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100 thoughts on “Chase Bank froze my bank account (and are threatening to close it)

  1. They did that to me today!!! No reason, No explanation…. Closed my account…Ummm..I'm a conservative blogger…

  2. Chase screw me over after paying off my credit card $3500 in full…wtffffffff chase! Hope they go down like yahoo

  3. im having the same issue but with scotiabank!!! but i did not even receive a letter or anything they just closed my acc. and still not been able to get the money back…

  4. For me it was WF they close my account and didn't assist me in many ways. They just say the bank has decided not to do business with me, And that it. Whether it was branch or on the phone.

    I try for about 2 month to find out why. I contacted the head of wf I search up the main people gmail online and sent them a complaint.

    Few days later I got a letter welcoming back with an open account.

    Now that I had my bank back. I close it. I shut them down no way I'm letting them shut me down.

    I switch to chase thinking everything was different until now that I see your video o.o

  5. Chase is horrible. A few years ago it was on the news that they had lost 11 billion dollars in some investments and the idiot customer service rep was annoying me so I said to her that it was too bad they didn’t lose one hundred eleven billion…she hung up in n me.

  6. Did you call Chase Bank New Delhi? I use multi banks but I keep my money in a credit unions. I closed out Chase account when I heard they were denying people from buying guns and ammo. Needless to say my local branch was not happy to cut a 6 figure check. Jamie Simon is a world class Jackass I heard from some of his employees.

  7. I use to bank with Chase – something I would never do again. All banks suck shit to some extent but Chase seems to be among the worst along with bank of America. Also, Chase is woke as hell and has been caught shutting down accounts belonging to anyone guilty of wrong think. Project Veritas has a couple of videos on this.

  8. bro , look for project veritas channel . they just did a story about chase shutting down MAGA / right wing people's account . are you a conservative ?

  9. Chase bank and the rest of these scumbags who record us and then prohibit customers from recording them MUST BE STOPPED. ALSO, HOW THE HELL IS CHASE OUTSOURCING ALL OF ITS CUSTOMER SERVICE TO OBVIOUSLY FOREIGN COUNTRIES? The lady actually said “and then the account closed” as if it closed by itself. The customer service is recording people and then consulting with lawyers on exactly what words to use in refusing to accept responsibility for their behavior.

  10. There's no way to salvage this now. The civil war will happen. The democrats are forcing us out. They are making us create our own systems to survive without them. Soon they will just be a hinderance that we must get rid of in order to continue surviving. There's only one possible outcome if they keep this up. One side being wiped out.

  11. My son had his Chase account closed today with no notice. He tried to buy his two boys and me lunch and his card was refused. I had heard Chase was shutting down Conservative's accounts so I asked to see his CC, sure enough it was Chase. He had $8000 available credit and the only thing he had purchased with it was a few items at Costco and a Bible at a Christian Book Store. When he called Chase they refused to give a reason, just that they had decided to end the relationship.. What's happening to America?

  12. The obama regime closed all the smaller banks to give the big 3 the monopoly. Now they can care less about service… learn to vote.

  13. If Chase closed my account, I would just open one elsewhere. If they don't want the business, fine. I mean, they aren't exactly getting good press right now.

  14. If you were in debt up to your earballs, I'm sure you would be their best paying customer. They probably realized that conservatives actually have money, and they want you to pay for it. I'm sure they cater to a debt based society. We should all be in debt, and we should all pay. Edit: Banks used to give credit to people against your money. Now the banks hold all the cards. They have all the money, and can give you credit against it at about 10 dollars to the dollar. They are telling you flat out, they don't need your money. It probably costs them, because they are not using it.

  15. Use Fidelity man, they don't outsource their customer service and they're crypto friendly. Best bank I've ever used, been using them for about 4 years and no problem

  16. If they tell you they are recording and you consent that means all parties consent and you don't have to tell them you are recording!

  17. I think Chase is no longer servicing Conservatives or any known Trump supporters , Establishment or open border supporters only.

