Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards

Hey WalletHubbers! Today we’ll go over how to find the best
credit cards with no annual fee, which is important because everyone should have at
least one credit card with no annual fee to their name. Having an open credit card account that you
use responsibly is the best way to build credit, and a no annual fee credit card makes it easier
and more affordable to do that. Plus, roughly 9 in 10 credit cards have no
annual fee, including many of the best ones overall. You can see WalletHub’s latest picks for
the best no annual fee credit cards to get by clicking this button. WalletHub’s editors are always monitoring
the credit card market, comparing more than 1,000 offers in the process. And they update their selections when things
change. Fortunately, finding the best no annual fee
credit card for your needs doesn’t need to be complicated…. When it comes to choosing between different
credit cards that all lack annual fees, you can use rewards as a tiebreaker if you plan
to pay your bill in full every month and APRs if you’re looking to save on existing or
upcoming debt. If you want to do a balance transfer, the
one other thing you need to watch out for is a balance transfer fee. It’s even more important than an annual
fee because it’s more common on 0% balance transfer credit cards and more often overlooked
by consumers. In terms of rewards, we recommend getting
a card that gives more than 1% cash back on all purchases. Although no annual fee credit cards have a
lot of appeal, the best approach is actually to just consider all cards, including those
with annual fees, and go with whichever will save you the most money…or cost you the
least. With that, you’ve got what you need to compare
credit cards and make the right decision for your wallet! You can learn more and find details on the
latest no annual fee offers by clicking the button here.

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