Chase Sapphire Reserve vs Amex Platinum 2019

what’s going on everybody David here
today we’re talking about the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the American
Express Platinum are these cards that we should compare but first off on this
channel we talk about inspiring people to travel more using points that sounds
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right so the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the American Express Platinum they’re at
the same level they’re not the same when it comes to annual fees actually the
American Express Platinum is $100 more than the Chase Sapphire Reserve but
they’re both top tier cards but should we be comparing these two cards or do
they do the same thing are they are they similar in that so that’s what we’re
going to talk about today so I have the Chase Sapphire Reserve I do not have the
American Express Platinum but I think with the Chase Sapphire Reserve Chase FL
Reserve is a card that it’s like an everyday card and I think that’s one of
the the reasons why I like the card and I still use a card to this day whereas I
think like the the the earn possibility with that card is good you get three
points for every dollar spent at restaurants you get three points for
every dollar spent on travel so it’s one of those cards you’re gonna use for
those for those purposes and for I eat out a lot so restaurants I’m using the
card all the time now when you look at the American Express Platinum I think
the American Express Platinum it works more on benefits so it has the credits
that thing the airline credit the uber credit it works that way it works with
the Centurion allows so it gives you that benefit it gives you the Priority
Pass lounge now the taste that fiery surf also gives you prior to past lounge
but I think the American Express Platinum that’s where their focus is
their focus is strictly on travel with the benefits whereas the Chase Sapphire
Reserve you can travel three times a year and still get still get some
benefit out of that card they give you a travel credit with the Chase Sapphire
Reserve but they also give you a card that you can use in earn points just by
going to a restaurant where is American Express Platinum it doesn’t work that
way you get five points for every dollar spent if you’re booking directly with
the airline and then if you want to go on American Express or Amex travel then
you can use that website get five points for every dollar spent but it’s more of
that travel stuff right they don’t have anything when it comes to like
restaurants you have to get the American Express gold or the American
Express green card in order to to get some of those benefits so that card in
itself the American Express Platinum just works on benefits in my this is my
opinion just works on benefits I think the Chase Sapphire Reserve is
one of those cards that you can keep a long-term and use the American Express
Platinum if you don’t travel very much you’re not gonna get you’re not gonna
get the benefits out of that card I know people say oh all you can use uber you
can use uber eats even if you don’t travel but that’s kind of it right all
the other stuff is travel related so even even the Centurion lounge like this
deserts entering Lancer is probably their big benefit there if you’re not
traveling you’re not gonna be staying in Centurion lounges if you don’t live near
an airport where there’s a Centurion ladder you’re probably not gonna be able
to benefit from that unless you have a long layover somewhere and you happen to
be at an airport where they have a Centurion lounge so I think these two
cards are not although they’re at the same level as far as tier level I think
they’re just different cards they’re for different people and the Chase Sapphire
Reserve suits me better than the American Express Platinum would suit me
because of the benefits and everything and then when you have one card it does
overlap with certain things like some of the benefits though one benefit that I
would want is to be able to go to a Centurion lounge so that is a benefit
that I would want but I have priority past lounge so it’s it’s you know it’s
it’s give or take when it comes to certain situations but I do look at both
cards and the American Express Platinum to me it’s just giving you a lot of
benefits and the chase after I Reserve is giving you benefits but it’s also
enticing you to to earn points which I which I like because I want to get a
card for long term purposes but more importantly I want to know what you guys
think so in the comment section below let me know which card do you prefer do
you think there are similar cards do you think that the American Express Platinum
is geared more towards benefits and the Chase Sapphire Reserve is geared more
towards earning now let me know in the comments below if you like this video
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15 thoughts on “Chase Sapphire Reserve vs Amex Platinum 2019

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  2. What about if someone wanted to get both cards? Can they work together as a combo? If so, how would that work?

  3. On a standalone basis, the CSR is the more practical card all around. However, the Charles Schwab Amex Platinum and Blue Business Plus card gives it a better combo than the CSR & CFU.

  4. I’m a Member of Chase Bank and have been for about 12 years.

    What are the Requirements and how do I qualify for the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card?

    Thanks 🙏🏿

  5. I had CSR, freedom and freedom unlimited…now have Amex platinum and gold and I’ve earned more points with Amex then I did with chase set up 🤷🏻‍♂️ the Amex offers and groceries spend help a lot…chase lack a grocery card

  6. Currently have the CSR as well as the Amex Gold. Love both cards. Will be adding Amex platinum and CF to my set up. Only cards I’ll truly really need being that I was rejected from chase CIP because I lacked a business account.

  7. Apples and Oranges. I have no Chase cards, but believe that the CSR is the best standalone, period. It is the obvious winner for road warriors who rarely fly, but looking for options in hotel redemption. Combined with the Freedom and an Ink card or two, it is obviously a compelling option.
    Personally I'm leaning towards getting the Business Platinum next year, because I could easily save $600 between cruise benefits and 35% points redemption on airfare, on top of all the other credits and perks. The CSR wouldn't be nearly as beneficial with my current setup. Earning vs Benefits card, definitely.

  8. I prefer Amex Plat due to gold status with hotels! This perk is worth it by itself. Now for collecting daily points, you may get the Green and will be good. Amex has better and more transfer partners!

  9. AMEX Platinum is a lounge and airfare points card. Chase Sapphire Reserve is a points earning card as well as a travel and purchase insurance card. I have the CSR because it is the most complete card.

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