Airport security finding credit card knives

There’s a new way passengers are trying to bring weapons onto planes! KCCI’s Kim St. Onge is LIVE at the Des Moines Airport with how people are doing this and what’s being done to stop it. These weapons kind of resemble this credit card…except they’re a little thicker and a very sharp blade slides out from the side. Here’s what they look like. In most cases the cards are black and can be folded to make it smaller. They’re a fit easily into a wallet … Just like a regular credit card. Since the beginning of the year, airport officials across the country have confiscated about 500 credit card knives …. And say it’s becoming an increasing problem. Most of those were found in airports on the west coast, but Des Moines officials have found some here. TSA officials say in most cases, passengers simply forget they have them when they walk through the security check point. If a security officials finds one, you’ll be given the option to either take it out and mail it, check it or get rid of it. But, a reminder that they are considered weapons so having one in your possession at the checkpoint could result in a civil penalty. so always a good reminder to double check all your bags before you even leave for the airport!

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27 thoughts on “Airport security finding credit card knives

  1. If they asked me why I had a deadly weapon in my wallet I would respond with "I promise to not stab anyone with my credit card sized knife."

  2. its not beacuz they want to bring weapons on to planes its that people forget them in ther wallet

  3. They are cheap, u can get them on amazon for under $5 shipped and they are very bendable so it’s not even a great thing if u wanna stab someone lol, they are just tool that could barely even cut thin box, only good to cut tape or paper

  4. I'd probably put one in my wallet and then promptly forget about it for the next 3 years. Or longer. Which reminds me I need to clean out my wallet. Huh I wonder if I already have one of these?

  5. Oh yeah what's next a credit card gun
    Mean while 1:20 on this vid
    Mr joestar and me: OH MY GOD!!!!

  6. There is a new way passengers are trying to bring weapons onto planes.
    Not like I needed to cut, say, rope or something.
    The News always makes retarded assumptions.

  7. Mine has been in my wallet for a long time. I've only used it a few times but I had it and the blade did the job. Very cheap and easy to use in a pinch.

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