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TELLER: Hi, sir.
How can I help you today? CUSTOMER: Uh, I’d
like to increase my withdrawal limit to $300. TELLER: Absolutely.
Not a problem. [beeping sounds] TELLER: Okay… And can I get your name
and date of birth? CUSTOMER: Chris Howrie,
December 5th, 1982. TELLER: Great.
And your password? CHRIS: Oh…
Yeah, I forgot that. TELLER: Okay. I’ll just have to ask you a few
security questions to reset it. CHRIS: Please, go ahead.
TELLER: Okay. What is the name
of your first pet? CHRIS: Bobo.
TELLER: Excellent. And what’s the name of
your first girlfriend? CHRIS: Oh…
Um, Hannah? TELLER: Correct. And where did you
first meet Hannah? CHRIS: Um… That feels a little personal. TELLER: Well, these were
the security questions you customized.
CHRIS: Right. I think…
it was a party? TELLER: That’s not
what I have here. CHRIS: Oh, it was at the
church dance back in Edmonton. TELLER: Correct!
And where did you go after? CHRIS: We ran to
McDonner Park, and kissed under an apple tree. God, I wish that night
could have lasted forever. TELLER: Then why’d you leave? CHRIS: Sorry, what? TELLER: The next
security question is, “Then, why’d you leave?” CHRIS: Really?
I wanted you to ask me that? TELLER: Yeah, I guess this
meant a lot to you in 2008. CHRIS: I honestly don’t know. TELLER: Come on, Chris. Yes, you do. CHRIS: I honestly don’t
want to say it out loud. TELLER: Tell me! CHRIS: My dad wanted me
to work in the mines. But I wanted a different life. So I left. TELLER: You could
have said goodbye. CHRIS: I tried!
I wrote you a letter! TELLER: A letter?
I was pregnant! CHRIS: I didn’t know
you were pregnant! TELLER: That’s bullshit, Chris. You found out I was pregnant,
and you knew it was yours, so you ran.
Just like your dad! You’re nothing but a coward! CHRIS: I’m not running anymore.
I’m staying. Goddammit, I’m staying! TELLER: It’s too late, Chris. CHRIS: Hannah!
TELLER: I’m married. I’m with someone else now.
CHRIS: Hannah! Hannah! I never should have left you. ♪ TELLER: And that’s the password. CHRIS: Wait, what? TELLER: Yup,
that’s the old password. What would you like
your new password to be? CHRIS: Uh… “Hannah, I never
should have left you… “…2019.”

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