Advantages Of A Humminbird LakeMaster Digital Map

Hey guys. You know, one of the big things
that came around, oh eight or ten years ago, was we actually got maps on our boat. We can go out and instead of trying to read the old paper map like we did when
we were kids, go out and have that information right in front of you.
You know, I’ve kind of refined in my process over the years and it continues to get
better, but the map that I’m using and I’ve been very happy with, it’s a map
from LakeMaster. If you’re in the market for a good mapping software, let me tell
you kind of the reasons why I’ve settled on this one. One is it has
one-foot contour intervals. I definitely appreciate that. Another one of the
features that I really like is being able to shade different colors like
shallow water or shade to a certain range that helps me break a lake down
faster. And the other thing you really appreciate with LakeMaster is that
they’re constantly going out and updating this information. So they have a
survey crew on these lakes that goes out and they are constantly making their
maps better. So this is Lake Conroe. We started with a version one and I
thought it was great. Now we’re to a version three and some lakes are
actually on a version four. Every update they get a little bit more information
and it just makes it a lot more you know true to life so every contour is showing
up perfectly and a lot of times that’s what separates you from having a good day to having a bad day – being able to go out and establish a
great pattern. So if you’re in the market, check out LakeMaster and just remember
that’s probably one of the things that as a professional angler I would never
want to live without.

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One thought on “Advantages Of A Humminbird LakeMaster Digital Map

  1. Do you have to do anything to make the unit recognize the map card? A co-worker changed to a Lowrance & gave me his lakemaster card as I'd just bought my Humminbird, but there's absolutely no difference between having the card in and not. Support walked me through upgrading the firmware on my unit when I called, but said if that doesn't work that I'm out of luck since I didn't buy the chip myself. I poked around in the menus, but found nothing.

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