Convert Cash-On-Delivery Customers into Digital Payers

India is growing digitally, which means
there are many more Indians on the internet now than they ever were before.
We use the internet for a variety of different things and one of them is
transacting digitally. There is enough data out there to show that many more Indians
are using the Internet to make and accept payments online. While digital
transactions are still on the rise, cash still remains the king. Despite the
convenience of digital transactions, a lot of customers prefer to use cash as a
mode of payment. But as a business owner you would want your customers to
transact digitally because not only does it simplify your processes, it makes your
life much easier. But how do you get someone who prefers to use cash to
transact digitally? Well one of the ways is Razorpay Payment Links. So here’s
what you can do. Let’s say a customer has placed an order on your website and chosen cash on delivery as a method of payment. Once you have accepted the order and it is being shipped from the warehouse, you can send a payment link to the customer. The customer can then be incentivized by telling them that their
order will be fulfilled quicker if they make the payment online. The customer can then choose from a wide variety of payment options like cards, UPI, netbanking and wallets to make the payment. Makes life simpler for them as well as for you. Creating a payment link using the Razorpay Dashboard is very easy. All you
have to do is log in to the dashboard and create the link. The link can then be
shared to specific customers or multiple customers. The best thing about Razorpay Payment Links is that it can be easily integrated with your chatbot. This not
only saves you a huge amount of time and effort but also makes sharing links with
specific customers very easy. Razorpay Payment Links comes with a host of other features such as social media sharing, partial payment acceptance as well as
zero payment gateway integration. Additionally, well, there are no
additional charges. Only a standard fee of 2% per transaction is applicable. So,
go ahead and turn your cash on delivery customers into digital transactors.
Check out the link in the description below and get started.

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