Capital One Quicksilver Review

Hey WalletHubbers! Today we’ll be reviewing the Capital One
Quicksilver credit card. If you want a quick overview, there are five
things that you need to know about the Quicksilver Card. First, to kind of set the scene and give you
a bit of a bottom line here, the Capital One Quicksilver Card is one of the best everyday
credit cards on the market. It’s strong in all the major categories
– rewards, interest rates and fees. Second, it gives unlimited 1.5% cash back
on all purchases. So no categories or restrictions to worry
about. Third, Capital One Quicksilver often runs
promotions that give new cardholders low introductory APRs and/or an initial rewards bonus. Fourth, like most other elite cash rewards
cards, Capital One Quicksilver has no annual fee. And fifth, you need at least good credit to
qualify for the Capital One Quicksilver Card, which probably won’t come as a surprise. If you have a lower credit score, consider
the Capital One QuicksilverOne Card. It’s available to people with limited or
fair credit, offers slightly lower rewards than the Quicksilver Card and charges an annual
fee. That’s the short story. You can learn more or apply for the Capital
One Quicksilver credit card online by clicking the button here. But if you still have questions, I’ve got
you covered there, too. A lot of people wonder what their options
will be for redeeming the cash back they earn with Capital One Quicksilver. Quicksilver gives you several redemption options,
including account credits, paper checks; and gift cards. Another common question is whether Quicksilver
is a good for travel. Capital One Quicksilver is great for earning
cash back while you travel. And you can use it all over the world. Plus, like all other Capital One cards, there
is no foreign transaction fee. Finally, does the Quicksilver Card come with
any other perks? It does. You’ll enjoy a range of secondary benefits
– like purchase protection and extended warranties. Altogether, it’s an attractive package. So it’s no wonder that Capital One Quicksilver
has great reviews, earning at least 4 out of 5 stars from WalletHub’s editors and
most users. So with all of that, you should have what
you need to make an informed decision about Capital One Quicksilver. But to learn more, and submit an application,
you can head to this button right here.

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