B2 Visitor visa for Girlfriend, Boyfriend or Fiance

B2 Visitor visa for Girlfriend, Boyfriend
or Fiancee Valentines day is fast approaching. And a lot of couples
in a long distance relationship are thinking, “It would be nice if we could get together. And it would
be especially nice, if we didn’t have to wait for
a long fiance or spouse visa to be granted, and instead
,lets apply for a visitor visa, and be together, RIGHT AWAY” So today I will talk about the realities about
that idea. And whether its possible or likely and what
you should be working on, to achieve your goal of a life
together as soon as possible. I am Fred Wahl the VisaCoach and I help you
get through a confusing and frustrating Immigration process so you can have a happy life together
in the USA with your foreign partner. And please watch to the end, because towards
the end of this video I will explain what the BIGGEST DANGER of applying
for a visitor visa for your partner is, and how to avoid shooting
yourself in the foot. Now, lets talk about “B2 Visitor visa to bring
your partner to USA to spend Valentines day together” Around this time of year I get plenty of phone
calls from guys and gals who would like to bring their
foreign romantic partners home to the USA for a visit and to celebrate
Valentine’s Day together. Sorry, lets just cut to the chase. Unfortunately US immigration does not issue
girlfriend or boyfriend visas. Australia does, But not the USA. It really is impossible
to obtain permission to bring your love, your fiancé, your spouse
to the USA unless through applying for a fiancé or spouse visa. Visitor visas are issued to people who would
like to visit the USA for tourism and fun. However US immigration has had
BAD experience in the past that some visitors real agenda
was not sightseeing, but any way possible to gain admission
to the USA. Then to stay permanently in the USA, never
leaving. Because of this experience with prior abuse,
US Consular officers are on the lookout to identify any visitor
visa applicants that MIGHT have any POSSIBILITY to overstay. They call this “immigrant intent”. If there is any suggestion, any
possibility that the applicant might intend to remain, then
that applicant is automatically in-eligible and visa denied. Near the top of the list of those with “immigrant
intent” who are thus in-eligible are girlfriends, boyfriends,
fiancees, spouses who are likely to want to remain in the USA
with their American partners. The US State Department has a simple rule. And that is “IF a visa exists
for a specific purpose, then that is the ONLY visa the
applicant may apply for.” For a foreign applicant to spend time
in USA with her or his American love, fiance, spouse, future partner,
then the K1 Fiance Visa or if married the Spouse visa,
are the ONLY visas the applicant is actually eligible for, and the only one he or she is
likely to get Even though the Visitor Visa is very likely
to be denied, many couples apply anyway, in hopes of winning
the lottery. And some, (maybe 1 of 100) might win and might
get their Visitor visa. It depends on circumstances and the Consular
officer. If you follow the rules, you have got nothing
to lose by applying even if your chances for success
are slight. Being denied for a visitor visa, because your
fiance “applied for the WRONG visa” should not hurt
his or her chances for any future visas, as long as
all answers given were honest. (Actually being denied
once this way should not be an issue. Repetitive
attempts and fails will cause problems) Everything your Fiance says and submits is
placed into the US State Department’s databases. It is placed
permanently into her or his immigration record and will be visible during any Interview held
with any US immigration official, anywhere, anytime. Your Fiance must be very careful to ALWAYS
tell the truth. If ever caught making fraudulent statements
to a consular officer, that may result in being banned from getting ANY visa to the
USA, FOREVER. Where the temptation to lie is greatest, is
when asked “What is the purpose of your trip?”
or “Who do you know in the USA?” or “Who is paying
for your trip?” When dealing with immigration, always tell
the truth. Don’t volunteer information, but always
provide honest answers. If the answer truly is
I am traveling to visit “my potentially romantic friend”
or “my fiance”, then that is exactly what MUST be said. In the majority of cases, no matter what is
said or done, applying for a visitor visa to meet the American
Fiance results in denial. It’s the wrong visa to apply for. But keep the BIG PICTURE in mind. Eventually your
Love will apply for a fiance or spouse visa. At that
time the consular officer will know all that has occurred
earlier. Don’t take any risk of ruining chances for
a happy life together, by burning bridges with US immigration
when applying for a visitor visa. This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach Please “like” or add your comments to this
video. Then go
to VisaCoach.com and sign up for the VisaCoach monthly newsletter. Each month it is full of tips and advice on
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which visa is right for you, the best strategy to get it,
and how soon your partner can join you. To learn more about VisaCoach’s services
and how he can help you, book your free case evaluation today.

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26 thoughts on “B2 Visitor visa for Girlfriend, Boyfriend or Fiance

  1. hello sir! my purpose of the trip is to visit my boyfriend,attend his birthday celebration,and i also want to find out what united states of america has to offer.we will be going to different tourist attractions.will that be a valid answer for a tourist visa?it will be our first time meeting in person.. please give some tip of what should i need to bring during the interview

  2. Hi Sir, my fiancé sent me an invitation letter to visit him in California while I’m on my summer break on April 2019, as he visited me here in the Philippines twice already. He will be paying for my trip. We do not have plans to get married yet because he wants to show me first the culture of California and what it has to offer so that we could figure out where is best to settle down in the future. He is retiring in 6 years and I have a stable job here in the Philippines being a Master Teacher at a government public school. He also invited my sister-in-law who is also a government employee, that he met when he came here, to travel wit me. With the foregoing, how likely do I get a visitors visa?

