Carnaval de Barranquilla Colombia Nightlife 2020 (Baila La Calle)

Oh let’s go everybody
David here so I’m dressed and ready to go
got my festive shirt on and I’ll be heading out to buy late in the guy so
we’re in five ninety at Columbia we’re Carnivale and this is a tradition
every year they have it I don’t it’s three nights or two nights but that’s
what they called it by me and my kite it’s a big block party and it’s a
amazing experience I had a really good time last year didn’t get the footage
that I wanted last year so this year I’m really gonna make it a a better attempt
on getting some some good footage so we’re gonna take a look hopefully I do a
good job you guys let me know let’s get out of here
alrighty so finally got out of the year the NB they changed the locks on me so I
had to roll with it alright I couldn’t get out so I had to tell I had to
contact him as quick as I could and they responded very very fast probably with
less than five minutes and he wasn’t even he wasn’t even he doesn’t even live
there so he must live next door or somewhere really close but he was able
to to go ahead and take care of it and give me the new locks or the new key
that I need to get in so trying to catch a cab cabbage taxi
sexy sexy sexy sexy alright hopefully he’s gonna know we’re
out I need to go let’s see bye Leela quanto Costa baby oh yes
that’s right here what okay well what the windows follow the SEO chose this arrow in Tahiti okay the sec he said this I thought you said baby
again all right guys I know it’s pretty dark which is all we have but we had to
play with but you see the lights let me show you guys lights and everything
going off this is the side entrance if you come in the front I don’t gotta take I’d jump in sit on
come on go go I’m getting a drink in this to get right right I’ve been getting my drinking just
relax a little bit just got here I might lose my boys yeah I did kind of innocent
this morning you don’t wanna talk it out I agree to talk and feel for this still
it happens every night you know that I need you already looking at coming back
again next year so we already got our mind made up the
next year we go feel here again so we came it is more than what you can even
imagine but a cigarette like you knew nothing
it’s the price I have to pay there’s something ingot Isis got me crawling not
sure I want it any other way now what you sicker this you don’t wanna
live us it’d be too hard to leave I don’t know the night we keep fighting in
the taxi I hate that I need you play it cool just keep on dancing
so we’ll burn down into ashes cuz you keep playing with matches ain’t that I
want you running out of second chances love you keep taking me for granted I
don’t wanna do this in some Thank You Jessa’s love you keep taking
me for granted I wanna do this alone
so my way all I ever wanted was to make us wear
don’t wanna spend my life without you nothing else matters when you say my
name I just wanna you keep it all right we are all today it’s about
11:30 of innocence minutes it’s about 7:00
but I’m gonna go and take off I gotta get up early in the morning and do the
arrange those the first day the parade it’s gonna be a real big event tomorrow
it’s the biggest part the biggest parade this out so I wanna make sure I do that
but I had a good time I didn’t talk much when I was in there it was just so much
going on it was way too enjoyed you could even hear me so I just it’s an
amazing experience you guys can see follow my journey here for another four
days and then I talk to some more places in Colombia so no need
and you’ll see more of Colombia beautiful Colombia all right guys give
the video a thumbs up if you liked it please subscribe for more talk to the
next one bye wanna come through the side if you
ever come to a bottle on Kia for Colombia for a Carnivale you walk in the
side and I know you guys can’t even see me right now Minami Nevada I remember you guys

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  2. Man all the smiles!!!! Beautiful thing!!!!! Don't know that you could find any experience like that with the amount of smiled and vibes in America

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