Are Facebook employees depressed? (H1B slavery visa & abuse)

Welcome back I wanted to cover the topic of whether employees at Facebook are depressed. and as an ex google ex facebook tech lead, I feel that I may be qualified to talk about this From the outside, you may be seeing people with free food, free coffee, ice cream, good pay. And you think they must be living their dream life, what do they have to complain about? whereas in reality, a lot of them are slaves and for some people, this may be a little hard to believe but it’s no secret in the tech industry we have reinstitutionalized slavery and this is largely through the h1b visa process. the way it should work is you bring in high-skilled labor from overseas that you can not access within the united states once you bring them in you’re supposed to treat them well, respect them because they’re so hard to get however, most silicon valley tech companies have found loopholes to bring in cheap labor that they can use and abuse once these workers are brought in they’re entirely under your control and if they underperform for any reason you can just fire them and they will face deportation so for the worker, their choice is they either do exactly as you say or they can be deported. their entire livelihood could be messed up you can pay them less for them to work even inside on weekends. there’s really nothing they can do about it if you work in silicon valley this should be no mystery at all to you. many companies as you walk inside their walls. if feels like you’ve gone a 3rd- world country like a factory of wage slaves. And managers know they can abuse these workers to their heart’s content and just milk every last ounce of blood from these people. I never told this story but back when I was working at Groupon, the real reason that I quit was because it was one of these wage-slaves factory firms. they have an office over in PaloAlto but as soon as I entered I noticed that everybody there was either Indian or Chinese that’s where most of these h1b visa workers are coming from and the manager showed absolutely no respect I remember one of my coworkers kept asking our manager to file some visa application paperwork and the manager kept delaying and delaying and missed the deadline intentionally I believe and so this is really all about control. as an American citizen myself, I have had the freedom to quit many jobs myself. but my colleagues have not been so fortunate. they have just been forced to sleep away in the company surrounded by free food which really just disguises the issue at hand a lot of silicon valley tech companies they’re using a tactic of hire and fire, slash and burn, rinse and repeat. so the big innovation in tech over the past decade has not been React.js some javascript framework or API it’s been the reintroduction of modernized slavery. and you know this is a lose-lose situation. because American jobs are being displaced high-skilled workers from overseas are not able to get in on the visas and get the respect that they deserve and anybody who’s able to get in on an h1b skilled or not is treated like garbage. see there’s no talent shortage. tech companies have just invented some vs interview game as a way to filter out American candidates and give priority to cheap labor from overseas that they can have absolute control over. it’s funny that tech companies are always complaining about diversity. there’s not enough women in tech, not enough black people in tech. you know the fact is there’s plenty of diversity out there. the problem is that they’re not immigrants you can control and underpay facebook became really big really quickly and still doing everything that we can to catch up and make sure we are getting that balance right. meanwhile, the middle class of American is probably being wiped out companies know if you join them you’ll probably quit within a year or two. they much rather hire immigrants who they can hold down to for many years and have that control over and just force them to work as much as they want.

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100 thoughts on “Are Facebook employees depressed? (H1B slavery visa & abuse)

  1. Techlead is on breitbart

  2. Tech Lead – Your message resonates strongly within the tech community. I always thought the same thing about H1Bs as well (churn/burn/modern slavery) but of course we are taught to be politically correct and hide this truth under our noses and look the other way. On the other hand (this is going to sound contradictory), more people than ever are being lifted out of poverty than ever before. It's more of a society issue that we need to confront and put an end to. Of course the lack of political action across the globe also is part of this problem, thus people will trample over one another and eat each other alive. Alas we are all living in the same slave factory.

  3. H1b visa is limiting job growth.Because a lot of h1b visa holder want to start their own company but h1b doesn't allow that .So they just climb up the corporate ladder or remain as employees. This anger a lot of locals because h1b visa is inflating the job market as well with low wages. It can be a win-win situation for the locals and visa holders if H1B holders is allow to start a company under conditioned requirement such as these visa holder must hire majority American.

