Best Platinum Credit Cards

Hey WalletHubbers! Today we’ll go over how to find the best
platinum credit cards. The easiest way is by clicking this button
to see WalletHub’s editors’ top picks. They’re constantly updating their choices
based on the most recent offers. Getting a platinum credit card is a lot easier
than you might think. There are hundreds of credit cards with “platinum”
in their name, including offers for people of all credit levels. But keep in mind, platinum doesn’t always
mean “best”! So, if you want to find the right card for
your needs, make sure to do these four things. First, determine what you can afford to pay
per month toward your credit card bills. You’ll want to get a credit card with rewards
for purchases you’ll be able to pay for in full by your card’s due date each month. For the rest, try to get a 0% credit card. Second, get a rewards card that matches up
with your biggest spending categories. For example, if you spend a lot on groceries,
one of the several cards offering 5% back on supermarket purchases could be a great
option. There are lots of cards with bonus rewards
categories, as well as cards with flat rewards rates. You just need to find the best match for your
spending habits. Third, make an educated decision when it comes
to annual fees on credit cards. Whether or not it’s worth paying an annual
fee depends on what extra perks you get in return. If extra benefits more than make up for the
cost, and cheaper alternatives aren’t in the same ballpark in terms of rewards and
other perks, then paying a fee makes sense. Finally, check your latest credit score. All credit cards have certain minimum credit
requirements. And you don’t want to waste time applying
for a credit card that you can’t get approved for. You can check your latest credit score for
free on WalletHub. Now you’re ready to compare platinum credit
cards and find the best one for your wallet! Be sure to check back often to see the most
updated offers.

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