Bezahlen mit der „Deutsche Bank Mobile“-App

This guide explains how to conduct your bank business using the Deutsche Bank Mobile App. First of all, enter your access data. Or use the convenient TouchID login function. In the overview, you will find a graphic showing details of your accounts, cards and deposits. Tap on Show to see a list of your account transactions. With the search function, you can search the transaction list for a previous transfer. Tap on a transaction to bring up the details. Tap here to go back a step. Above the transaction list, you will find a graphic showing how your account balance has changed. If you hold your finger on the display, a slider allowing you to scroll through your account balances will appear. To open the list view of your accounts, cards and deposits, you can also navigate to the right. Navigating to the left will take you back to the overview graphic. From here, you can access the MultiBanking function. With the MultiBanking function, you can add accounts, cards and deposits with other banks as well as a PayPal account. Simply select an institution, enter the account details
for the outside account and add it. You can now see your entire finances
in the Deutsche Bank Mobile App. If you scroll down from the overview, you will find the transfers section. Tap on Transfer to open the transfer screen and enter the transfer data. Alternatively, you can tap here and use a transfer template. To authorise the transfer, select photoTAN and then Generate TAN. With the photoTAN procedure, you can authorise your transfer quickly and securely. You can also set up standing orders or transfer money to subaccounts. With the photo transfer function, you only need to photograph invoices and transfer forms. The details are automatically recognized and carried over. You can add contacts together with their bank details. To do this, tap on the icon Enter the details and add a photo. Once you have set up this feature, you can transfer money to your contacts quickly and easily. Naturally, you can also say what you would like to do. “Please transfer 20 euros to Paula Müller”. Check the details and tap on Done. Transferring money from the transaction list is just as easy. Select a transaction from the list. You can now choose whether to transfer money to this contact or set up a standing order for them. If you enable the Mobile Payment function, you can use your smartphone to make quick, contactless payments in restaurants, supermarkets or service stations. You will need a Deutsche Bank Mastercard to do this. Simply authorise the card and hold your smartphone over the terminal to pay. Naturally, the Deutsche Bank Mobile App also allows access to the eSafe. Your digital safe for passwords and documents. Under Investments, you will see how your bonds, unit trusts and other financial investments have evolved over time. Tap on Trade and use the search function to bring up a specific bond. To purchase a bond, select the bond and enter the required quantity. Now check your order and authorise it. Tap on Order book to bring up details of a current order. Under Transactions, you will find a list of your transactions. If you navigate down, you will find your financial planner. It analyses your transactions and assigns them to categories. In the menu you will find further functions. You can enable the MultiBanking financial planner here. In your postbox, you will find important messages. For example your bank statements. You can print, save and send the documents. In the menu you will also find your IBAN and BIC as well as the branch and ATM finder. With the settings, you can customize the app however you want. Select one of the images provided or a photo of your own as the background. You can choose whether you would like to display

the financial overview as a list or a graphic and enable TouchID and Mobile Payment. Deutsche Bank Mobile. A new banking experience.

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