Bayley Heel Turn Entrance (Theme) Revealed! Sasha Banks Pulled Out From RAW! Wrestling News!

Here’s is your news for October 14, 2019 We’re starting with some news from
the WWE draft, as some of the
Superstars were left as free agents after SmackDown have finally be
assigned a roster. Fans will now be able to catch EC3,
Eric Young and Sin Cara on RAW,
while Drew Gulak, Heath Slater, Tamina, The B-Team and Apollo
Crews will be heading to
SmackDown. Interestingly, Crews was the only
Superstar on that list who wasn’t
deemed a free agent after night one of the draft, as he was supposed to
be a part of night two during tonight’s
RAW. Here are the updated rosters: Out of those who have been eligible
to be drafted so far, Akira Tozawa,
Cesaro, Chad Gable and Humberto Carillo remain undrafted
from the night one draft pool, and and as of this video, continue to be
free agents. Speaking of tonight’s RAW, the show
may have already undergone a major
change, as RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch was supposed
to take on SmackDown’s Sasha Banks,
with the winner getting the very first draft pick for their brand. Whilst this match was announced
during last week’s SmackDown,
which was night one of the draft, that may no longer be the case, as
according to the PW Insider, Banks
suffered a tailbone injury at Hell in a Cell, and wasn’t cleared to
compete on last week’s RAW. Now, the company are advertising
a match between Lynch and
SmackDown’s Charlotte Flair, and though this should be an epic
encounter, it has left fans wondering about how long the Boss may
be out of action. Banks has been one of WWE’s top
women since returning to TV in
August, and the last thing she needs now is to be gone for another
lengthy absence. As of right now, the match remains to
be The Man Vs. The Queen, though
as always the card is subject to change. There’ll be plenty to talk about during
tonight’s edition of RAW, but we’re back to last week’s SmackDown, as
the viewing figures are in. The second episode of the blue show
on FOX did 2.89 Million viewers,
according to ShowBuzz Daily, a 25% drop from the season premiere,
which did 3.88 Million. The show did win the 18-49
demographic though, averaging a
0.95 rating over the two hours, knocking Hawaii Five-O and Blue
Bloods whi did a 0.7 during the
same time. For contrast, Monday Night RAW’s
post-Hell in a Cell show drew an
average 2.33 million, down from the Season Premiere
the week prior, that did 2.57 million. One Superstar who has been kept
busy on SmackDown recently is
Kevin Owens, though he, much like many other Superstars, were not
told ahead of time about the plans
for them in the draft. During last week’s SmackDown,
the Prize fighter was drafted to
RAW in the third round, something Owens wasn’t happy about. On Twitter, the former Universal
Champion said how he had given
an interview about how he felt being drafted in the third round, but given
his anger, the company chose
not to air it. Fans can hardly blame Owens for
being angry, as it was earlier this
month that the Canadian defeated Shane McMahon in a gruelling
ladder match to keep his spot
on SmackDown, a match that wrote the Best in the
World out of storylines, at least
for the time being. According to company sources,
Owens is in line to get a big push
on the red brand and a fresh rivalry, as the RAW Executive Director
Paul Heyman is a big fan of him. Remember that within a month of
the 2016 Brand extension which
saw Owens drafted to RAW, the Prizefighter had captured
the Universal Championship, a title the Canadian Superstar
will be hoping to reclaim very soon. Speaking of champions, new WWE
SmackDown Women’s Champion
Bayley turned heel in a big way last week, much to the shock of fans,
and the emotionally scarring of
some children. During her entrance for her match
against Charlotte Flair, the former
hugger destroyed her Bayley Buddies, and now has a new
entrance to go with her new attitude. At a WWE Live event in Odessa,
Texas, Bayley debuted her new
heel ring entance, with no wacky-waving tubemen
in sight. The entrance starts as normal, so
fans know it’s Bayley coming out,
but then the music fades, and the lights go out before
much heavier music starts. Those fans with a sharp ear will
have heard the new theme after
Bayley’s title win on SmackDown, and whilst there isn’t a video
package to go with the new song
yet, expect that to come later. Well, last week’s first night of the
draft saw plenty of surprises, but
perhaps none was more shocking than Bray Wyatt being moved to
SmackDown in the very first round The Fiend didn’t wait long to make
his presence felt on the blue show
though, as during the first match, Wyatt emerged from under the ring to
terrorize Seth Rollins, causing the
Architect to win via DQ against
Roman Reigns. The ever-cryptic Wyatt has now taken
to Twitter in a very bizarre Tweet that
has left fans wondering who his next target will be now that
he is on a different show to the
Universal Champion. The WWE Title picture is pretty full at
the moment, with champion Brock
Lesnar set to battle Cain Velasquez at Crown Jewel, but placing
the Fiend against either UFC star could
make for a brilliant main event. For now, fans can only wait to see
what happens next, as the entire
SmackDown roster may soon find themselves guests, in the Firefly
Fun House. Over to AEW now, and a special guest
has been announced for the latest
edition of AEW Dark On Twitter, AEW VP Cody Rhodes
confirmed that Tazz will be a
guest broadcaster for the show, which will air live on AEW’s youtube
channel at 7 pm Eastern time on
October 22nd. Tazz, a former two-time ECW
World Champion, has done
commentary for both WWE and TNA, and recently revealed his displeasure
with not being invited back for the
premiere episode of SmackDown on FOX. Most recently, the Human Suplex
Machine has hosted the Taz and the
Moose morning show on CBS
Sports Radio. AEW Dark, the sister show to AEW
Dynamite, debuted on YouTube
this past Tuesday, and feature four matches taped in
Washington DC on the night of
the Dynamite premiere. In Boston this past Wednesday, three
matches were taped and these will air
this coming Tuesday on October 15th. AEW certainly seems to have done
everything right since the launch
of Dynamite a few weeks ago, and AEW Dark seems to be a great
way to make sure fans get to see
as many stars as they can. Back to WWE now and given that
there have been plenty of
shakeups in WWE recently, a few people have been left out
in the cold on TV. Last week, the decision was made to
move Michael Cole and Corey
Graves to Friday Night SmackDown, which has left fans wondering on the
fates of the men they replaced: Tom
Phillips and Byron Saxton. For now, it looks like Saxton will be
calling matches for WWE Main Event as the commentator posted a photo
of himself, Mickie James and Dio
Maddin on Instagram together. James, a former WWE Women’s
Champion, has been calling Main
Event matches in recent weeks, and there has been talks of her taking
a role backstage as a coach
for the company. Meanwhile, Phillips has been moved
to 205 Live, where he has been
working alongside Aiden English, and recently joined NXT UK, where
he’s been calling matches with
Nigel McGuiness. These changes seem to be sticking for
now, but that doesn’t mean Phillips
and Saxton are gone from SmackDown completely, as their have been talks of a third hour
of programming on Fox Sports 1
after SmackDown, and according to reports, both men are
being considered for a role if this third
hour is confirmed. We’re looking at one of the biggest
sports personalities in the world now, as boxing champion Tyson Fury is set
to take on Braun Strowman in his first
WWE match at Crown Jewel later
this month. Fury, who got into an incident with the
Monster Among Men on the pilot episode
of SmackDown on FOX, certainly seems confident going into
the match, but the same can’t be
said for Frank Warren, his promoter, who admitted the match
was very risky.Speaking to the UK’s
Metro newspaper, Warren said: “His profile gets bigger every time and
he’s doing us promoters a real favour
by going on WWE,” he said. “But truthfully, I don’t like
the risk of his cut opening up.
Tyson’s a law unto himself. It’s risky though, no doubt about that.”
Warren would go on to say “In an
ideal world I’d prefer he didn’t do it, but it’s all about the bigger picture
for him. He’s a natural wrestling star.” Despite Warren’s concerns, Fury has
shown no sign of backing out of
the match, so fans can expect an all-out war on
October 31st at WWE Crown Jewel. We’ve got some news from the
upcoming WWE 2K20 game now, as the company has revealed some
of the characters in-game ratings,
which have gotten a lot of
Superstars talking. One Superstar who isn’t pleased at
all is Sasha Banks, who has been
rated an 80 ten whole points behind her
rival Becky Lynch. In a tweet, the Boss said the rating
was why she didn’t do a
commercial for the game, but she seems to have ticked off
Carmella, who was an 80 in
last year’s game. Replying to Banks, the former 24/7
Champion said that she was
overjoyed when she was an 80, and felt the need to remind her
that it’s just a game. With these two being on the same show
now thanks to the draft, could this be
building to a feud between the two? Whatever happens, it’s clear WWE
2K20 is continuing to get big coverage,
even if it’s because people are
complaining. And finally today we’re looking at
last Friday’s draft, which saw plenty of cameo
appearances from stars across
the sporting world. When representatives of Fox Sports
were asked who their favourite
Superstars are, the answers they gave weren’t exactly
great, as names like Terry Bradshaw
and Howie Long were mentioned, as well as other stars who are either
no longer wrestling, or no longer alive. Now, Wrestling News is reporting that
the current-day Superstars aren’t
exactly happy with this, and one anonymous Superstar even
said it made them cringe: “[WWE] can’t help themselves. It
always makes me cringe when you
see them trying so hard to show everyone how mainstream they are. It
actually makes the company look
worse because it is so obvious to the people watching at home that the
NFL guys being asked to talk about
WWE don’t know anything about current wrestling. We’ll never
shake off the stigma with
mainstream media if Vince keeps scripting silly stuff
on the shows.” With night two set to take place
on tonight’s show, it’ll be interesting to see who the
company have planned to appear and whether any cameos will convince
fans to tune in to the red brand to see
how the 2019 WWE draft wraps up.

