Credit Card Cash Withdrawal 0% Charges from Paytm Premium Account

Hi, Friends welcome to Telugu with’em YouTube channel today we are going to discuss about how to get instant cash from credit card with 0% charges for this you should have a credit card with [you] and any one of the bank account and one more thing like you should have any one of the wallet like Boba Key Carpe diem first we need to log into the PayTm and click on the login or [sign] up you need to enter your mobile number or email [our] and password which is the PayTm account credentials in interview and Once you given it. Just click on the secure login the homepage will be opened, and we need to click on the PayTm wallet and We need to deposit Amount Admah amount to the wallet with the help of credit card there is an option to select the credit card here and we need to enter the card number as well and expiry date and Year for that and security code as well once you loaded your Pi 5000 to wallet and it will show in the Patriot ballot as shown [in] the screen So if we have if we have a once you’ve loaded and we need to transfer timon to particular Bank account mates, we should have the PayTm app or try with other wallet apps if paytm is charging for credit card Withdrawal. Ex: payzap or citrus Then only we can transfer the money to back the cons for that. I am installing the pate a map here through Android phone, so It is installed now. I am opening [it] so here also we need to login enter your login details and Sometimes it will ask for [volta] P. Just verify it and There we can see [that] tap to see your balance. Well, it balance click on that and Once you you can able to see the five thousand which is loaded just now it appears here Send money to back there is an option just click on the hyperlink and There is a now in red hand side. We have our Transfer button option just click on the transfer here you need to enter the amount which is the amount which [is] we have loaded just known just I have entered the 5000 and I entered my Holder name upon number and I have the C code which I can transfer the money to bank Just click down the send now 5000 is successfully load to my bank account immediately and I got cable confirmation as Well as Sms confirmation on this Just I verified in my bank account. It is transferred on the 6th one 2017 and a five thousand I got it and You can withdraw this amount from any one of the atMs and please comment subscribe and Like, thanks for watching

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