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– [Stephanie] So what was the spin you wanted to put on it for 2019? – [Elizabeth] You know– – [Stephanie] Well obviously
there was the core, the roots of it–
– [Elizabeth] Yeah – [Stephanie] The sort of feminine– – [Elizabeth] The DNA as
I like to call it, yeah. – Right, but what was the 2019’s spin and what’s the Elizabeth Banks spin? – You know, I felt like there was a way to do an action movie from a, to do an action movie from a, from a different lens,
from my perspective, for the very simple for instance. Women do not typically walk into the room and immediately start fighting (laughs). We don’t walk into
rooms with our fists up. We need to use strategies in our lives to avoid violence for the most part and so my angels, who are
not trained assassins, this is not, they’re not John Wicks, they’re not Jason Bournes,
they’re not James Bonds. They have a team for a reason and being underestimated
becomes their superpower. The mantra the entire time
I was making the movie was that the women fight
smarter, not harder. was that the women fight
smarter, not harder. And so, it’s really interesting
when you’re putting together an action set piece, when
you’re trying to avoid violence because you, you end up using
all kinds of different things to get through the scene that you probably don’t see all the time in action movies because most action movies
like a guy comes in, you know, in Mission
Impossible, a guy walks into the bathroom, pushes his sleeves up or takes his jacket off, flexes his thing, and like comes at the
camera! (laughs) you know? We do that too, by the way. But, only after we’ve exhausted some other really interesting shenanigans. – How did you go about
getting ready to shoot a movie that would obviously
have a lot of complexity in setting up these
incredible action scenes? – Yeah, I had a great
lesson in making a musical. – Yeah, I had a great
lesson in making a musical. Because musical numbers
and action set pieces are actually designed
in a very similar way. And the thing about musical numbers is you do everything in prep. So you have to choose
the song, you have to, especially in Pitch Perfect,
we rearranged everything, we assigned parts, we do
all the choreographies. So for me, working with
the stunt coordinator is like working with the choreographer. I need to understand where all the actors are gonna be in the space and time so that I can make a camera meet them and you have your bars
and you have to also plan for like, what can I take out of this? If it’s too long, like what
16 bars, 24 bars et cetera, 8 bars, can I remove in
case at the end of the day I don’t like how long this went. And the fact of the matter is that making an action set piece is a little bit easier than doing a musical. (audience laughs) – That– – ‘Cause I only had one car to explode. You put seven cameras on it, you explode it one time, the car’s toast. You move on. There’s nothing else you can do. I wanted to direct feature
films and I was sort of, working towards doing that, I took every opportunity
that will come my way and the very first thing
I directed actually was a short film for Funny or
Die starring Adam Scott. And then I directed other shorts, I directed something for
the Farrelly Brothers and I ended up directing a PSA called ‘Just a Little Heart Attack’ for the American Heart Association. I have been doing this for 17 years and I consider my career my film school. I’ve been on a lot of
movie sets and worked with a lot of incredible directors. I’ve also worked with a
lot of, some directors that I don’t consider as extraordinary and you learn as much
in those experiences, if not more, about what
you know, what actors sort of need and what’s required in terms of leadership on a set. When you think about what
has been put out in media When you think about what
has been put out in media throughout history, it’s mostly from a cisgendered, white, male perspective. And so everything that’s not that feels a little bit fresher, so it feels like pretty good business. My real plea is for men
to have enough empathy My real plea is for men
to have enough empathy to go see movies starring women. Because I’ve been asked to
go see movies starring men my entire life and happily have done so. And I don’t know why men don’t
return the fucking favor. (audience cheers)

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44 thoughts on “Charlie’s Angels Director Elizabeth Banks: Men Need to Go See Movies Starring Women | Fast Company

  1. So random video from random channel that doesn’t premiere for 2 days and isn’t news is on the news trending tab?Propaganda much YouTube? Feminism🤦‍♂️ Hollywood women so oppressed bow down peasants

  2. we do..weaver , fisher, alita , just to name a few……. we dont like Mary Sue Woman, fake females unless they are naked.. always good

  3. Alot of the women in movies these day are butch types and that's fine for some but I prefer women that are feminine. Pam Anderson types. The ones that actuallylike men. Sone like Jennifer Lopez act like masculine. Female movies are not geared toward real man that really love the great things of being a what I call a real woman. But after saying all that I think Jenny McCarthy's pretty damn funny though.

  4. Ruined a classic… got a problem with Beautiful Women and have to ugly them up..Mutts…on the bright side..your movie will b used to torture criminals ….Earthwide

  5. So dumb…look, I'll go see a movie, if it's a good movie, with a good plot, character development, I WILL SEE IT! If it stars a woman, I. DON'T. CARE. I'll still see it. But it needs to be a GOOD MOVIE FIRST and HAMFISTED GIRLPOWER BULLSHIT second. Which is apparently impossible for you because you put GENDER FIRST and MOVIE MAKING second, in which case FUCK. OFF.

  6. There have been movies with women in starring roles for years. I'm sure she means the asshole men who aren't a fan of women to begin with. I agree, but first off, these movies are coming in at $20 a pop in theatres now and second, the intended target assholes aren't going to be seeing this anyway. I saw the movie. It was fine but not as good as the 2000 version.

  7. Ellen Ripley, Sarah Conner, Diana Prince, Clarice Starling, Beatrix Kiddo, Imperator Furiosa, even Dorothy Gale and Scarlett O'Hara… Nope, can't think of any female lead roles off the top of my head that men have ever flocked to see.

  8. no we don't. doesn't look interesting to me so i don't want to see it and you can't make me! =) get woke, go broke.

  9. Yeah, i would be embarrassed too if my movie bombed that bad. Ironic, this is a powerful feminist movie…movie bombs–um men please come and see it.

  10. Plenty of female lead action movies popular with men but most modern are poor stories and directors having public masterbation and insulting audiences

  11. "My real plea is for men to have enough empathy to go see a movie starring women"
    I don't spend my money based on 'empathy', you dullard. I spend my money if I think I'm getting a good product. Nothing about your dumb movie strikes me as a good product.

    What else is there to see in this movie aside from man-hating? A boring subplot about espionage in the energy industry? Sorry, I'm not spending 20 bucks on that. You will have to do a better job as a director, regardless of what's between your legs.

  12. Gee, Elizabeth, thank you for agreeing to do something as hard as watching movies starring men. We must be so grateful. But I think you are kind of forgetting a little thing called Aliens. And Terminator. And Nikita, Resident Evil, Underworld, Tomb Raider, Xena Warrior Princess, Wonder Woman, The Hunger Games and… what was its name? I think it was something about angels…

  13. "Men, you're nothing but misogynist, sexist pigs! This movie is not for you manbeards! It's for strong women! MeToo movment forever! (whispers) Oh, but could you go see it anyways because it really needs the box office help. K? Thanx!"

  14. Another hackneyed attempt at shoving corporate feminist claptrap down our throats under the auspices of supporting gender diversity in film. I won't be spending one hard-earned dollar on this drivel. Get a clue Elizabeth Banks.

  15. We as men don't hate movies with women we hate shitty movies with women… Which seems to be the only kind you hollyweirdos are producing for the past 6-8 years now. Make good movies with good character development & have them be deeper than their genitals/ race or sexual preference & you all may start making money.

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