  4. Facebook: "we have to fire TechLead because he might talk bad things about us on his Youtube channel."
    TechLead: *gets fired by Facebook* *talks bad things about Facebook because he no longer works for them*
    Facebook: *surprised Pikachu face*

  5. Sponsoring company might have control but I rarely see them "exercise" that control. it's not like the employees are disadvantaged. These companies are importing labor and displacing native US Citizens who invest $$ (US degrees) to earn $, vs imported labor who invest in rupees (fake/cheap degrees in India) and reap USD$ pay… Same H1b labor are buying/bidding up all the real estate in CA/WA. Most labor probably put in 4-5 hrs of work and get 300k+ in total comp… Hiring managers who themselves came over as H1b make sure job descriptions are inflated to screen out US people and will refer/hire only from same village/caste

  6. Fuck americans and their zionist system! Let's us Asians create our own internet, own search engine, own social media, own messaging app! 😀 😆

  7. Another excuse for companies to hire H1B is they want engineers with advanced degree (MS, PHD). With advanced degrees, that's pretty much 99% immigrants. That way, companies do not hire locals. It is a lose lose situation for both immigrants and locals. The winners are the companies.

    Note: my comment don't seem to apply to computer science but to other technical fields. (ex. EE, ME, chem E)

  8. Please go into salary disparities between, American and foreign employees, to support this claim of "slavery". If these employees are making the same salaries reported by glassdoor, indeed etc. really hard to call top 5% of US Salaries slavery, regardless of working conditions.

  9. How can you be ok, with a female colleague saying she'd only work with other female engineers. If a man said that I'd have to hear about it on CNN!

  10. But, but…. wait… I,… I, … I thought big tech companies were on the front lines in the war against slavery and oppression; especially of minorities!

  11. "Tech companies have just invented some BS tech interview game . . . speaking of which, if you want to learn to pass the technical interviews" (and subject yourself to this slavery abuse . . . . ) LOL!

  12. 0:14 Slavery is everywhere, be it big IT company or small. So going with free food and perks is a better option I guess.

  13. You hit the nail on the head here. As someone in tech, this is exactly what I've seen. Even in non-tech roles within the same space, this culture exists. It's crazy. I've been lucky to work at amazing companies with positive work culture. Work/Life balance is essential for a healthy workspace

  14. Treat people with respect no matter what their culture are. How they feel if the shoes were on the other feet. . They won't like it.. Like the elderly say, "All dogs have their day". Be a leader n not a follower.. They should be appreciated what God gave them.. No one should be mistreated under no circumstances.. God plz come in the mist of this foolishness.. He coming. I hope we all are ready. God don't like ugly and he is not to fund of cute

  15. My old job also provided food. Over time it just becomes boring and ulcer exacerbating. Just smelling the food makes me sick. I would rather eat food poisoning street food than the food at my job.

  16. "Everyone is desperate for impact in a flailing product where there is just not that much to do." Wow, what a burn. But it has to be true. I always wondered what the hell Facebook still needed thousands of engineers for when Facebook is basically done. Every now and then they get a new icon or widget.

  17. I wish you could sit down and speak with T Mobile 's CEO . Both of you men understand so much about people . Plus see ahead so well . I think better days are in front of you . My heart goes out to you about your friend . I wish you were on T Mobile's team . The CEO is such a visionary . You sound like you are a visionary also . Full steam ahead !! The best is yet to come !! Thank you . The post you make are needed by many people .

  18. can confirm. I worked at a company where the americans left at 5 and the indians worked til 9 every night and were always stressed out. Considering they woulod take buses, i highly doubt they were receiving typical IT salaries. #slaves

  19. I love TechLead. Everyone who is even thinking about joining FB will run the other way when coming across this video. Way to go!!! F FB.

  20. Stack ranking is the most retard shit whoever invented it. Pitting employees against one another doesn't create competition and meritocracy, it creates toxic environment where everyone hides information from others, try to gain unfair advantage and make others look bad. Sign of a falling company and poor leadership.

  21. I think every college course I took mentioned maslow hierarchy of needs – and self actualization – which you would think would be encouraged

  22. What programming language do you mainly use for your current job? And I am on the website brilliant learning for math, science, and computer science is this yours or the guy from tech interview? I am trying to find out which one is best to use for learning I see Joma putting up more than one in different videos I want to know which one is recommended for learning coding

  23. Thanks for highlighting this issue. As a ex h1b I was totally burnt out after getting thrown out after being used. Maybe I’ll have a grand story to tell if part 2 of my life in India becomes a success. There is enough in my h1b f1 life to make a movie.

  24. If I had not been on h1b I would have challenged my white manager a lot sooner that I did after putting up with 1.5 years of bullshit at Intel. I actually wanted to go to hr a lot sooner but my dumbass brother who was working as a manager at another intel site told me to take the high road. Which gave enough time for whitey to cover his tracks prepare a case against me and get me fired eventually. I did verbally give whitey a finger before i got fired the next day so that was good. Remember people trust your instincts don’t take the high road in Silicon Valley go to hr and make some noise.