  3. I would like to visit my boyfriend I was denied before, he doesn't want to get married. What will I do just to get approved?

  4. Hello fred, i'm glad to be here, i have a question, please help me to answer it,

    If my medical exam result is ready, do i have to submit them and some documents to the U.S Embassy before my date of my interview? Or i have to wait till my due date of interview and go with them all???

  5. Hello how can you help, I’m here USA 🇺🇸 my boyfriend in Haiti 🇭🇹 we not married yet but about to get engaged how can I apply for him just to visit

  6. hello sir I hope u r fine and well as always great job u done thanks for that all information you share with us sir I have questions what my gf need if she came here to pakistan we want marry what she need when came to pakistan for marry

  7. Hi i just want to ask if i already have 10yrs tourist visa, then i met my husband and get married in the philippines. Can we apply for spouse visa even i have tourist visa exist? Thanks for answer. Looking forward to it sir.

  8. Thanks sir for fast answer my all question its a big help for us. But now i have a tourist visa for 10yrs so while we are processing the spousal visa, i can visit my husband in the us?

  9. Hi sir i just want to ask im married to american citizen but we didnt apply yet for spouse visa and i have a tourist visa. And we are planning to start the process of spousal visa but, i want go in the us to visit my husband first before we process. Are this ok?

  10. Hi coach my situation is a different topic I was recently denied a tourist visa. My history is before I was included in the petition but when the visa date approved I was not included because of over age Im 34 now. In the interview the consul ask me if I was petitioned before? I said no what is the right answer? If I planning to be an immigrant I said no.

  11. Hi coach i have my boyfreind in usa and we want to apply for k1 visa but befor i want to go b2 visa just pr tourist 15 days and comback to my country but i dont know how asking to the question if i know somone in usa what do u suggest for me

  12. hello Sir.. im going to apply a tourist visa to visit my sister in the USA, do I need an invitation letter to show in the embassy?

  13. Hi I have a question. Me and my boyfriend including his family wants me to go in the US but my concern is the financial report or something that we need to submit. He has health issues which hinders him working full time. What can you suggest we do? Thank you!

  14. Question:i am unfortunately (still) married to my ex husband but i have an American bf.. what if he invited me to visit him do you think I can enter the USA or will they allow me?

  15. If found “ineligible” for the Visitor Visa (“wrong visa”) from UK to US, can they reapply for the ESTA waiver to travel to US from UK? During the eligibility question for the waiver, have you been denied a visa – do they say yes or no? If they say yes, isn’t it an automatic denial? So without a visa or ESTA waiver are they not allowed entry into the US period? If we planned trip to Niagara Falls & planned to visit places in US side as well will he be allowed to come with me?
    It is so frustrating how people with good intentions have to pay for the actions of others. He has never overstayed, is not a criminal, & actually I plan to move to UK after nursing school to work there so why would he stay here in US illegally? With school I can’t visit him right now, & we are also not at the point of marriage.. sigh lol This should not be so difficult for honest people with good intentions.

  16. my boyfriend is really really sick, he is having a cancer and only have few days left, so you can understand the seriousness of the situation..now i'm here in india, Kolkata. as far as I know only family member can or blood related people can go to see that sick person, and getting the use visa is next to impossible, I once tried and get denied, but just today my boyfriend doctor told him that there is an emergency medical visa and I can go to see him. I just want to know is it true..?? if yes than how I can do it..?? please let me know sir.

  17. Hello sir..
    My question is, I want to visit us to make a tour in Disneyland and my friend over there will sponsor my trip and I'm going with my baby
    But I don't have work but he will sponsor my whole trip..
    Is there possible that I can Be approve?

  18. Hi coach good day. In my case I still have ongoing annulment case which is already a year now. My attorney allowed me to go on vacation since my annulment hearing doesn’t affect my vacation date. I work in a government hospital here in the Philippines and I have a boyfriend living in Hawaii and we wanted to spend summer together in his place. I have two kids also both minor in the Philippines. So is it possible that they approved my tourist visa? Thank you.

  19. my girlfriend visited me here in phillipines twice shes american' i want to ask if how can we aply for visa ? Cause her family really want to meet me and person i would really be glad to learn some advice from you .

  20. Hello Mr coach Please really need your help…. I have find my love in the U.S and we have been in love for 7months. And she's willing to visit me in my country Ghana but she doesn't made yet her passport but I told her to made her passport on Monday 4 November of this month 2019 and she said ok…… So now she's willing to made the passport and tourist visa for coming up… But I really need some guidelines from you Mr. Visa coach Please?

  21. Hello ser. I applied a us tourist visa in taiwan they denied me maybe I will come back home in Philippine to file again,?what if I’m at home but I don’t have a work,?thanks

  22. hi sir, i have plans to visit my boyfriend in US and we have plans to marriage also but before make sure move to the US i want to visit US at least once before move. is it possible if my boyfriend be my sponsor? can i be approved?

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