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welcome to one on one with expert flyer we bring you the inside scoop from
travel industry experts and innovators I’m your host Lisa Casslyn and today’s
guest is Jason Steele he’s a full-time freelance journalist
and he specializes in credit cards and were trapped he’s also a contributor to
the best credit cards for travel points guy and his work regularly approve appears mainstream publications outlets
including Yahoo Finance and MSN money as if that weren’t enough
jason also holds a commercial pilot’s license so he’s got very very good credentials and a wonderful background and that’s
why we had out too much money today to talk about some of the more recent
trends she’s seen across airline industry loyalty programs welcome Jason good morning how are you
great great great to have you so let’s kick it off with the first
obvious question water so many key changes that you’re seeing a.m. points and
mileage programs lately and oh those changes which ones do you think you’re having
the biggest impact whether it’s good or bad on trappers well I it’s been a very
eventful time last year too for those who are or
travel enthusiast like myself the other the biggest change of course
is the move to the revenue base system Stelter
kicked off this change and United later to copy them almost
word-for-word I in terms of offering African farm
house not based on the miles that were flown I was always thought was kinda arbitrary
anyway pilots use nautical miles most the world uses claw matters but they now offering on base and
dollars which has a certain logic to it but the way Delta later United
implemented at is a vast evaluation for the majority of
travelers those who paid for that full-fare
walk-up tickets you to business travelers traveling on their client’s budget on the company’s budget
although she did pretty well and that’s of course exactly what the executives adulthood
matter looking for this is people willing to pay a thousand dollars for us domestic season comment the last moment
the Rasta pasta maybe it’s a lot less expensive tickets are I got a pretty poorly arm stuff not very
good for air travelers arm the other big trend you know is that
the valuation of these programs people compare them to I you know a
small country that doesn’t have a central bank just printing more currency what happened
courses at the currency becomes worth less a lot Zachary I every month
every year so travelers had caught on to that Ansar
banks that issue travel reward credit cards there are now
arm you know XI capital on and Barclays bank
are now entering card saying hey he’s miles are now just worth a penny each egotism wherever you want
and they don’t tell you the way the airline miles to know it on
the other hand I could make the argument that some is much more miles available
through credit cards in promotions and other means I along with
the fact that the airlines themselves upgrade the
product you could argue that a business class seat today is very
somewhat of a first class seat 10 years ago and I can spend a similar amount my
credit card today as I did 10 years ago to get that seat
sir hit me and I think I’ll your travel I enthusiasts really focus
on getting either mouse will still be able to in the future but it’s quite frustrating for the
majority of travelers you maybe don’t study all the ins and outs these
programs and down have time to really scrutinize our
credit cards leader you know it’s interesting I i agree. I we understand also that dildo recently
removed elite miles ernie on their lowest price spirits have
you heard anything about that sure well as well the latest in a series
of moves by Delta really find the remote value for other programs you know it and in various industry functions I from you
know herds the adults’ commas executive speak and
spoken to Ms ads you know they really feel like their
customers are the ones who are payments full-fare walk-up tickets and its those
who would jobs shot high-priced I you know it seems like they’re they’re
willing to I’ll let the customer go on a certain
way you know it’s almost like %uh if you’re gonna get that lowest lowest
AR Delta doesn’t really feel like Guidance Center
law causing about behavior and I know a lot of these
your business travelers in Atlanta another delta hub group you know that the company has a
characteristic cost 350 or 450 its so this is just giving them incentive to
stay under are not sure for the same she yeah that’s how double
looks at the rest of us a look at it like wow thats pretty terrible that I’m an
elite status a holder I and II you know by the slow
car seat and even get you know the qualifying
miles I lose somebody these benefits even though I’m a loyal customer so it’s
its remains to be seen how that’s really
gonna work out for Dell the propolis in the know what they’re doing from a
business standpoint yeah yet business so that said do you think that frequent
flyer rewards programs overall will do away with highly
sought-after advantages for tweets like upgrades and travel not I really dull because on your money’s business
travelers stay get hope on not just the flying into and first class seat every time but the
possibility that they can it’s almost like a a gambling behavior worksheet even if
they had up spending more money and yeah really get I it’s out almost like a Russian all on the upgrade
last time I get upgraded last week’s maybe I’ll get upgraded this week so I
don’t like going away and as you know I’ll be possibly be extended to other arts
businesses you know we see that other areas hotel a travel expert alsome rental cars
were people get those upgraded rooms at Apple orkut vehicles
that elite status I’m waiting for 9 travel retailers to I get it on this game I’m waiting for
that I am in a priority line at my grocery store or for that upgrade from or send some
because I’m a loyal customer there’s so I’m I really don’t I really don’t see the model going away
updates they tighten up the rules it’s interesting because I have seen
that myself a I mean is many restaurants in the area
I’m I’m on the on the east coast in New York
am E many eateries are not doing real I think
yes yeah they have they have loyalty rewards
programs you can you can sign up if you look hard and
then the track how many times you visit the restaurant then there’s some kind
with her you know the chance visit %eh in a hurry
to be her mike got which is is a great idea yeah and I have seen that you know it’s sort
of like with sandwich shops they give you a punch card things like
that so you had other restaurants are getting in into that are you know I in a way that
may be other retailers are so I you know sometimes I I like to
compare the offering of our program says restaurant punch cards were huge you