  25. It is economic slavery and dehumanization whether H1B workers or farm and construction workers from Latin American countries.

  26. Christ I knew Facebook was a horrible company before, now I think they are 10 times worse than I originally thought.

  27. Not only are they enslaving these people over seas all the newly graduated developers here are being fucked in the ass, took on hundred thousandth of student loan, study their ass off for four years only to find engineering jobs paying 50k slary since companies can get cheap laborers elsewhere. Lesson of the day: start your own businesses, every company out there will rape you of your time & energy.

  28. *are NOT "cheap labor". While the convoluted hiring/firing dynamics you mention are valid, most tech H-1Bs are among the highest paid employees in the company.

  29. I just came back from Czechia and ended the visit with day tour of Terezin. So evil handling of people i have nightmares thinking of it. The whole enterprise was only 4 years less than a masters degree. They made it happen due to registration processes making it legit. Horrible non human just 75 years ago. The art work of the children are a testament of dreaming in an evil world. We can do better!

  30. No the tech industry has turned the whole bay area into slaves!!! And let me tell you we all do not get free food etc!!!!! So to be honest the tech companies should make their own housing on their own property and leave the rest of the community alone!! It should be in their contract that they have to stay in their housing that would eliminate traffic if their housing is right next to their building and that would eliminate parking not to mention the ridiculous rent!! And they should only be able to build as many apartments on one sky rise building right next to their tech company that’s able to staff their employees no more and no less!!!!Thanks to all these tech companies that supply their employees with food and etc, the rest of us have to pay for that and rent!! So think about how depressed the rest of the bay area is!!!!

  31. I've worked at a non silicon company and the same BS goes on there. All the Indian contractors would come to me with their grievances because they saw I wasn't afraid of standing up to the corporate overlords. At least some of the managers were kind to them and tried to recompense them somehow for making them work unpaid overtime hours.

  32. In fairness tho, in my experience, all tech companies operate this way… expect the pay sucks and there is no free food lol. Devs are being abused nearly industry-wide mostly due to the Agile methodology… Devs need to unionize and protect labor rights!!

  33. Indian guys will do anything for an h1b . Slaving away for Facebook is a cakewalk for them . They can slave away twice as much without raising a voice .

  34. H1Bs must be made illegal.
    TEMP positions should last no longer than 3 months.
    Temp companies must be required to keep workers for 3 years to qualify as TEMP workers.
    Right now temp companies don't hire you until you pas the interviews and get hired by their client companies.
    Been a temp for 14 years because companies don't like to hire white males after the first few years out of college when they are cheap.
    H1Bs are paid 20k less for the same job
    H1Bs and fake temp jobs used to replace white guys more than any other class of worker
    diversity means "slavery of non-white people"
    Ive been asked to try out for google, Amazon and Microsoft for programming no thanks.
    why would I want to move to socialist land and then get fired for outperforming everyone while being conservative.
    Both Engineering and programming industries have cut costs by repeatedly firing and rehiring into TEMP positions.
    I have been an mechanical engineer and separately a programmer with projects for the Department of Defense, many banks, power company, NASA, etc.

  35. Hi Patrick, I really love your video. I am think whether you can make a video to discuss h1b abuse and the consequences of it? Currently S386 is a hot topic is twitter, and a lot tech people shared their stories. Do you mind sharing your stories?

  36. does any one know a place in this industry in which people don't practice hunger games tricks on each other ? seriously !!

  37. I am not in the tech industry but I can totally relate to that experience. I was a contractor working in the pharmaceutical company. The contractors work at the client site. The client can be unreasonable and treat contractors like second class citizens. There is no way to complain about the client, even when discrimination occurred. It was a very toxic culture there and I QUIT!!

