is the Queen of Hearts putting it back
to her heart draw out there I check and he knuckles so I definitely think our
eight is good here and all I’m thinking in my head is no ace on the river and
the river is the ace of hearts I kid you not so I can’t bet here for value I
don’t want a better as a bluff so hopefully we can just check it down I
check and he bets 3800 a very small value ish type bet signifying that he
did indeed hit his ace on the river calling just isn’t profitable here not
many hands just gonna randomly Bluff with with this sizing I think it really
Telegraph’s the strength of his hand so we’re gonna do something unheard of and
turn our third pair into a bluff we can have all the sets we can have all
the two pairs we can even had a flop to straight or more importantly we could
have backdoored a flush it’s very unlikely he bagged or to flush because
he hopefully you it’s very unlikely he backed or to flush because he’d likely
barrel if he picked up that flush draw equity so we check raise to 14,000 he is
disgusted he can’t believe it he got there with his ace rag and now
he’s facing a check raise a very rare occurrence as a bluff he knows this is
usually for value and this forty year old from South America doesn’t care he’s
stubborn he puts in the call I show my jacket and he shows East three of Spades
definitely losing call in the long run whoo check raises rivers as a turning a
parent to a bluff only legitimate hands that I’m not turning a pair into a bluff
would be like nine ten diamonds something like that very very slim
Holdings they’re so good for him he wins a big pot and we’re now down to about
fifty thousand chips I put forty three thousand seven hundred
ships in the bag not the best finish but we were very
aggressive we took a lot of spots today to accumulate a lot of hands got through
that I can’t document because we played so
many damn hands overall pretty disappointed in a lot of the hands I
played but you know I’m just being honest you know you live and you learn
not in the best mindset with all the traveling the very poor service and
various tilting factors that have occurred on this trip so we’re gonna
come back tomorrow as fresh as possible hopefully get some good sleep eat some
good food if that’s even possible in this atrocity of an island and crush bag
up at least 200k and go onto day three

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93 thoughts on “(Day 1) $25,000 Buy-in Poker Tournament – $5,100,000 for the WIN!

  1. NO SPOILERS! You may know what happens but please don't comment on the outcome. Stay tuned for the future vlogs in the Bahamas

  2. Jeff, I'm rooting for you. Want you to crush all these guys(except Neeme 😉 ) so know this comes from the heart. FUCK what the fucking food or service is like, you're there to crush at poker no matter what!!! Pull your finger outta your ass, get your mind in your own game and start making the correct decisions you KNOW you have in you dude! Make it happen baby!!! 😛

  3. From now on never eat any kind of soup that looks that runny. Youre asking for trouble. Oh and 15 minutes to buy a food ticket?…I want to show some sort of decorum on someone elses channel but in this case theres only one phrase that fits the situation….. F___K THAT

  4. Great vlog like always. Good luck to you and I hated Atlantis . Gorgeous but the food sucked and personally thought the casino sucked.

  5. Wasnt that J8s hand really a range merge on the river instead of a bluff? I personally liked that play a lot. Hopefully in the next video you'll go into more details about why the island sucks so bad.

  6. Also, I read you throwing all those poker books into the suitcase as a thinly veiled burn against another particular poker vlogger. If so, well done!

  7. none of the other bloggers would tell you about bad service and crummy food i like that you tell us about stuff that really matters keep it up.

  8. Good luck shagger!!! Ps u said “u don’t know why I call u shagger all the time” on chat,I’m Scottish and that’s me being nice,one of the lads,a ladies man,positive meaning 🙂

  9. Read Daniel Negreanu's tweet today and you'll see my reply. Basically there's no need to bluff or semi bluff in tournaments because when you have a made hand, these donks will call you.

  10. Well done Jeff, of course would have been better to cash more but next time. i appreciate all your opinions on the place itself. So bad it wasnt as nice as a trip as it should have been. Not a big fan of $10 buck water, guess id die of thirst lol .

  11. Shit service, shit overpriced food, fire alarms going off, Germans talking right over your shoulder, flamboyant overhyped stars pros, ………tilting

  12. Maybe you should have eaten the local food? I’m sure they’ll be authentic and be better than those food that they put a Vig on😂

  13. If still dating the massage girl in Vegas, it was just the safe line to hide those Magnums in some dirty boxers at the bottom of your bag, right? And check your comb/hairbrush for 2 foot long hairs stuck in it b4 you get back when you entertain in the hotel room.

  14. With the j8 of diamonds and and easy 2 play arm chair QB after the fact but do you think if you check raise the flop he folds I mean he has 2 right??

  15. Also with that j8 hand… why is he betting there? Yes he hit an ace but his kicker is so bad not that you have 2 worry 2 much in a blind vs blind vs blind scenario but what's he hoping 2 get called with? Then when you raise I mean I dont see how he can call there I mean backdoor flush got there highly unlikely you got that but the way the hand was played it's a possibility, I mean 56 hit the straight check call flop check turn raise big on river that's a possibility, alot of hands could potentially have him beat but what I find from bad hold'em players is it's tough 2 get them 2 fold a pair…

  16. try praying this boski
    Blessed be the LORD, my rock,

    Who trains my hands for war,

    And my fingers for battle;

    2My lovingkindness and my fortress,

    My stronghold and my deliverer,

    My shield and He in whom I take refuge,

    Who subdues my people under me.

  17. Bahamas Poker TIP: after busting out be sure to go out on the water; dive for conch and lobster; the conch is eaten raw but you need to find someone who knows how to cut it out of the shell and to dispose of the inedible part; dice the conch and combine with onion and tomato and olive oil (no salt or pepper needed); and enjoy the BEST and simplest seafood salad (no joke when i think about the #1 thing i've ever had the pleasure of eating in my lifetime this is it!)

  18. Ugh! I checked the spoilers! But I still can't wait for your next vlog. Would've loved to play that tournament.

  19. When you were on the plane playing online, and then the camera zoomed in on your face, I was 90% sure you were going to say, "With blinds at…"

  20. Sucks you're not having a great time. I loved Atlantis when I went there in 2017. Some cute girls on the island too.

  21. I feel your pain Jeff. What's astonishing to me is that you expect bad play in smaller stakes buy ins but for $25k you would think people would be playing their best poker.
    It sucks when you have the right read on someone and make the right play at the right time but they win because they're not disciplined or good enough to lay down a pair or a weak ace.
    Mike Matusow wasn't lying when he said you cannot bluff an idiot!

  22. Any advice for recording HH's at the table while playing? I find it easier to do this accurately in Cash games bc I am playing less hands; I use my iPhone notepad and try and get the board before I forget it; it seems tough to do sometimes when you're getting dealt playable hands and trying to record HH's at the same time

  23. Are those dominos or chips? You need to go back to the Wynn. They will treat you with respect you should have. Bag and tag.

  24. I'd like to see Boski read police ABPs once in a while … Brazilian male 30-40 years old …. an Indian male, middle aged …awesome

  25. Atlantis resort.. when 80% of their guests are vinny's and fran's from joryz.. you know to carry a blacklight to inspect the sheets…

  26. They should throw out cards that say feel free to tip your dealers when you win 5 mil on a free roll Ramon Collilias

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