know by nine challenges your chances Sri things like her yeah absolutely so if you were about that but now you to
the wall and cashed you which airline is offering
the best rewards program right now which is a what all the bands are I’m
your car travel a lot for me have my family out wife and two kids we r Southwest
Airlines FLT its question because my wife and I have both
obtained the companion pass largely through credit
cards I’ll and that means that we get four tickets
for the price to Wow yeah and so you know people are familiar with a
credible know that you accumulate a hundred ten thousand points in calendar
year you get that campaign cells I’ll 100000
points that’s pretty far for for most other leisure travelers
outsmart 34 trips a year are or even more that we
can take at virtually no cost to us other than
the TSA eats and his Southwest points you know
that day the he’ll give you a refund if you read
book your ticket at a lower price you cancel you get all the points back
injure on account you can rebook in anyone’s name but you can’t do with
you know which hospitals are a refund ticket that the pot in the same
name and style original ticket holder shelf
unbelievable value and of course I’m based in Denver with an offer a tremendous amount of service my home
airports out for domestic travel I love that when it
comes to international travel I’ve been a huge fan of American
Airlines last couple years are largely because united and Delta
have devalued the program so much it’s nobody’s 100000 I mile the business class tickets to europe not
using American Airlines miles Island and even though Americans some that grade award availability
domestically I although they just seemingly deserted without
internationally baby so go to their partners to travel internationally in
stock at this great 100000 rates of course the fact there
are offered credit cards earlier this year for 100000 mile sign up bonus at
interviewed are actually that said I you you talked
about this before you know if you if you’re really trying
to accrue points et cetera by simply flying could take
you long time to do it so sometimes the fastest route is to get a really good credit card right so what
you talk a little bit about that which ones are offering the most generous points and yeah was shot in
addition thought I’d like to point out here maybe because my aviation
background as you know a commercial airline travel 500
miles an hour so you can get a free ticket the travel
a lot pass touchable unlimited amounts I accumulates miles on
those are chock I’m looking online but he passed I wouldn’t even accept I
am I’ll take you up on it because the five
hundred miles an hour it would take me I’m I to where the two hundred dollars the if the
hundred thousand miles I needed for just one business class
ticket I think about us said the effort on our Site C you know that the economics with more so
so as far as that the best credit cards I really love the cards offer that’s flexible
reward points actually transferred airline miles and it’s been a great year for that you
know at the beginning of the year there are three programs the American Express Membership Rewards
a Starwood Preferred Guest program and chase o’rourke program Egypt which how does several different
airlines has our partners in the last few months a the city thank you rewards program how did age
are now I’m a different transfer Partners and then
just last couple weeks the Diners Club program reentered the
market it that’s not your applications a and they have a I fourteen different
airline chance our partners and %uh hotel partners so it’s just been
a great year for that to anyone who spied her suit great I have to pick just one I tell
people get the sound card s30 transfer Partners plus our hotels
it’s just a great values for sixty five dollar and Moxie yeah I I read somewhere I think you noted that
is over 200 against partners that you can book
awards through yeah I did a little of research product War
II look at all the different 30 or so transfer partners as a whole which
partners to then haha that you like for example if you if American Airlines miles you can book
aunts US Airways British jerry’s in all the dozen or so partners I can when the number that approach 200
knows all the pain and how you teach counted subsidiaries are different
alarms but it was just remarkable i cant I if you get missile Starwood points I
think it’s gonna work like conceivably on almost any airline in the world knots in
its greedy information these people don’t don’t automatically intuitively think I
upstart Starwood 2 chittick neglects at the hotel chain so
why would you think about for airline miles but among those really you know that we were
traveling is yes it’s cuz like cult-like following it is one that card that’s awesome so
were work coming to the and but I wanted to
ask you our last question what are your favorite
roles and acts to keep yourself organized manager
.2 miles like it’s for of an expert plant cell
arm hedge the yet the big one i think is a
war while I your several competing tools
that manager for comply miles away that does but they’re not using the word wats
married but my miles there’s a bomb why is my children even my I’m my family
member so it’s just ago too tall another one the people
don’t think about as Wikipedia I find myself looking we could be very
often because if you look at the the page for your home airport she it
was showing every airline serving under ports I and every airport that serbs from there as you cross reference out
with your destination and find out you know which airlines
which alliances you can use to get there another great
Twilight is the Great Circle mapper nothing exactly
how many miles between any two points on Earth’s I including airports so that I’ll tell
you how many miles you my game for mobile
white but are also so I want to minimize my travel time out
if I go you know from Denver to Tokyo by Los
Angeles is ackerman the a quicker that Hawaii
obtained by the Hawaii or action plans in phnom I and she out all
the EA Chicago means i’ll know these are the
top my head I’ve got a great circle Mopar figured out which is the quickest route
to the other literally is almost an everyday basis when I’m booking or travel and and
complaining Travel Awards that’s great thank you so much and you know Hurt Locker many one is
watching if you’d like to the dark well one on one interview with Jason
please visit our blog at logged on expert FlyerTalk com and is an expert Florida com if you’d
like to trial are popular seat alert service thank you
so much change in and look forward to talking to you again soon walk a great danger

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