Apple Card Review (2 Weeks Later) – You Might be Surprised!

what’s up guys my name is Brandon and I’ve been using the Apple card for nearly two weeks now and I want to share my experience with you guys in this review we’re gonna talk about some of the features included with the Apple card and whether I think you should apply for one or not. So first things first, applying for the Apple card itself is stupid simple, all you need to do is go to the wallet application on your iPhone, tap the little plus button, and then you want to choose Apple card, you fill out your details, and then you will instantly get an offer with your credit limit and your APR, and if you accept that offer, that’s it, that’s all there is to it, you’re approved. You have your Apple card, you can use it instantly. Obviously you won’t have the physical card yet you do have to request that and that takes about five to six business days to get the physical card but you can use Apple card on your phone instantly after accepting your term and yes I’m sure you guys have seen the apple cart itself but let me tell you this thing looks and feels even better than I expected in person it has some weight to it it says you know Goldman Sachs and MasterCard on the back has a really clean look no credit card number on the front you have your little chip the Apple logo and your name and that’s it and of course it is made of titanium so when you drop it on like a surface it does make a really awesome noise that I don’t think any other credit card on the market will make and this is what your typical wear on the Apple card would look like so this is after using it at gas stations grocery stores and just places like that where you would stick it in to use the chip you can see there are a little bit of scratches there at the bottom on the gray part so as much as I would like to keep this thing as clean as possible it’s just simply not gonna happen unless you don’t use and you just use Apple pay on your phone the whole time but what’s the point in that when you can flex with your Apple card now obviously there’s a lot more to the Apple card than just flexing and I will tell you guys that I am actually enjoying this card a lot more than I thought it would I was actually just getting this because it’s an apple product that cover Apple stuff here on the channel I was going to do a review on it and that was going to be it that was kind of my thought process before I got my hands on the Apple card but this thing is much better than I expected so not only does the Apple card look awesome but I never have to worry about somebody getting my card number I could just show this on camera show it anywhere I never have to worry about anybody stealing my credit card number and the expiration date or anything like that I can also track all of my expenses without having to use a third-party application or even logging in to any kind of application which is really nice and you guys will learn that not having to log into an application all the time to check on your expenses it’s going to be a huge time saver and you know save you a lot of stress and having to worry about putting in the right passcode and things like that I really love that and of course you do also get cash back with the Apple car so those are really three things and I’m gonna talk about a lot in this video so before we talk about the fun stuff with the apple cart let’s go ahead and get the boring but just as important stuff out of the way first so one of the big selling points with the apple cart is that there are no fees now of course if you do make a late payment which I recommend you guys all pay off your cards early but if you do make a late payment of course you will pay interest but there are no like late fees no annual fees anything like that no hidden fees there’s also no foreign transaction fees so if you were to travel overseas and use your Apple card you won’t be paying any type of foreign transaction fees which is nice now like I mentioned earlier you do get cash back with the Apple card and it’s actually broken down into different percentages so you get 3% back on Apple products you get 2% back on everything else but that’s only if you use Apple pay on your iPhone and not the physical card but if you do use the physical card you will earn 1% cash back on all purchases so there are definitely benefits to using Apple pay versus using the physical car instead of physically putting it into the machine if you use Apple pay on your phone you will get 2% cashback versus 1% but of course not all merchants not all stores offer that so you will have to use the physical card sometimes now since MasterCard has partnered with Apple on the Apple card you do also get the MasterCard benefits and you can see here the benefits are actually pretty simple nothing really too amazing but you get theft protection theft resolution services shop runner MasterCard travel and lifestyle services priceless cities priceless golf and one fine stay so if you’re looking for a card with benefits the Apple card is definitely not going to be for you it definitely offers a lot less in terms of benefits and cashback and pretty much everything than any other card out there so you’re not going to get travel or rental car insurance you’re not gonna get cell phone insurance you’re not gonna really get any kind of insurance or any major benefits with the Apple card and like I mentioned earlier the cashback is pretty much equivalent or lower than your typical credit cards cashback system but again the big benefit of having the the card when it comes to cashback is that you can actually use the cash instantly you don’t have to wait like another month to use it you can use it instantly and you could use it just like with Apple pay just tap on Apple cash and use it just like you would any other credit card so if you’re really big into credit cards you like having a lot of credit cards to use for different places to build up your benefits the Apple card is definitely not for you this is not a card that you’re going to want to get just to build up on benefits because there’s really no major benefits with the Apple card but most of you guys probably don’t have a ton of credit cards that you use at different places just to build up benefits and insurance and things like that so the Apple card does shine in multiple other areas and those three areas are security simplicity and simplified expense tracking and unlike traditional credit card providers Apple doesn’t know what you buy or how much you pay for it but of course their partner goldman sachs does have access to that information but that is secure and they’re not gonna sell it to marketers or advertisers or anything like that now the Apple card doesn’t have any numbers on the credit card itself but even if it did and someone got your credit card number they wouldn’t get very far with it because apple