CRASHED my Insta360 Pro 2 😱 – FlowState Review and Rover Tips

Today we are continue our behind the
scenes the making of our VR docu-series Meet The Determined. I’m going to focus on
our VR camera movement with a home made Rover and Insta360 Pro 2 with
FlowState stabilization and we are going to show you how I crash the rover… the goal of this video is to show you
why I think Insta360 pro 2 is such a powerful camera for VR camera
movement and we will run different real-world tests with our homemade Rover
on different terrain without any physical gimbal to back up my statement.
Along the way we will show you some best practices and mistakes we made that you
can try to avoid in your next Rover shots like don’t be an Asian driver like
me and crush your Rover by running into a parking car. This very special rover and this rover can cope 60 kilometres per hour really fast
and the Insta360 Pro 2 is on top of it so hopefully flow stay stabilisation we can have some really smooth shots for
Special Olympic On the left is with flow state
stabilization stitch with the Insta360 stitcher. On the right is the
stitch with Mistika VR without FlowState stabilization. As you see when Glib moved
to rover the Mistika version without flow state is very shaky and
definitely not good for Headset viewing. Luckily, Mistika VR has its own software stabilization. Again if you are not sure why you want to use Mistika VR to
stitch click my other tutorials on upper right corner. But still Mistika software
stabilization is not as good as the flow state stabilization. We hope one day Mistika can utilize FlowState data but for now you do need to pick one or the other.
So now we gonna do a rover shot. Our runner on this bridge on top of the Insta360 pro 2 we have a roller right here so let’s see how it perform. This camera have stabilization
so hopefully we can see a pretty smooth performance tracking down the runner
which is right there and she gonna run with Sean to see if the robot faster or Sean or the runner is faster. So what happened is when we format the card
the camera actually took like around 10 minutes to speed test all the SD cards
seven of them in the camera so it should take a long time so tips for you
guys is before you actually do the action just run a speed test so you
don’t waste time on se. Right now we are wasting time on set because talent over
there is getting ready. I mean this one the drawback of this camera, the Insta360 Pro 2 where the Pro 1 is pretty fast usually. So now we just wait The camera does stop recording
when the crash happened so pro 2 does stop recording when impact
the camera. For fun I render out a version without the flow state
stabilization to see how hard is the shaking and impact. And there you go
FlowState does makes night and day differences in moving shoot. Here is one
more running shot with and without the FlowState stabilization. I just want to
show you an example that FlowState is not always the magic and with skill in
post-production you can pretty much stabilized any 360 VR footage in post
production with professional finishing software like Mocha Pro. If you want to
learn more about mocha Pro stabilization and object removal check out this
tutorial and more here…

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