Can you withdraw cash from your credit card?

It is possible to withdraw cash from your
credit card but there are a number of costs you need to look out for before you do so. The first is a cash advance fee this could be a percentage of the amount you withdraw or a fixed fee, such as £3. The other cost you need to look out for is interest charges now, when you make a cash advance you will get charged interest daily, from the day you actually make the withdrawal so the sooner you can pay off your balance after the cash advance the less interest you’ll pay, and obviously the longer it takes you to pay it off the
more in interest you’ll pay as well. The third type of cost that you may encounter is if you look to make a cash withdrawal abroad this’ll be a foreign transaction fee this will be in addition to the cash advance fee and the interest charges so, consider all of those before you do make a cash withdrawal whether in the UK or abroad.

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