also has a one time unique dynamic security code put in place on the Apple card so basically the CVV code that you usually find on the back of your credit cards actually changes after every purchase and that makes it nearly impossible for somebody to make fraudulent purchases using your Apple card so basically in order for somebody to steal your Apple cards credit card information they would not only need to steal your phone but they would also need to steal your either fingerprint or your face for face ID to be able to get into the wallet application and get access to all of that so the security what the EPPICard is top notch so if you go into the wallet application and click on the three dots at the top and go down to card information you will see it does ask for your face ID or your touch ID and from there you can see your name your card number your expiration your security code and your network and if you wanted to request a new card number all you have to do is simply tap the request new card number button right there and you will get a new one instantly and if we go back you can see all of your credit details there as well your scheduled payments and things like that the wallet application is really nicely laid out and of course my favorite thing about the wallet application is just how simplified and makes your expense tracking so expense tracking is super simple with the wallet application of course that’s built in to your iPhone it’s a all apps you don’t have to download another app you’d have to log into anything it’s just there and the first thing you see inside of the wallet application is your Apple card right there which actually has a gradient of different colors that changes based on where you spend your money so it breaks it down into categories and those categories are color-coordinated and they make different colors on the card which is actually pretty cool so you can see my total balance right there you could see my total available my monthly activity if we tap on that it actually shows you know our monthly spending for August 2019 in this instance it shows our daily cash it shows our categories down there where we’ve spent money and you can also toggle that to show merchants instead of just categories it can scroll down and see where you’ve actually spent money so if we tap on this one right here at total wine and click on it again actually shows on a map view exactly where you purchase whatever you purchased it shows you the amount the date the time everything it shows you a lot of info here which is really nice you also have like for instance and this one total wine up top it shows your phone call and your information sheet right there which is pretty cool it shows that for pretty much everything if you go to Walgreens right here it shows the same and right below the total it does also show the amount of cashback that you received you can also see your latest transactions on the front page as well if you scroll down a little bit below the monthly activity and then like I mentioned earlier if you tap on the three dots that’s where you get a lot of information here as well you can also message or call Apple go to the website you can schedule your payments in here you can manage your bank accounts you can lock your card you can request a replacement card a replacement physical card you have all these different options here as well you can see the benefits all that good stuff inside of the wallet application so yeah as you can see the apple cart and the wallet application make tracking your expenses super super simple and convenient and again like I mentioned earlier the fact that you don’t have to constantly log in to a third party application is really really nice and stuff that that gets very underrated and you won’t realize until you actually start using it and it’s also nice because now I don’t have to use my spreadsheet that I usually use to track my expenses I don’t need that anymore because it’s all built into the wallet application so that also saves me a ton of time I also don’t have to worry about the security in my car and everybody can be able to steal my credit card information so yeah I absolutely love the Apple card I think it’s a fantastic option if you have an iPhone of course there are some downsides like I mentioned the benefits are not very good at all compared to other credit cards out there so if you aren’t big into benefits and getting a lot of cash back and having like travel insurance rental car insurance and things like that you may not care to use the Apple car because it’s not really going to benefit you too much but if you’re like me and you don’t care too much about all that and you just want security simplicity and a great way to track expenses I think the Apple car is perfect for that now of course if you have an Android you probably don’t want to get the Apple car because it’s not really going to be the same without the wallet application I mean I guess you can carry an iPad around or something like that and it could be worth it but I would generally say that if you have an Android you probably don’t care to get the Apple car so all in all I absolutely love the apple cart after using it for two weeks I can only see my experience getting better as I’ve built up more cash back and start to use it a lot more I think it’s yet another Apple product that’s going to be a winner very similar to the airport a lot of people made fun of this at first it’s going to end up being very successful just like the air pods and like I mentioned earlier just pay off your balance every month pay it a little bit early don’t pay it you know just on the due date pay it early get it paid off that’s really the only downside to even apply for the Apple cards if you don’t think you’re going to be able to pay it monthly but if you think you could pay monthly you know the amount that you spend I don’t see any downside and applying for the Apple credit card so yeah let me know what you guys think about the apple cart down in the comment section below do you have one are you gonna get one what do you think about it what do you think about the benefits the cash back when you think about the security tell me what’s most important to you and what you’re enjoying most about the Apple card down in the comment section below and if you’re against the Apple card you don’t want to get one let me know why down in the comment section below because I can’t really see any major reason not to get the Apple card if you could pay off your balance every month and not have to deal with those high APR rates so if you guys enjoyed the video I would appreciate it if you gave it a thumbs up also make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any of my future Apple related videos anyways guys thanks again for watching the video and I’ll see you soon [Music]

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