  38. he seems to be talking out of revenge, placing google much above facebook. Facebook pays 150K plus even to H1B holders which is way more than Indians can ever earn in their country and even way more than what an average american works. H-1B visa holders are among the most highly paid professionals in the US and is among the hardest visas in the world . Facebook and many other tech companies provide all the facilities and perks to work. Working long hours cannot be just put as the sole reason to mark it as slavery. giving ratings, marking performance against peers is a way to promote healthy competition and is common among all companies throughout the world

  39. I agree with you 1000%. Was in H1B for 20 years and I would work over 50-60 hours per week and paid half of what they would pay US citizens …

  40. While I respect Techlead's point, I just want to remind people in this industry the other side of the coin. Yes, h1b holder (myself included for 10 years) has advantage in the hiring process because they have more to lose; the chances are 50:50 as their disadvantage in the hiring process because the sponsorship; For those who felt as slave during their employment are luckier than those cannot even enter the door to prove how hard they can work. There are as much struggling h1b holders just as those ensalve them after converted to green card holder to assert their dominance. A F1 visa holder would rather trick someone to marry to obtain a green card instead of employer sponsored. Why? Because the first one takes several month and the later one takes average 10+ years not to mention in case of layoff/fired/change job etc. One wrong step will destroy all the effort. When the rule of the game is too challenging (employer-sponsored), people will make their choice to cheat or follow the rule driven by their own human nature. A green card obtained through fake marriage will save you 10+ years of fear and uncertainty judging from the surface. But such people will like ly making many similar decisions and will always be just a consumer in this world. Not a strong, confident contributor. And I am not judging either one is better than the other.

    The society is never fair to begin with and never meant to be, because it is against human nature. Imaging a world people are equally hard working, then that will take my biggest advantage away. At the end of the day, knowing everyday in US could be your last day, facing all the unfairness and hardship, would one run away or still face the challenge while his/her career/family/youth is on the line to lose? Is your decision driven by greed, laziness, selfish, jealousy, fear or responsibility, justice, love, empathy and others? There is no absolute good or bad for each human nature and there is always hope. The next paragraph is my own story couple years ago, not to brag but to show there is always hope.

    In my case, I quit Microsoft after 3 years and half to join a startup to learn more about technology and to see the bigger picture in development cycle, I know startup is not stable and I could lose my house, my car, my family. And it may not be a responsible decision but I was scared of this comfort zone. As I was growing from a dev to a lead, my whole team got laid off 14 month later and the company was closed 6 month later. I went back to China and started over while my wife decided to stay in US and continue her career, and I was able to make my way back to reunite with my wife one year later. I initially got an engineer manager position only later to realize it won't help me back to US because many Chinese companies only offer 5 days PTO starting the 2nd year due to the golden week holidays. The employee is not allowed to use all PTO and golden week together. Yet to be able to enter US with tour visa to attend the onsite interviews, you need return plane ticket and an employment certificate when pass the custom to show your intention to go back to China. So I ended up choose a remote iOS developer position in a 13 people startup which pays nothing and no stock. With that employment certificate I was able to come to US for a month to attend 7 onsite interviews and got 3 offers including MSFT. Now it has been 9+ years since my green card process kicked off and I am still in the middle of my current company's sponsorship, I feel confident because I already went through a worse case and survived with more knowledge, confidence and other things that cannot be measured by money and time. It has been 2 years since my return and I work full time as a lead while started my own product after work with a team of 7 people. I didn't chose big companies' offer because of the culture mentioned by Techlead, I choose a smaller insurance company with 40 miles of daily commute and lower pay but a good manager and a work life balanced culture so I can work on my side project. Though a h1b holder can never gain additional income (my app) except the sponsor but I will be able to do so once I get my green card. My point is, when there is a choice to make, people often got affected by some negative human nature to be near sighted to only focus on the gain and loss visible, the best result they will get is what they see despite the trade offs. But in the long run, they will lose something invisible but priceless such as courage.

    If you made this far, you may continue, there are lots of people close to me that knew my story, I used to think one of the positive impact I can make is to perhaps help them to see the invisible and control their fear and other negative human natures. But when people looked at me in the eye and told me "I know what you went through and you will overcome many more challenge, but I will never work as hard as you for an uncertain result, I want that green card and I will get it no matter what." I understand people like me are principle oriented vs others are result oriented. I'd rather never get what I want than give up my principle. People are different, slavery or not, fair or not, h1b or not, these are just factors to put people on the test and see what you will become. The least you can do is to make that hard choice willing, even purposely marry someone for green card is not an easy choice, he/she will have to face the guilt, the freedom, the future, the courage to choose differently next time…

  41. Slavery should be gone in the US. The US is crueal because these workers aren't allowed to go back to their country with their family !?!?!

  42. What about people from India who get masters in CS from USA ? Their lives will be great right ,earn big and live the American dream!

  43. F Facebook, it's "algorithms", and its "specialists". You folks unjustly blocked me four times even though I didn't violate your community guidelines. No way to appeal it since I was blocked from accessing my account, and no phone number to call. Facebook is run by cowardly fascists. I'd love to talk with whoever blocked me and tell them exactly what I think of their cowardice and stupidity.

