Ash Ketchum’s Childhood EXPLAINED!

Hey guys, HDvee here! Now we all know about Ash Ketchum, he travels
around with his trusty Pikachu, catches Pokemon, wins gym badges, meets Legendary Pokemon,
doesn’t age at all, you know, those kinds of things. However, at one point in his life, Ash Ketchum
did actually age and he was once a child. With that being said, today’s video takes
a look at the life of Ash Ketchum before becoming a Pokemon Trainer, looking at what he was
like to a child, all the way up to his education. How do we find out all of this information
though? Seeing as the anime barely goes into it at
all, well, Takeshi Shudo, creator of the Pokémon anime, published in 1997 and in 1999 two books
in which he revealed some of the greatest secrets of the Pokémon anime. These secrets hide many details about the
characters of the animated series and also clarify several inconsistencies in the episodes. Do note though that the informations that
Shudo reported in these books are not another version of the anime, but informations that,
for various reasons, Shudo could not explain in the episodes. Unfortunately, them being old books and being
available only in the Japanese language, it is extremely difficult to find the full translations. However, after a thorough search on the internet,
there are comprehensive summaries of the most important information. Don’t hesitate to drop a comment down below
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to keep up to date and without further ado let’s get into the video and I really hope
that you enjoy! Okay so starting things off, we have to go
all the way back to the very beginning, before Ash Ketchum was even born in fact, and that
starts with Ash’s parents. Although Ash’s life has always been very
happy, his family situation doesn’t exactly look very good. The reason for which Ash’s parents are separated
is that his father abandoned the family, leaving a young 19-year old Delia alone. As for Ash’s grandparents, it is only known
that Delia’s father abandoned the family to become a Pokémon trainer when she was
little, while her mother died due to an illness when Delia was pregnant with Ash. In the whole story, the character who arises
the most curiosity is the mysterious father of Ash, but before talking about him, it’s
necessary to get to know Delia better. Delia is Ash’s mother. The relationship between them is more like
a relationship between brother and sister than the one between a mother and child, because
of the young age when Delia gave birth to Ash. She is an always-cheerful and full of energy
woman. Ash, indeed, inherited his naughty side from
her. She can also be very strict with her son,
especially for what regards politeness. Delia actually wanted to become a Pokémon
trainer, but because of the inn and Ash’s birth she could never leave. So she just studied Pokémon in Professor
Oak’s laboratory, where she met his friend Spencer Hale as seen in the third movie. As for Ash’s father, he is a Pokémon Trainer
currently traveling in a faraway land. Delia knew him in her inn, when she was 18
and her mother was still alive. He was a traveler and aspiring Pokémon Trainer. The two fell in love and their relationship
became rapidly stronger, so that within the same year they got married. When Ash was born, Delia was only 19 years
old. The man, however, left Pallet Town right after
Ash’s birth and never came back. For this reason, Delia got very angry and
promised herself to ignore Ash’s father even if he came back. However, over the years, after her husband’s
disappearance, Delia received more than a hundred proposals from other men but she refused
them all, because she actually never wanted to divorce from Ash’s father. When Ash was a child, he often asked about
his father, he was always wondering what he was doing and where he was, but Delia, obviously,
wasn’t able to answer to these questions, so she just told Ash how exceptional his dad
was as a trainer. The writers of the Pokémon Anime promised
to 4Kids that by the fifth season they would introduce Ash’s father, but as we all know,
it’s never happened. So, that’s pretty much everything to do
with the birth of Ash Ketchum, now let’s get into his childhood. Ash Ketchum was a very lively and naughty
child, in fact, he loved playing around and causing mischief. Delia told him off when he caused too much
trouble, but she never forced him to focus on his studies. Ash became rebellious for the first time around
the age of three. Ash attended maternal and primary school in
Pallet Town, unlike Gary, who decided to attend an elementary school in the nearby town. Since he’s a member of the Oak family, he
didn’t want to attend the small primary school of Pallet Town. Every day he had a two hour journey to get
to and from school. Ash could not stand Gary, but at the same