  18. if you want a good bank go join a local credit union since they have no official ties to international banks like chase and wells fargo and it's a lot easier to get customer service with them too

  19. "Loss Prevention" at Citibank is fucked up, too. It's as if the people who write the scripts for the people on the phone don't want them to solve any problems. I had my card denied at a restaurant across the parking lot from a store I used the card in 2 days earlier. I called to find out what the problem was, and the person on the phone had to "verify my identity" via my home phone, about 100 miles away. Then pulled the bullshit that I should notify them when I travel. Asked them to send email, they claimed they could not, even though they send a reminder to my email a reminder when they bill every month. After asking to speak to a manager I was able to get my card turned back on because I happened to have my records with me, preparing to do taxes, and could give them the balance from two statements. Now imagine I was traveling in Europe and depending on my card to pay for hotels, rental car, meals, tours, and every thing else — I'd be stuck away from home with no way to pay for anything. Bizarre thing is, a few weeks later I did identify a charge on my next statement that was not mine, and on the same cell phone we resolved the problem without all the bullshit. Maybe the goal is calculated incompetence so when they pull something outrageous and political, they can just claim it was a mistake.

  20. I closed my Chase account and cut up my cards months ago because Chase thinks it’s ok to discriminate against people for wrongthink.

  21. This is shocking! But I've seen others who have also had their accounts closed. We are in IT people, the beginning of the end. WW2 all over again! No kidding.

  22. You can record them in TX without saying a word. These people are nuts and WAY too big for their britches. When I started hearing about this stuff I transferred my credit card balance to Amex and said "bye bye". Say No to Chase.

  23. Let me consider something… I know and I've heard of bad things about chase for average people.

    They get a rather large check for deposit, into an account upon which I think 50%(or some amount), must be made available to the account-holder.

    The size of the check causes the bank to verify the business is, in fact a business and not part of a scam that could involve an account-holder's support.

    So, with no verification available(?), they assume that a possible scam is actually taking place(or could), and decide to lock the account immediately in order to close the account after contact … not allowing any withdraws by the account-holder of funds they(the bank), assume "might", be part of a scam.

    It's a sad world we live in and for a person who is rather average "magically", finding out that shortly after making contact(phone), that the bank will proceed with the actual closing of the account.

    I don't blame the bank … much … BUT this is an example of how quickly an average person can be place in financial peril, because of the computer age proliferation of scams that now take place.

    Odd, since most banks now accept "photographs", over the internet, for checks for deposit … very strange indeed

    BTW … I too think Chase Bank is a poor excuse for a piece of SHIET ….

  24. Banks in UK are freezing accounts hiding behind AML and they just seize your money, happened to me this week, although I took all my money out of banks a couple of years ago except for day to day expenses……I had three transactions for selling cyptos but luckily I withdrew the money to a safe place very quickly ……their conversation was like yours here, just nonsense,they said the three seperate transactions from three different people had been confirmed as fraudulent,but if I could show a record of the transactions they would reopen my account……..?????????????I think they want me to put some money in so they can seize it, no chance.

  25. Back under the Obama administration chase was being very bulling towards tea party members. So people started going in and closing their accounts. I shit you not. Chase was having them arrested for terrorism if they said they where closing their accounts because of chases business practices towards conservatives.
    The news media said absolutely nothing.
    But I was part of a Facebook group that documented it. We even had video. But Facebook took the group down.

  26. I would have personally gone into the bank and raised he11 for ALL to hear until I got MY money and closed my account.

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  28. Chase sent an email 3 weeks ago that my account has been suspended cause of a deposit that went in till today I haven’t been able to pay any bill when I have money in my account. They turned me to a beggar. I called them they said we are sorry we can’t mail u any check cause your account is under review… I said for 3 weeks ? Why ? they said they can’t release any info I am just confused I don’t know what to do man…. and I have bills to pay. I just wish I could sue they ass smh

  29. They closed mine too !!! They are just a mmmmmmm and I hate chase.. I have Bank of America but I just want to open and business account with them but now they are giving me a headache.. now I’m worry about my check that they took it.. they said that they will send it back. Hopefully they wil I hateeeee tjat Bank I will never and newvrrr gooo back to that bank

  30. Sorry to tell all you people but any bank has the right to close your account with out your Permission. They do not have to give a reason It’s in there Disclosure

  31. I have a man crush on you bro and I'm going through this same shit and will need to call the bank on Tuesday when they reopen after the bank holiday here today in the UK! IT'S SO FUCKING ANNOYING!

