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Welcome to the FSU Libraries Help Series.
In this video we will walk through the process of adding money to the FSU cash
account attached to your FSU card. Before you use one of the two primary methods
of adding money to this account, you have to know if you will be paying by cash or
card. To add my credit or debit card, you must first log into In
the box labeled “my finances” you should select the “FSU card” tab and then select
the “FSU card e-accounts” button. This link will take you to the FSU card home
page where you should log in with your FSU ID and password. On the main page the
first box in the left side bar should say FSU cash click “add money.” On the next
page you will be able to choose which account to deposit into. If you select
the “balance top off” option you’ll enter a target balance between 10 and 500
dollars. This will take the target and current balance calculate the difference between
the two and add that amount to your account. If you choose “specific amount”
you can enter any value between 10 and 500 dollars to make a one-time deposit. After
filling in the requested details, click next. This will bring you to a page where
you can enter your payment and billing information. Complete this form and hit
submit. The funds added to your FSU cash account should be available immediately.
If you do not see the amount in your account balance, exit the site, log back
in and check your balance again. If you want to add cash directly to your
account you can do this at any PHIL station on campus and you can find them
at the FSU card center, Strozier library, Dirac library or the College of Law. The
home screen of each fill station should begin with three options: deposit to FSU
cash, purchase a $1 guest card and check account balances.
To add cash to your account select, “deposit to FSU cash.” The next screen will
allow you to choose whether or not you want a receipt for the transaction. After
you make your selection the display will direct you to insert your FSU card.
Quickly insert and remove your FSU card with the black magnetic strip facing up.
Once your card has been read the screen will prompt you to insert cash. Please
note that coins cannot be accepted at these stations only bills. Once the PHIL
station has accepted the cash, verify the amount listed on the screen
and select “done.” For problems with a library PHIL station, visit the
circulation desk. Thank you for watching the FSU Libraries Help Series.

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