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100 thoughts on “Crowdfunding bill to pay for Trump’s border wall

  1. Evidence is showing as illegals are returning to Mexico they are bringing with them the residue of our Constitutional values. The idea of lawlessness in a growing number of smaller Mexican communities is now being considered intolerable. Many deportees are now joining or forming vigilante groups and attacking the embedded cartel as well as corrupted law enforcement thus flushing blatant corruption from their towns and communities . We can certainly assist this effort by strengthening their numbers. If we double or triple deportations, it will serve as a win/win . We rid our country of parasites and they gain power over their oppression. This is only a very small voice now but in time with more illegals being sent back it seems to me an influx of repatriation would be constant reinforcement for those would-be veterans of the movement fighting for justice and stability in Mexico. Ironically, deportation could be the solution to our entire beef with Mexico. True Patriots of Mexico who reside here illegally may exodus over the wall to join the fight. There may come a time when we no longer need to force illegals to go home. It may come to pass we could not keep them here if we wanted to. That is my prayer.

  2. Democrats of 60 votes in house of senate have to be voted out in order to get better forgeign policy on the border !
    As it is the democrats have been making millions by not enforcing better stiff laws in order to get into the USA !
    Either protect our country or we vote you out !
    And we will vote you out an get our country safe again !
    Nobody wants to hear words of humanitarian purposes !
    Nobody !
    Those are merely words of sway for votes in the house of senate !
    Your working for us , not for your open borders for your forgeign policy negotiations any longer !
    Either stand by what the people want or if your a Democrat !!!
    No matter what , your going to be voted out
    Period !
    Enough is Enough of the words of sway !

    Either tighten up or we let you go !

    Its just that simple !

    If Mexico wants us to be forced to have to build the wall !
    Then id say start there !
    Because they are crossing Mexico to get here !!! We should not have to be forced to protect USA and Mexico period !
    Therefore like we had to send message to Cuba , either play our game to protect USA .
    Or no more import or export into Mexico !
    USA can stand on its own without Cuba obviously thats been proven !
    Therefore same goes with Mexico !
    If Mexico wants to house an feed all immigrants comming to Mexico . Let them !
    But USA should not be forced to have to help with it period !
    Tax payers are sick of it !
    House can be voted out an Will be voted out !

    More they go at USA American people , the more mad we get !
    They do not work for Mexico
    They work for USA and we Americans are fed up !!!

  3. Use the millions of dollars we are spending to keep the illegals for the wall. Send the illegals back. I want my tax dollars to be towards the wall. This is bull shit !!

  4. Do we trust our government to not "dip into" the "Border Wall Trust Fund"? Would this "trust fund be like the Social Security Trust Fund that is filled with IOU's after being LOOTED by Congress? IOU's that the government can't repay? How about a trust fund controlled by F.A.I.R. OR NUMBERS USA? It is sad to say but I trust those two entities much more than I trust our government!

  5. Until the FED Reserve is not fully state owned and controlled and it issues money INTEREST FREE, the national debt won't decrease.

    ps: Build the wall!

  6. President Trump shouldn't wait for the government completely. Handle this solely through private investors, crowdsourcing, (us!), and contractors. Seriously, let's start a go fund me or some platform that would protect donors identities, somthing simple, and put our money where our mouths are. It will be a lot harder for the Supreme Court and others to say no to the formal wall if we have the money upfront. Just my humble opinion, but it's great to see some creativity and positive progress.

  7. You can bet the Washington Monument is Masonic. What is the "secret society" spoken of in Peter Strozk' e-mail to Lisa Page? Did you know all 33 degrees in Freemasonry come from the Babylonian Talmud mystery religion of Kabbalah. Incest and child sacrifice are a part of the ritual sex these lovers of Lucifer indulge in. If you want to understand what is really happening you can't be a coward and hide in the shadows. Babylonian rabbis giving 8 day old baby boys VD by performing circumcisions with their filthy mouths. LOOK IT UP. They get away with all this wicked behavior because it is their religion. They are a very powerful cult that wields tremendous power from behind the scenes. Obama helped them erect a 40 foot tall menorah on the White House lawn. Why do you think America has turned from protector to destroyer? Payback will come in the form of a secret weapon from Russia. While we have been fighting Zionist wars of aggression Russia has developed weapons beyond our capabilities to defend against. Nuclear power unlimited cruise distance and course altering ICBMs. Russia Turkey/ Gog Magog. USA INC The Whore of Babylon. The Beast System is the Zionist Rothschild money monopoly central banking system in USA INC and EUROPE. They have corrupted all of Christendom.

