Call center conversation 19 (Credit card maxed out)


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33 thoughts on “Call center conversation 19 (Credit card maxed out)

  1. I am already working as a tech support rep, and since I watch your videos I have improved my skills and vocabulary, even my QA team has congratulated me a couple of times!! Keep it on guys!

  2. gotta take into consideration to create an Academy online or something like that, English support idk man , Guys you're so good, both are just fuckin' the academies systems and other web shits, I cannot stop learning vocabulary with ya guys, Thanks a lot.

  3. Don't worry bro, take my credit card 💳

    Today for you and tomorrow for me, in another hand try to be more friendly I work in a call center and I just do not want to be yelled.

  4. A great tool to outstanding, your videos cowboys are really knock off my socks, as matter of fact I enhance my skills with you cowboys, as far as I'm concerned I suggest you that in the end of videos do you mind if you can pronounce each unknown words, thanks guys you're reliable

  5. Buenísima.
    Algún consejo para mejorar listening guys?
    No sé porqué puedo hablar lo suficiente inglés pero me cuesta entender a alguien que habla fluido 🙁

  6. Why do you say "put you on hold" i've been in a call center course and the trainer said we don't have to say put, insted we have yo use the verb place. Can you clarify me that please.

  7. Emanuel why did you say merchant during the call if you were in a restaurant?
    I showed this video to my supervisor who is from Chicago and she said that merchant is a person who buys and sells goods in large quantities, especially one who imports and exports goods.
    Could you clarify since I already looked up in almost all dictionaries and the definition is the same?

  8. 2:32 Joshua if I were in a date with you, and you look me in the eyes like that, I would melt like the snow.

  9. Guys I haven't had the time to watch the video, but I'm hitting the like button.
    I'm on vacation through Central America and I'm here in Costa Rica and wifi isn't good.
    But I'll watch it later.

  10. Todo un youtuber y le rechazan la CC, este emmanuel es un loquillo :V , saludos desde Nicaragua dudes excelente video como siempre :3

  11. Hi guys,
    I'm heading to my house after 2 long days out of town. I was participating in the procession to the Basilica of Guadalupe which left from Toluca by the way.
    Excellent video

  12. Guys I couldn't watch the full video since I am out of town, holy week you know.
    But the first 3 minutes were great.

  13. Call center conversations like these ones are impossible to find somewhere else.
    Convergys or Amazon must hire you to train people properly.
    Specially in tech support environment

  14. Hello guys this is Emanuel first and foremost I hope you're doing well.
    Due to the controversy and confusion of the way I used the word “merchant" I would like to clarify some important aspects that might help you understand the meaning of this word in broad strokes.

    First off some of you are quite right when pointed out that the word "merchant" refers to a person or business that buy goods at wholesale and sell them at retail. A merchant is a person who trades in commodities manufactured by other individuals. As per history, a merchant is anyone who is involved in business or trade.

    Now the BIG question is; Why did I say "merchant" when talking about a restaurant?

    My humble answer to all of you is that restaurants have merchant accounts that process credit cards, in other words your credit card is processed through a merchant account. On top of that, you can use the word "merchant" when you want to talk about any business that sells or buys items or services.

    Last but not least, I would like to add that perhaps this word might seem a little confusing and/or baffling even for some native English speakers out there but guys bear in mind that in the English language one single word can have different connotations depending on the context it is used.

    Hope this explanation has helped clarify all your doubts.

    Should there be more questions thereof please let us know.

  15. I hadn't watched this video yet, excellent work guys. Joshua looks like a big teddy bear that I would like to hug 🐻🤗

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