time he didn’t give too much weight to his attitudes of superiority, because in a way
he was sympathetic towards him. On the other hand, with a father and grandfather
who were complete failures, it’s quite possible that Gary thought that Ash was quite pitiable
himself. When bullies picked on Ash in maternal and
elementary school, he’d get the teachers or the bully’s father to tell them off. Or well, if the bully’s father wouldn’t
tell them off, he’d make sure the teacher did. The problem of bullying was finally resolved
by Delia, who talked to bullies’ fathers and urged them to solve their conjugal problems. Having a happier family, bullies gradually
stopped targeting Ash, who could devote himself to his pranks again. Ash always played alone while having fun with
rather dangerous games like climbing trees and descending from the hills on wooden boards. He also loved fishing and hunting insects. As for Professor Oak, Initially, Ash didn’t
know much about the man, he had only seen him a few times, at night, while he used to
go to the inn that his mother owned, in which he went there just to eat pre-cooked meals
while reading a book. Ash didn’t have chance to talk with the
Professor just because in that moment, Ash must have been sleeping. As time passed he had the opportunity of knowing
him better, because he’s always been Delia’s close friend and Gary’s grandfather. The two families spent a lot of time together,
also going to the Cinema. Later on, Professor Oak organized a Pokémon
Summer Camp, to which, obviously, Ash participated. It is there where he meets Serena, a girl
he meets again in the Kalos region. Serena fell on the ground and hurt her knee,
but then Ash intervened. He tied a handkerchief and gently applied
it to her knee and helped her to stand up, accompanying her to the camp, from which she
got lost. The little girl was impressed by Ash’s kindness
and immediately had a crush on him, but unfortunately, once the camp ended, she had no way of seeing
him again. Now that’s all out of the way, let’s get
into what Ash Ketchum was like just before heading out on his adventure. In the Pokemon World, compulsory education
ends at age 10. After their 10th birthday, children are considered
as adults. The following April, after turning 10, Pokémon
trainers can choose to continue with secondary school or focus on something else, such as
Pokémon training, starting a career or even getting married! Most of the males in the Pokémon World try
to be a Pokemon trainer, and of course, most of them utterly fail hard. Then they just become incompetent adults. This is why both Ash’s father and grandfather
left for a trip and is also why most of the workers are female. This is the book in which Takeshi Shudo revealed
that Ash, on the day of his departure was exactly 10 years, 10 months and 10 days old. As mentioned before, Pokémon trainers left
on April after their tenth birthday, so here we see clearly the inconsistency in the first
episode of the animated series in which it’s said that “Ash was leaving because he has
just turned 10”. But at the same time, Gary and two other trainers
also left. Was it everyone’s birthday, perhaps? Obviously, the answer is no. The writers have made a mistake. But that’s not all. Since Ash’s Journey started on April 1st,
going 10 years, 10 months and 10 days back, it is possible to determine the date of his
birth: May 22nd. So, on April 1st, Ash was almost 11. During the 9th episode of the animated series
it was made ​​clear that two months have passed since Ash’s departure. Here’s the confirmation that he has been
10 years old only in the first 6-7 episodes of the animated series. The alarm clock shaped like a Voltorb that
Ash uses as a Pokeball in the first episode was actually donated to Ash by Delia for his
tenth birthday. Pokémon themed goods are always a best seller,
so you can’t get them in a small village like Pallet Town. Consequently to get that clock, Delia had
to leave her busy schedule for three days and go to a department store in the metropolis
of Cerulean City, where she waited five hours in line to buy it. For Delia, that Voltorb clock held more significance
than just a birthday present for her son: it was an expression of motherly love for
Ash to take on his journey. His birthday was only a suitable opportunity
to give it to him. And there you have it, the history of Ash
Ketchum. As you can clearly see, this kid has been
through a lot and hasn’t exactly had the easiest childhood, but his determination to
become a great Pokemon trainer has always been there. I really hope you’ve learnt something from
this video, because I definitely have making it! But with that, wraps up this video. I really hope you enjoyed it as much as i
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