  8. Let's get some American made area rugs. Promote American made products subliminally in White House interviews. Look at that ugly piece of desert hardware the table is sitting on. Looks like something that should be on the floor of some sheiks tent. Boycott Pakistani products for colluding with Israel and Bush on the false flag 911 attack. Just what has Imran Awan got on people in Congress that they give him a slap on the wrist for what should have been a hanging offense? Debbie Wasserman Schultz's brother was the judge that basically let a cyber criminal, loan fraudster and thief of government equipment walk. WHAT IS THE DNC TRYING SO HARD TO BURY?

  9. I dont want Mexico paying for the wall. They could, and at the worst time, turn around and say, "We paid for it, it's ours, and we want to take it down".

  10. Let the military take care of it, with their massive funding- I'm sure they could squeeze a measly couple dozen billions out of their thousands of billions; the corp of engineers doesn't have enough on their plate anyways. Why pay private contractors when our armed services can do it for a fraction of the price?

  11. Looking forward to that “healthcare for all” bake sale.
    I’m all for securing our borders, but, why is it that these politicians need more from us for it?
    Trumps failed tariff wars just created a nightmare for soybean farmers in which he had to provide a relief bailout package in the amount of 12 billion dollars. Here’s a thought, had he simply just shut up and left the tariffs alone, he would not have had to just spend 12 billion dollars!!! That’s half the funding for the wall. He caused the situation and then used our tax money to try and fix it. That’s like if I borrowed your car, I drove it through a Wal-mart and it tore off your drivers side door. I then came back to you and opened up your purse or wallet and took all your money and spent it on new tires for your car…your welcome.
    Had he not given the U.S. military funding, that the military even said they did not need or want, that could’ve paid for the wall. Personally, I don’t even want a wall, ya know why, it’s not 1692. Use some damn technology, motion sensors, robotics, drones, night vision cameras, for 25 billion dollars I could build the first Robocop boarder patrol agent, “One way or another, you’re going back across the Rio Grande!” Obviously, that was said in my robocop voice. Regardless, I go back to my first thought, why do they need money from us? Here’s a thought, stop spending our tax money on stupid shyt! I just saved the country a ton of money on our national debt. I fired Ben Carson and I closed down the offices of Housing and Urban Development.

  12. We As American Citizens pay in taxs out of our hard earn money to surport all illegals the cost is 375 billion a year for there health care haveing babys being educated /they dont even pay taxs we do/then they send all there Money to Mexico feeding Mexico our Money..the Gov Of Democrats . make us..Time .for Changes in Nov. No More Illegals No More Dems In The seats//Got My 100.00 in the mail off…Lets Get It Done……. Cut Mexico off of any Money From USA…

  13. ok , they try to say that there is only 10,000,000 illegals in America[when the actual # IS BETWEEN 30,000,000 TO 45,000,000] SO at the count of 10,000,000, the American taxpayers give 62,340,000,000 yearly in welfare benefits to said illegals… build the wall and in the first year we save 40,000,000,000. so just kick them out and in the first year we save that 40,000,000,000 and every year after we save 62,000,000,000. [thats if 10,000,000 is the right #] if we get rid of them , they did pay for the wall in the end… pretty simple… TRUMP2020

  14. Wall should be build FAST AS POSSIBLE!
    And Mexico should PAY for that because:
    it in BENEFICIAL for both!
    Help to create jobs, hinder crime and ensure the safety!

  15. Guess what dummies? Get the WALL built ASAP $$ funded by US government and private money. After the WALL is built come up with multiple ways for Mexico to pay.

  16. I would be willing to contribute to this wall. We don't need the Democrats to take care of us. The wall will solve a lot of problems. MAGA!

  17. Members of Congress who vote for fully funding the wall get re-elected. Those who abstain, or vote no, will be voted out. They are anti-American, after all.

  18. The wall can be built without ANY extra money on our part and here's how:
    1. No Foreign Aid to Mexico, Central and South America and put that money into the wall.
    2. Stop funding all so called "Sanctuary Cities" (over 300) and put that money into the wall.
    3. Offer incarcerated illegals early release if they help build the wall, THEN deport them!
    4. Install Solar Panels to help pay for it's upkeep, guards, drones, dogs and vehicles.
    5. Get the National Guard from all Southern States to augment our Boarder Guards.
    6. A "gofundme" account could also help us all feel apart of this critical people's project.
    Wella…….The wall is built, maintained and manned without any extra cost to we taxpayers!



  21. All ya gotta do is send them back when you catch them – no legal recourse or appeal.
    I agree with Chadohog June 2018.
    Cut off all foreign aid until we have a wall.

