Collecting Ikes – Eisenhower Dollar Coins (Ask Your Bank Tellers)

I wonder if anyone likes looking through
Ike dollars? I know I do… hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and you know what I have been asking for Ike Dollars when I hit up banks every single time I walk in what you see on this mat as well as in this box is all
of the Ike Dollars I have amassed in almost two years
of simply walking into the bank and saying do you have any of the big dollar
coins the ones with the Eisenhower president on them most of them don’t
know what I’m talking about but every once in a while don’t show me what they
have nine times out of ten it’s the regular presidential gold dollars but
every once in a while you get some goodies well over the last two years
these are all the ones I’ve collected which is quite a bit now I have
purchased a few dollars from my silver dealer over time and all I’ve done is
stack them in those roles that they’re silver stick them in there if they’re
clad and since my Ike book comes in in about a week I thought you know what why
don’t I go through all my clad and get them organized by here and burn variety
type just a quick overview I’ve pulled out the very best of my clad 71 P and
ease my 72 P and DS 74 PS 76 s 77 and 78 I also through attrition knew to collect
all the 73 P and DS n SS because are a little bit lower Mint so what you have
here is my entire collection I do not have a 71 San Francisco minted non proof
Eisenhower dollar or a 72 s minted not proof Eisenhower dollar up on the table
now I have some blue Ike’s in their original containers but I was looking
for loose ones I’m also missing a few other different ones here which we’ll
get into later but I recently said time to go through my roll of silver see what
once I have in here because I have no idea I guess at the end of the day this
hunts me pretty basic I’m gonna try to get one of every single mint and design
and variety for all the known $8.00 I’ll also be checking just in case for
any 77 accidental silver struck Ike’s as well as any 74 d silver Ike’s there’s a
few of those out there very hard to find probably won’t find them but it’s time
to sort this anyway think what I’ll do first is get these
sorted by year mint well it’s going to be either s or s proof for every year
that I have and we’ll see how many of these seventy threes we have and if we
can add some goodies to the collection because I don’t have a 77 s clad proof
that’s what this one is a 78 it’s not silver
it’s just copper nickel and I’m not gonna find that in here and I didn’t
have it in there so I’m no I’m not gonna add that one today but I’ll be able to
look out for it in the future hunts let’s go ahead and get these sorted and
see what kind of goodies we have alright we’ve got them separated sorted and I
even chose the best of every year so here’s the 71 s is along with the S
proofs 72 with the S proofs 73 with the S proof 74 and I used the s proof over
there 76 s right here with the S proof as well
and as you know 77 and 78 were only copper nickel I’ve got every year in MIT
mark that you could have including the Bicentennial P type 1 and type 2 D type
1 and type 2 which when you look at the back of them type 1 has the fatter
bubbly letters and type 2 more distinct delicate letters as you can see there
that to do between type 1 and type 2 so I’ve got both of those including the s
and the s proof and then for 77 and 78 I have P D and the s proof but I don’t
have a 77 s proof copper nickel clad yet it’s the only one I’m missing in the
set obviously there are a few other varieties I could look for 1971 Denver
does have a variety one in variety too and I’m not gonna explain that in this
video I didn’t see that I had any one I went through all the clad and then in
1972 for Philadelphia same thing I didn’t see that those are pretty rare
fetch a lot more value I didn’t have any to any extent I believe the Whitman book
doesn’t recognize those as known varieties to put in your album so I’m
not too worried about it it does recognize the variety 1 and 2
for the 76 bicentennials so all I’m truly missing is that one left now it’s
time to get this beautiful beautiful stack of silver right dollars back into
tubes and continue to ask the bank tellers if they get any more I actually
made a mistake well I’m prone to those but I forgot to
mention you do need to look out for a 73 s copper nickel clad proof as well I
don’t have one there and I’m missing that one as well
now it would not be silver so I’d have a clad edge like those versus a silver
edge like these so in my haste to get this film I forgot to mention that I’m
missing one of those as well so I’m actually missing two copper nickel
proofs the 73 s and the 77 S on top of that
figured I’d point out the 73 silver proof and/or silver clad Pike dollars
are not any more rare than any of the other silver Pike dollars but the 73 P
and the 73d are definitely a lot fewer struck than the other years and I’ll
just show you the book on them you can see the mintage of most of the copper
nickel clads run the gamut of 45 to 100 million almost minted and on 73 Pandey
only a few million minted so you definitely pan out for your clad Ike’s
minted in 1973 for me they’re Philadelphia or Denver who
enjoy this quick little video a lot of you been asking to show some of my
collection figured I would do it the old-fashioned
way when I get these guys in a book I’ll probably show it on the live stream one
day but that’s still about a week away before I even get the book to get them
in there so I’m gonna take good care of them in the meantime
if you enjoyed the video I appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy
hunting keep stacking keep asking bank tellers and thanks for watching

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