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Hey guys, it’s your girl Bella. How are you? Hope everyone’s doing well. Now, in today’s video, I will be giving my
review, of the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Now, unfortunately, I do not have this card
myself. I am over the 524 right now. If you don’t know what that is, that’s okay. I’ll go into that in more detail at the end,
or towards the end of the video. Before I jump right into it, make sure you
guys hit that subscribe button, and notification bell so you are notified when my future videos
are up on YouTube. The Chase Sapphire Reserve, is one of the
newer cards that is offered by Chase. It was launched in August of 2016. Let me say, it is a phenomenal card. Chase hit it right on the head, and got it
right when they launched this card. Now, this card is a Premium card. The annual fee is $450, and it is in direct
competition with the Platinum card, by American Express. I actually did a review about that card, and
I’ll actually put a link to that video above, so you can take a look at that. It’s really a great card. We’ll kind of jump right into the details
right now. As I already mentioned, the annual fee is
$450, which is a bit high, but if you can maximize and utilize the perks and benefits
of this card, the value that you will receive will far exceed that amount of money. Let’s first go into the earning rate. Now, this card you do earn three points on
every dollar spent on travel and dining worldwide. There are no foreign transaction fees, so
that’s also great. You also earn one point on every dollar spent
on all other categories. The welcome bonus currently right now is 50,000
Ultimate Reward points, if you spend $4,000 within the three months of being approved
for the card. Now, I always like to make sure I re-emphasize
this on all of my videos, the three month countdown starts when you are approved for
the card, not when you physically receive the card in the mail. What I always suggest is to call the lender
the day you are approved, and have them expedite ship the card. Now, normally with the Premium cards, through
either Chase or American Express, they do tend to mail those cards out rather quickly
to you, but just to be on the safe side I always suggest just giving them a call the
same day, and have them expedite ship the card to you. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s
jump right into the perks and benefits. The first benefit is the $300 travel credit,
that you do receive every year. Now, with the travel credit, you do get a
statement credit on any purchases that fall under the travel category. Now, luckily, with Chase this category does
cover a broad range of items, such as parking, tolls, airlines, hotels, motels, ferries,
limos. There’s really no way for you not to be able
to redeem the travel credit. Luckily, the travel credit is automatic. You don’t have to make any phone calls. You don’t have to pick any particular airline
or hotel chain. It’s very easy, it’s automatic, which is great. But, you don’t earn any points on those purchases
that qualify for the travel credit. Once you maximize a credit in the travel category,
then you begin to start earning your three points on every dollar spent on travel and
also dining. Now, the next benefit is you do get a statement
credit on any global entry, or TSA pre-check applications, that you do pay for using your
card. Now, the global entry application right now
is $100 and the TSA pre-check right now is $85. Now, I always personally recommend going for
global entry, because global entry includes TSA pre-check, so why not just pay the $100
since you’re getting a statement credit anyway, and just get both services in one shot? The only catch is that the global entry application
process is a little bit in more detail, than the TSA pre-check, but if you are someone
who travels globally once, twice a year, it just makes it worthwhile. It saves you a lot of time going through security
and the wait time, because in my experience most of the lines have little to no wait. Now, one other benefit is you do receive a
Priority Pass Select membership card. With this card, you do have access to over
1,200 airport lounges across the globe. You will get into these lounges for free,
and you can bring a guest with you at no additional charge. Now, the other benefit that you do receive
with this card, is trip delay reimbursement. Now, once you book your airfare on this credit
card, you do qualify for the reimbursement. Now, the reimbursement qualification kicks
in, once you have a flight that’s delayed six hours or more, or that requires you and
your family to have an overnight stay. Now, you do qualify for up to $500 per person,
per incident. Now, you also get trip cancellation and trip
interruption insurance. Most of us would normally pay a fee to a company
like Alliance, now if you actually book your trip on this card, you would actually receive
this coverage at no additional cost. This would cover you if your trip is canceled,
due to severe weather, or illness. There are other conditions that would qualify,
I’ll actually put a link to the membership guide in the comment box below. The coverage with this insurance, is up to
$10,000 per person, but it is capped at $20,000 per incident. You also receive auto collision damage waiver
insurance. In order for this to qualify, you have to
book the entire rental on this credit card, and you also have to decline the insurance,
that is offered by the rental car agency. This coverage does include rentals within
the United States, and some international rentals as well. There are some countries that are excluded,
and that will actually be listed in the membership guide that I will post in the comment box
below. You also get lost luggage reimbursement, and
it is capped up to $3,000 per person, per incident. You also get purchase protection, which gives
you coverage for any new items that are purchased for the first 120 days. This insures you against damage, or theft. The maximum is $10,000 per claim, and $50,000
per year. You also qualify for return protection, and
extended warranty, and I’ll put more information about that, in the comment box below. Now that we’ve gone over all the great things
about this card, as with all of my reviews, I will give you the downsides that comes with
this card as well. The first downside is, this card does fall
under the 524 rule, that I mentioned earlier in the video, which is prohibiting me from
getting this card. The 524 rule, is a rule that’s an unspoken
rule with Chase, but it is well known for those of us in the community. If you’ve opened five new credit cards in
the last 24 months, you will automatically be declined for this card. Doesn’t matter if you have a 800 credit scores,
700 credit score, and made $200,000 a year, doesn’t matter. You will automatically be declined for this
card. So, that’s preventing me from getting the
card right now, so I do have to wait until 2020, and then I should be good to go. One of the other downsides to this card, is
that Chase does have some rules, which are listed on the website, which will prevent
you from having this card, if you fall into any of these two categories. The first category is, that you cannot currently
have any of their Sapphire credit cards, such as a Sapphire Preferred. If you currently hold this card, you cannot
qualify for the Sapphire Reserve. The next stipulation is, you cannot have earned
a welcome bonus, on any of the Sapphire credit cards as well. So, if you opened the Sapphire Reserve, Sapphire
Preserve, sorry … two years ago, and you canceled it in hopes to quality for this credit
card, you will not qualify. Because, you cannot have earned the bonus
within the last 48 months. So, if you recently canceled your Sapphire
Preferred, in hopes of qualifying for this card, you are out of luck. The other downside to the card is the annual
fee is high, right? As I mentioned in my other video about the
Platinum card, 450 and up is a lot of money to spend on an annual fee. So, if your budget can’t handle paying this
annual fee every year, right? Just don’t apply for the card. Don’t worry about it. Chase does have other cards with lower annual
fees, that have very good benefits. So, you might want to think about applying
for one of those cards instead. The other downside to this card, is the welcome
bonus. $4,000 to spend in three months, is a lot
of money. As I’ve mentioned in my other videos, just
if you cannot responsibly meet the spend requirement, just don’t do it. Don’t bother applying, just move on to something
else. Chase isn’t as strict as American Express
is, as far as once in a lifetime, but why wait a hard pool, and why waste the application
in applying for a card, where you can’t meet the spend requirements, to get the bonus points,
right? Just move on to something else. All right guys, that’s my review of the Chase
Sapphire Reserve. I hope this video was informative. If you did like the video, make sure to hit
that like button. If you have this card, or are thinking about
getting this card, put a comment below, and let me know your thoughts. I know I personally can’t wait to get this
card, and maybe when I get it, I’ll maybe do an unboxing for you guys or something. I don’t know, we’ll see all right. Thank you so much guys as always for watching,
and while you’re here, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, and hit the notification
bell, so you are notified when my future videos are up on YouTube, all right? Talk to you guys later, bye.

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