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These days, knowing what the big shots
and celebrities of the world are up to and into is all the rage. So why would
the shortlist of the credit cards the rich and famous tend to carry be any
different? Here’s our top five. Number 1: American Express Centurion. Also known as the Amex Black card, this card is so exclusive, there isn’t even an
application. That’s right, you have to be invited into this club. But don’t worry
if you didn’t get your invite – it means you won’t have to worry about an
initiation fee of $7,500 and the $2,500 annual membership fee. Whoa! Number 2: City Chairman Card. The annual fee for the City Chairman card might only be $500 – pretty light for an upper echelon card – but don’t go reaching into your wallet just yet. You’ll need a Citigroup brokerage account considered
valuable enough to enjoy a credit limit of three hundred thousand dollars and
perks like concierge service and travel upgrades with this card. Number 3: Coutts World Silk card. Unless you have at least one million dollars in an account with Coutts bank, where the UK’s Royal Family does their banking, you won’t get
an invitation for the Coutts World Silk card. But count the Queen herself among
those who can receive worldwide travel insurance and other VIP travel and
retail perks thanks to this card. Number 4: J.P. Morgan Reserve Card. Formerly known as the Palladium Card, the J.P. Morgan Reserve card is reserved for members of private bank, allegedly only even open to
individuals with at least 10 million dollars in their account. Guess that means I’m out! Number 5: The Bank of Dubai First Royale Card. This one is the elite of the elite. Trimmed with gold and set with a diamond in the center, you can probably get whatever you want if you have the First Royale card. Little is
actually known about the card but it is rumored to have no credit limits and a promise to acquire anything at all its holder desires. So, there you have it. A bunch of credit
cards that you and I will probably never have a chance to hold. But hey, it was fun
to talk about, right? Thanks for watching! For more finance and credit card related content, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube and follow us across social media @CardGuruCom.

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