  44. This is 100% true. I really hate how the tech Industry mistreats my Indian and Chinese colleagues who are on H1B visas..

  45. You are putting your BS views in between some facts.
    How can H1B destroy American middle class? Do you even understand what a middle class is?

    There were 128 million households in US in 2018, 72% of them fall under middle and upper income group, i.e, 92 million households. H1Bs come under middle and upper income group.

    Yearly H1B cap is 85 K, let's multiply it with 20 years and it totals up to 1.7 million and assuming 2/3 never returned that makes 1 million, that is ~1% of middle and upper income households. How come a mere 1% can influence whole wage group?

    You seem to be someone with out much awareness outside your silicon valley software bubble and project that on to whole country. One can clearly see through your disgruntled charade. You are more dangerous than employers exploiting H1B workers, because your baseless claims that H1B is killing US middle class wages garner hate towards people who came here on H1B.

    If you are actually concerned about american middle class, fight for good living wages for
    3.2 million public school teachers
    3.5 million truckers
    30+ million workers in manufacturing sector
    Any one of those were considered a decent middle class job in USA, not just software and doctor jobs. First try to increase your awareness.

  46. @TechLead What do you think of the new congressional bills related to the H1-B folks going through congress: HR1044 and S386?

  47. The H1B visa is about CHEAP LABOR, nothing more.

    Youtube has plently of horror story videos on the abuse of this visa and its horrifying effect on american workers.

    Disney was a good example of this (well documented horror story)

  48. There is only one remedy: Functioning government. Functioning trade unions also help. In Western Europe tech companies cannot play this game so easily, there are patriotic political parties and strong trade unions (ever heard of IG Metal?).

  49. And specifically to H1B visas, here are 2 measures I would put in place: 1) The VISA must allow the visa worker to work for any company. 2) Make companies pay 20 to 30% special payroll tax when they hire a visa-worker. Of course, there would be a lot of resistance to get such law passed. United States has been declining since about 1955-1960, fixing these deep problems will not be easy. Maybe it is even impossible.

  50. Sadly, the same thing has happened in Australia with the 457 visa. They'll work for the lowest pay, but also so do a worse Jun a they have no idea what they're doingo. It's a race to the bottom of pay and skill,s, though they lack skills profusely. .They pay tax, but when they leave the country, it is all refunded back to them. What a joke. 😕

  51. It's so true. My friends who are here on an H1B visas are so terrified to lose their jobs, because it means they will be almost instantly deported. Many of them have families relying on them in the States, and can't afford to send their kids/spouses back home to China. That has caused a lot of depression among the Tech community. The alternative for Chinese H1B holders would be to work for huge Asian internet companies (e.g., Tencent, Toutiao, Alibaba, etc.), and the harassment is not much better. These companies institute 996 hours (from 9 in the morning to 9 at night, 6 days a week) as a rule, and sometimes you have to go overtime. In general, while the tech industry does pay a lot more than other traditional industries, the abuse in the industry is also horrific.

  52. well, in academia it is the same… being an assistant professor I was a slave and my school doesnot keep their promise of filing green card… and it messed up my life T T

  53. The employees at FB, Google etc with free food free drinks and fitness studios and 300k/ year are slaves so what are we 🤔😂

  54. I use to be on H1B as a software engineer and never experienced or witnessed any of the abuses TechLead is talking about. I was making hundreds of thousands of dollars and switching jobs whenever I wanted. To me it seems like this part was just repeating stereotypes without backing it up with anything

  55. Actually this sort of things have a name: Capitalism, globalization, neoliberaliism.
    Trade unions were supposed to safeguard workers. Now they help the capitalists.

  56. I’m going to guess yes before watching the video I’m assuming all the evil Facebook and Google and Twitter and Pinterest and any other big tech company does really takes a toll on the soul of their employees.

  57. A mixed messages in this video. I'm all good for exposing some inhuman practices, but….. tech interviews are made up to oppress a certain class if people…. btw go to my website to learn but to pass these tech interviews! Then when I worked at Groupon and it had dismal working conditions…. Groupon ad at the end of the video.

  58. HB1 indentured servants are and have been rampant throughout the tech industry for years. Stagnant wages is clear evidence of this fact.

  59. I guess what you are saying is that in all likelihood you would have never gotten to where you are now if not for the US citizenship.

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