A parent’s guide – Maintenance Loan and Welsh Government Learning Grant

Maintenance support is funding to help
students with their living costs, such as accommodation, books, travel, food and
socialising. All eligible students living away from home will be able to get
support for their living cost equal to the National Living Wage. This means that all students will have the same amount of money to live off while at university –
with the exception of those studying in London, where the cost of living is
higher. They will get around an extra 25% in support, while those who choose to live at home and study locally will get around 15% less. The support
students get will be a mixture of loans and grants, but how much they get of each depends on your household income. Every eligible student will get a grant of £1000 to start with, but they could get more of their funding as a
grant depending on your household income. Students from lower-income households
will get the highest grant available if they study anywhere else in the UK and
live away from home. Each student will then get a loan to top-up their grant so
that it is equivalent to the National Living Wage. Students do not need to pay
back grants, but will need to pay back any loans they borrow. This table on
screen will give you a good idea of roughly how much of a loan and grant your child can expect to get based on your household income. This is based on a student living away from home and living outside of London. If your household income is above the maximum figure at the bottom of the table then there is no need for you to submit your household income details, as the student would only be able to get the minimum grant. Both the loan and grant will be paid directly to
the students in three installments in line with their term start dates. The
first installment is usually around September time shortly after they have
started their course, the second in the New Year and their final installment is
usually around April time.

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