Best Micro SD Cards for DJI OSMO POCKET and DJI MAVIC 2

what kind of microsd card should you be
using on your Osmo pocket and your Mavic – I’m gonna answer that question in the
video coming up all right if you’re in a hurry and you don’t want to watch this
entire video just look in the links below because I provided them for the
best micro SD cards you can use for both the Osmo pocket and the Mavic – and also
if you have the Mavic air it will work with that so the reason is all of these
DGI products have a bit rate of 100 megabits per second so what does that
mean that means that the data is transferred when you shoot video it’s
transferred very fast from the actual device to the micro SD card so if I’m
shooting with my Osmel pocket if I don’t have a fast enough card the image could
be kind of choppy all right it may like go like this or you may see a warning
that says hey you have to slow of a card you need a faster card basically all you
need is a micro SD card with a really fast write speed the write speed is how
fast it’s able to transfer the data on to the micro SD card and then the read
speed is needed for when you take it out of the device and put it on to your
computer and on to your external hard drive now with that said the write speed
if it’s 90 megabits per second or faster will usually get the job done so have
you seen any megabits or 100 megabits per second that will usually get the job
done but not always not every card is created equal so these cards have
different measurements you might see class 10 that’s not a good indication
that’s going to be fast enough what you have to look for is a little u so when
you see this little u and the number 3 okay it has a grade of a 3 that’s gonna
be fast enough to work also if you see a little V + 30 that’s another indication
that’s likely gonna be fast if you see the u3 and the V 30 then you have the
winning formula for a fast enough card to use with both of these devices like I
said earlier in this video I provided links in the description below to make
your life easy DJI also has its recommended mic
SD cards and basically all of them are SanDisk okay so I’ve used SanDisk
and this one Kingston one they’re all V 30 they’re really fast another
indication that you have a fast enough card it will say extreme pro extreme
plus or just extreme so anything with a word extreme will get the job done okay
so how big should the card be well I would recommend 128 gigs because it’s
the maximum amount that you can use with a Mavic to now with the Osmo pocket you
get all the way up to 256 gigs but then you can take that 128 card and you could
use it for both units and that will give you probably around 3 hours of footage
in that range and that’ll be plenty of time to shoot so this is the card that I
use alright guys so don’t use a cheap third-party brand I had a friend who had
a cheap third-party brand that actually said V 30 on it it looked a lot like
this card but it kept saying that was too slow and his unit would overheat and
it would only go for a couple minutes and then it was stop recording so make
sure you use SanDisk Extreme if you don’t want to use SanDisk I would also
recommend Lexar Kingston or transcend alright those are companies you can
trust but the best one is obviously SanDisk’s they’ve been in the game for a
long long time and these cards are also great because they work in extreme
weather from really really hot to really really cold alright guys if you enjoyed
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look in the videos that I’ve made over there about this device and before you
go remember siempre Avante mega but I

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