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6 thoughts on “Bayley Heel Turn Entrance (Theme) Revealed! Sasha Banks Pulled Out From RAW! Wrestling News!

  1. I really think that WWE was wanting boss are hugs to go for the women's tag titles. Then Sasha Banks started acting like a kid again and they had to go through with bayley's heel Turn with Sasha being injured or whatever boss and hugs cannot go for the titles so they gave her the women's Smackdown WWE title. I mean really Charlotte Flair does not need it all she is doing easy riding her dad's coat tails. WWE needs to wrestlers stand on their own Roman Reigns did it Stone Cold Steve Austin did it John Cena it I mean seriously Braun strowman the monster among men I really do like him flipping cars Big Show did it Braun strowman hit somebody with a huge right hand Big Show's knockout punch was done with his right hand the worst Braun strowman vs Tyson Fury that kind of seems like Big Show vs Floyd Money Mayweather other than the height between me Fighters it is the same that is why I believe that Braun strowman needs to win not Tyson Fury


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  3. Carmela chastising Sasha? Ok for carmela last years ranking was a gift. Sasha is better than becky more exciting and more skilled. I understand why becky is ranked high, i dont agree. I dont like Sasha personally but no one can diss her talent.

  4. I knew this was going to happen to Sasha Bank, everything a (talent) wrestler tries to double cross or has some sort of problem with the company and wants to leave something bad always happens to that wrestler. I would recommend to Luke Harper to watch out, Vince deals with black magic, no shit. I remember a few years ago seeing a video on that talked about the titantron and how it literally sucked the soul out of the live audience. I have tried to find that video for years but without any luck.

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