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7 thoughts on “Dallas Charter School Superintendent Resigns Days After I-Team Receives Credit Card Statements

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  2. These travel expenses are within the normal spending for superintendents and district executives. This was an unfair characterization. An u biased reporter would have asked for the records of school districts of similar size and budget to discover her credit card use was not outside of norms. She was NOT charged with any crime….Why? Because she did nothing wrong. Don't be fooled by these slick reporters…This was a takedown. And the dumbass parents don't know ALL the superintendents in the area have travel and expense accounts and do exactly what she did. Don't be fooled people. No crime or scandal here.

  3. A.W Brown rating are seriously low, I hate the way that school and scholars really have a low disadvantage on passing grades and falling below averages. I really hope the A.W Brown Community grows again and be the school that was the school today.

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