BEAT ANY ESCAPE ROOM- 10 proven tricks and tips

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100 thoughts on “BEAT ANY ESCAPE ROOM- 10 proven tricks and tips

  1. I was setting up an escape room for my friends next weekend, I've locked myself in, I can't remember the code to to lock, HELP! 🤣

  2. Me and my Escape Room group have a 100% track record for escaping 19 rooms. This video was interesting because it did actually list what we do by instinct. Once we get inside a room, we all fan out and look for anything that might be a clue. We gather them all together and bring them to the center. Then we decide who is best for each puzzle and deploy them while. I do the physical puzzles, going through laser mazes, doing ball roll puzzles, reaching for stuff, opening locks, Brochmor is the grounder, she comes up with the simple solution to puzzles when we're all thinking too complicated. Richard is the mathematician, he will motor through number puzzles and any puzzles that require patience. Natalie is the code breaker. Give her a code, she'll give you the solution. She also has sudden flashes of brilliance when we seem to be stuck. Finally Martyn is the organizer. He's colour blind so he struggles with some of the puzzles but he keeps all of us clear headed and provides us with whatever tools we need for the puzzles and keeps track of what we've used and what we haven't. He's my partner in crime if the escape room requires the group to be split up. I freaking love escape rooms 😀 We all do

  3. My friends and I did an escape room and we failed
    If we had 5 more seconds we would've escaped. The person operating the room told us that.

  4. My brain is just thinking "Why not just say, 'I need to use the bathroom!' Then they may let you out and can just say 'hey look i escaped!

  5. I was invited to do one of these and passed, now that I see what they are I'm glad I did. Doesn't look fun at all.

  6. One time I wrote Morse code down in a mini notebook when I was bored in class. The escape room later that day involved a Morse code message, and the key was in a locked chest. I kind of cheated.

  7. one of these at my school as soon as we went to the first station we went out of the group and ran out the door also ur soooooooooooooooooo close to 9 mil subs

  8. Thanks man I start my first day working at one and I have to solve my room by myself then Learn it. I'm nervous to do this by myself.

  9. Mmmm when I saw Tim Hortons, and the falls I smiled. No I’m not from Canada, I just went there for vacation this year, and it was so much fun, we had Tim hortons everyday for breakfast, and we visited the falls multiple times.

  10. Me and my 2 cusones went to an escape room there where 3 secret rooms.We did do jobs and i was the project manager and i had a white board to write stuff down

  11. I plug in a thing that said plug me in inside a escape room and we ended up having to put this paper together cause it got shredded when I plugged the thing in lol

  12. How to escape in 5 min from any escape room scream your having a panic attack collapse to the ground when they open the room to help you run out

    Tip 2 yell you have a gun and it's a faster but more risky method

  13. Most of these tips could be applied to solving math problems,. At least I've used most of these tips in some way in upper division math and physics classes without thinking about it.

  14. I once lost because i didnt organise stuff. They were 2 minutes remaining we needed a key for the last digit of the code ( a key wich we had found) but we had forgottem where we put it, we lost because of that. ALWAYS organize clues!

  15. If you cry in the corner they’ll let you out early and then you can watch all your friends scramble around on the tv thingy and laugh at them

  16. I did an escape room on a zombie apocalypse and found a HUGE bag behind the door, so I brought it out and no one noticed until

  17. I feel like I've watched this somewhere before it had Grant from The King of Random not sure tho, I enjoy the video non the less thank for your hard work

  18. 1st tip doesn’t always apply though. In one escape room, we had to count all possible squares of all sizes in a chessboard for a three digit code. My dad used a clever math deriviation to do it in like 1 min

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