  22. Well, if it don't happen in this Pres term, it likely won't happen. The money is there! They just need to shift it from all the government funded programs like WIC and food stamps and social security and 401ks. I mean if people can't afford to feed their kids or retire or pay for college that's their problem.

  23. Its funny to see people already in slaved begging to be imprisoned by more steel walls maybe the immigrants are just here to save us

  24. Why doesn't the US do a flyover and drop leaflets to the migrants of how it's going to be at the border?. We all knew this invasion of migrants was a well orchestrated event with planned busing, meals, transportation, media event stops where everybody got off the buses for the media event and then boarded the buses again. Ever notice the babies, consider the 7000 people, a good number of them requiring disposable diapers all along the way. Notice the number of people walking in Flip-Flop shower shoes that are totally impractical for walking any distance. If these people were walking you'd be seeing them sitting when the caravan stopped. Don't feel sorry for these opportunist they're getting paid because we all know they don't have a hive mind seeking discomfort, exhaustion, starvation, pissing on the roadside, putting their children through a stressful event.

  25. Fuck it. I'd pay for it. I'd even work on it physically! JUST BUILD THE DAMN THING! Fuck you democrats! Fucking hate you pieces of traitorous shits!

  26. Trump lied no wall and Mexico isn't paying for it. Can't get it through the Senate? Don't the Republicans hold the Senate and the House?

  27. This means Mexico will not pay for the wall, now tax payers will pay, and there still looking in everyones pockets. Congress already put 3billion on the wall. Bunch of thiefs. Ask them to take a pay cut for the wall .

  28. I've been say a Donation from Patriots would pay for the Wall, the first day they took in $120.720.00 thousand. Dont worry the Mexicans will pay for it with import taxes. ie. From tomatoes to cars.

  29. Ya know, if president Trump had some fucking support in the government he'd be able to negotiate Mexico paying for the wall. We've seen him over the past two years make financial changes previously thought not possible. The dicks he has to work with are throwing the country under the bus to drive a wedge between Trump and his base. Don't believe the hype

  30. Oh and by the way, didn't we just send twice the amount needed for a wall to countries below us, like this week? So congress has no problem being generous with our tax dollars so long as it's not for what the American people are asking for? Jeez, it's almost like they want America to be weakened, anyone else smell a rat?

  31. We will if we have to these are our children and they need to be safe democrats have no shame they want Agenda21 and Agenda 2030 they want to wreak havoc on our economy raise your taxes and brought in illegals and Muslim and gangs who were band century ago and attacking our constitution or laws you need to wake up people they want to put chips in hand and lead you like cattle take homes and land and cars and your children AGENDA21 IT IS TREASONOUS AND ENDANGERING THE WELFARE OF THE UNITED STATES AND OUR CHILDREN……

  32. Look if you want to stop illegal immigrants from coming here then you need to start arresting the companies that hire them, no jobs on illegal immigrants

  33. watching Fox encourage Trump supporters to pay for the idiotic wall, while minimizing the fact that Trump promised Mexico would pay, certainly is entertaining

  34. American can if Pelosi and Democrat get lost they stop that to think I'm waiting to see what she try pull..

  35. I think wall going be big when election rolls around and people going vote it in get rid of the nut cases like Pelosi and Chuck

  36. WOW an honest knowledgeable dignified elegant AMERICAN Senator as opposed to ridiculous Cortez Omar Tlaib using filthy language anti Semitic slurs and wild climate schemes that cost 95 trillion $!!!!!!
    What a relief!
    Hell yes I will help build the wall…. then deport illegal aliens, DACA, Dreamers, criminals and democrats.

  37. The dirty dozen rinos are afraid demons might do the same thing some d a y! You get the illegals out we will have money to pay down the debt!

  38. If you want to save money Miss Black…stop spending millions on bogus investigations about Trump!!

  39. I don't even trust sending the money there. I have lost ALL confidence in anything that the democrats could possible get their hands on. As far as Mexico paying for it, its no wonder they won't. We have democrats that are threatening to tear it down.
    Check out "webuildthewall", the private go fund me account that is already out there doing it with better grade steel components, faster, and for LESS MONEY than the government is paying.

  40. Have CPAC pay for it…or have Trump pay for it. Oh yeah, Trump said Mexico will pay for it..Since his people set up the caravans…


  42. You want to know why we're not building the wall cuz the Democrats want illegals coming across our Southern border so they can have illegal voters that's why

  43. Requirements for PRESIDENCY….natual born citizen and live in jurisdiction. How many running does not qualify? Same with senate etc. How many have violated this? Check them out.

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