Black Aluminum MicroSD USB Card Reader Product Review

Hey there geeks, it’s James from
and today we’ll be taking a look at a product that will blow your mind, honestly! This is
a Black Aluminum microSD USB Card Reader. That is a mouthful. Now where is this USB,
you ask? Well, let’s take a look. Open that; that’s the USB. Now, where is the SD card,
you ask? Honestly, you’ll be.. get ready to have your mind blown, check this out: it’s
right there. That’s it. This is a full-on SD card reader, but the SD card slips in to
the tip of the USB. I’m kind of speechless. I saw this thing and I couldn’t even wait
to tell you guys. And this is a ridiculously small product. You could take this anywhere, it even
comes with a keychain ring. You could throw that with your keys and you would never even
notice. But you have a full-blown SD card reader in your pocket. I don’t even know what
else to say about this one, guys. This is a very amazing product. Maybe I’ll even just
zoom in or something for you guys. Check this out, so you’re gonna zoom in. Let’s take another
look how ridiculous.. this is an absurdly small thing. Check that out. And it slips
inside. I don’t even know what to say. Well, if you want more information or you wanna
check it out online, will be waiting for you right there. This was James
from AccessoryGeeks, signing out. And just remember: You Got It From A Geek.

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14 thoughts on “Black Aluminum MicroSD USB Card Reader Product Review

  1. There are much smaller ones. I'm surprised this video was posted on December 2013. I saw the smaller ones years ago. Look on, TigerDirect, Amazon, Etc.

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