Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 3 Backpacking Tent

The Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 3 Tent is the
perfect combination of ultra lightweight and livable interior and plenty of room. So this
is the three person version. You have got room for three backpackers and their gear.
The thing that really stands out to me about this tent is the pole construction and how
they really open up the inside to make this ultra light tent seem a lot more livable.
You have got DAC press fit aluminum poles. They are feather light and you have a hubbed
construction so this technically is a two pole tent. The poles that you see here are
hubbed together, so it makes it really easy to set up and then you have got this one brow
pole here on the top that makes this sidewall a lot more vertical. So you have a lot of
headroom above you. That really makes it stand out above a lot of other ultra lightweight
tents that are really crammed on the inside, so great con-struction there. It weighs in
right around four pounds, so that is an excellent weight for all of that livable space, especially
if you can split up the tent between three backpackers. The construction here is ultra lightweight,
so on the floor you have got silicon treated ny-lon rip stop fabric. It is very ultra lightweight
and it is very packable and they bring the seam up off of the floor so instead of having
the seam down there towards the ground where you might have some water leaking in, they
bring it up above that. So, you know, that seam up there is intentional. It gives you
a little bit more protection from water. And then the material up here is a very lightweight
taffeta. It gives you some privacy. And above that you have a lightweight mesh that is going
to give a lot of breathability above you. So in those hot and humid conditions you have
plenty of ventilation here with the tent. You have got a big door here on the front
and, as you can see, it spans most of the way of the front of the tent. You also have
a door on the back, so you have two doors, two ves-tibules. And when you open that up,
it is really easy and out. So that is another feature I really love about this tent is a
lot of lightweight backpacking tents have small doors, but these doors are big. You
can roll them back and really have easy access in and out of the tent. We will go inside
and check out the features inside. The interior space is surprising here for
an ultra light tent. You have got 90 inches in length, 70 inches across and 44 inches
at the peak height. The way that that the clips are positioned with the poles here allow
for a lot more headroom. So it is definitely a smart design. You can sit up in this tent
and I can see three people easily sitting in here if you need to spend time inside the
tent, wait out some bad weather, play cards and whatever. So you have got a lot of space
in here. And there are many pockets. You have got a cou-ple of different pockets here in
the top. The pocket behind me has a couple of different sleeves in it and then you have
got pockets down towards the floor as well. You have got plenty of space to get gear up
off the floor to give you more room here on the inside of the tent. Now the floor here is ultra lightweight. You
can purchase a footprint separately. It is a custom fit footprint. It doesn’t come
with the tent, but I certainly recommend getting that footprint to further protect the lightweight
fabric here of this floor. The other thing that the footprint does is you get a fast
pitch design and we will talk about the poles and the rain fly and how all of those can
be combined to make that fast pitch set up. There is an added bonus with the really smart
design of this system of clips and the hubbed poles. If you do choose to purchase a footprint
separately, you can have an ultra light fast pitch set up. So basically you use the rain
fly, the footprint and the poles to have an ultra light set up. You can leave the tent
body behind. The other thing that this does is allows you for a dry pitch set up. So if
you have got a rain storm and you don’t want to set up the tent body first and risk
the water getting through this mesh, you can set up the footprint first, the poles, put
the rain fly over top of it and then go inside and put the tent body in underneath under
that dry awning. So a really smart design. It is really easy to set up with the poles
and the clips here and just allows you to use this tent in many different ways. It adds
a lot of value to the Copper Spur. You have got a full coverage rain fly, meaning
that the rain fly covers over all four cor-ners. You have two true vestibules. And I have got
part of the vestibule rolled back here just to show the versatility. The vestibule in
the front, definitely enough room to store some gear. If you have got three backpackers
you have enough external storage to put your backpack, boots, everything outside the tent
and under the coverage of this water-proof rain fly. You can roll the other side of the
vestibule back as well. So you can have a really good cross breeze with the tent. I
have got the other vestibule in the back opened as well. So on a beautiful day like today
you can have that really nice ventilation. You also have a vent on either side. So you
have a vent there and on the other side of the tent where if you need to, you can batten
that down. But that provides a lot of ventilation so you don’t have condensation building
up on the inside of the tent, so really smart design there. You have got guy outlines, as well, four guy
out points here. It is not windy today at all so we don’t have those staked out, but
you do have the ability to stake out those guy out points. And with everything included
with the tent and the rain fly, the two vestibules, you have got a really fully featured tent
that weighs in at a really low weight, so those ounce counting backpackers that don’t
want to skimp on all those features can have it all with the Copper Spur UL 3 Person Tent.

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3 thoughts on “Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 3 Backpacking Tent

  1. How tall are you?

    I've seen a number of your videos but it's hard to judge the scale. I am 6'3" and I have a feeling all of these shelters would look a lot less spacious if I was the model! Thanks for the informative videos!

  2. love your reviews! would love to see a review on the flying diamond 8 by big Agnes! not much out there on that series!

  3. $500 on Amazon. Just the tent. No rain protection. No padding. Just a little tent for $500. YIKES !!! $50 will get me sweet tarp that is totally water proof that make a sweet tent.

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