  32. Did they ever give any explanation as to why they closed your account? Was it simply for depositing a check that they couldn't verify? If that was the case, they could have either just put a hold on the check pending verification or just kicked the check back and rejected it. I don't really see why they felt the need to completely close your account over something as silly as one check! My husband and I just switched from Bank of America to Chase for our checking and savings accounts and I sure as hell hope that we have a much better experience!!!

  33. I literally opened a chase checking account and savings 4 days ago… I find out my account was closed after my online banking was not letting me log in after numerous passwords attempts that I knew were correct. I even go to the branch and they couldn’t help me either… a BIG FUCK YOU to CHASE…..

  34. Chase Bank is literally closing the accounts of conservatives this is what George Orwell was talking about when he wrote 1984 this is a sad State of Affairs in our country and it needs to be remedied I suggest anybody that banks with Chase or any of these places, take your business elsewhere there are plenty of Stand Up conservative businesses that you can give your money to thank you and God bless

  35. My brothers wife went back to college and wasn't working but she owned some property. She sold the property and deposited the money in the bank and they closed her account saying it was suspicious that she didn't work but was depositing a large amount of money.

  36. Sorry to hear about your horrible experience. Been down that road twice with Chase. I will never do any business with Chase. They will cause some serious financial pain if they are the only bank you deal with. I went to a tough Christmas in 2013.

  37. So I work at a bank and we will advise you that we do not consent to the recording of phone calls. That is our disclosure, if you continue to record that is on you and if the issue goes to court, your recording wouldn’t be permitted, since we notified you that we didn’t authorized it.

  38. About 3 yrs ago…..i deposited a check of 1200 on a rent wk, did it with a bankteller…..long story short they got a couple numbers wrong and deposited all my check to someone elses account. I was broke and late on bills for 1 whole wk. I guess this means i gotta close my account now that I heard that this can happen. Thanks for the video bud, real eye opener.

  39. I was in this Branch take 500 dollars from my Atm card. And the machine tuck the money doesn't give me my money and doesn't give the receipt . When I ask if something was wrong with the machine . They tell me just go to my bank and claim for the money. Because the transaction doesn't go thru. I check my bank and money was take from my bank . When I try to talk to the manager. The manager tell nothing she can do.
    I ask to her if she can give any proof because they have cameras. And she told me not . And she call the police and make leave the premises. I have 3 different account s with Chase that's the way chance treat the costumers.
    Be careful with the ATM from Chase. And the costumer service Manager STEPHANIE FONTICIELLA

  40. The third agent, the lady without the indian accent, SLOW DOWN!! You talk way too fast, fast talking is a form of bullshitting, were you fucking train specifically to talk like that? Jesus Christ!

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  43. It probably should be checked out to see if local government exam. City Council has instituted laws on the books that is allowing these vile business practices and also review current and past literature to see what has changed and ultimately complain to the Better Business Bureau and state house and Senate representatives to outlaw these banking practices or strip Chase and other such banks that do this of their licences to operate in the state and nationally!

  44. It's probably BDS= boycott, divest and sanctions or Chase is part of a totalitarian socialist globalist agenda make laws to usurp people's rights!

  45. I literally got the same lady when they closed my college checking account after having it opened for one week made a $33 purchase then my account got closed for no apparent reason now I have to wait 15 days to have access to my $13k

  46. I had 3 credit cards from US bank and every time I traveled 60 miles or more outside of my account zip code they freeze the cards every damn time fuck US bank


  48. stop using banks guys other than storing couple hundred dollars to pay your bills off..other than that, start using crypto to store your funds.all banks are thugs..wells fargo took $8500 from me.i got it after 13 months, after a lenghty process..

  49. 🙃 I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM. I wasn’t as lucky and just more or less just asked my check issuer to put a stop on the current check and mail me another one so I can deposit it elsewhere

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  52. My account just got closed today I didn’t recieve an email or a call I kept calling them and they told me they have the capability to close anyone’s account at any given time and that I have the capability to do the same and they wouldn’t give me a reason I even went to the branch location and was told the same after that I called again and was told it’s because I kept disputing charges, but I won all those disputes and it even say if you failed to win any disputes you would recieve an email saying why so I don’t understand why I was given this or at least a warning this I could go on more about the 10 more times I called after that but I’ll just leave it at that

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