7 Ways To Eliminate Your Student Loans FAST

1.6 trillion dollars, what the? What’s
up everybody, I am Jaspreet singh and welcome to the Minority Mindset. Student loans
do a lot more than just want to wrap your turban extra tight. They keep your
bank account empty. Hey, wait, I found a penny. With 1.6 trillion dollars of
student loans outstanding, I think you learned your lesson. So next time you go
to college you won’t want to take-wait, you don’t want to go to college again?
College, we had so much fun together, why do you do this to me? Put yourself
together because today I’m going to go over seven things you need to do to wipe out
your student loans a whole lot faster than you thought possible. But, before we get
into that, make sure you hit that thumbs up button below because it’s like a virtual
[clap] high five and subscribe to the Minority Mindset YouTube channel, that way,
you don’t miss our new videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. First and most
obvious: Be cheap. D-did you say cheap? If you have fifty thousand dollars of
student loans, you got to come up with fifty thousand dollars and some interest
to pay it off. And the simplest thing you can do is start spending less money,
this way, you have extra money to pay off your student loans. Stop the monthly
mani-pedi, stop going out on weekends, and no, you do not need that four hundred
dollar wallet right now. I know, downsizing isn’t the funnest thing to do,
but it’s a temporary sacrifice you got to make right now because two: You should not,
you should absolutely not be making the minimum monthly payment. If you have
$50,000 worth of student loans, and your interest is 6% a year, it will be
recommended that you pay five hundred and fifty dollars a month on your
student loan payments, this way, you could pay off your student loans over the next
ten years. But, if you do not listen to this recommended amount, and you pay just
an extra $100 a month, so now instead of five hundred fifty dollars a month,
you’re paying six hundred and fifty dollars a month, now you will be able to
pay off your student loans two years sooner, and you will save
thirty four hundred dollars in interest because this extra
$100 that your paying every single month goes directly to your student loan
balance with no additional interest. That is next to $3,400 you can use to buy
your fancy wallets, and you can start living your life two years sooner, but
you have to three: Stop overpaying for your student loans. In 2019, the Federal
Reserve cut interest rates again, and then they did it again, and then they did it
again. Oops, I did it a-oh. If you’re taking out a student loan in 2020, you might get
a better interest rate than people did before you, but if you took out a student
loan anytime before 2020, you’re getting screwed because you’re locked into a
higher interest rate. Unless, you take advantage of this lower interest rates
by refinancing your student loans. Refinancing is when you borrow money at
a certain interest rate, and then interest rates come down. Let me actually
show you exactly what I mean. Okay, so, you took out $50,000 of student loans when
interest rates were at 6% a year, but now, over sometime [unintelligible speech] interest
rates have come down to 4% a year. So now what you do, you have $50,000 of student loans, and
let’s assume—just for the sake of this example—that you didn’t pay off any of
your $50,000. So now, interest rates come down to 4%,
and you can go to another bank, and you can say, “hey bank, give me $50,000 so I
can pay off this loan at 6% a year, and I’ll pay you 4% a year.” So,
you borrow this $50,000, and now your monthly payments come down to
$500 a month, all because interest rates have come down. If you continue to make
this $500 minimum payment or recommended payment, you will still pay off your
loans in 10 years, but you’re going to pay less money in interest because interest
rates are lower. If you have financed your student loans, you need to make sure that
you’re getting a good interest rate, and that you’re not overpaying, and thanks to
our sponsor, Credible, you can do just that. Credible will find you lenders with
the lowest interest rates that have no hidden fees, and they have a free form
you can fill out in just a couple of minutes so you can see how much money
you can save on the student loans, and it won’t affect your credit score.
But that’s not all. I really like credible because you just fill out your
information in a couple minutes, and then they make lenders fight for you because
they show you all the different lenders, and the interest rates that they charge,
this way, you can get the best deal and, at the time we were recording this video. They
even have a best deal guarantee, this way, if you can find a lower interest
rate somewhere else, they will pay you because they want to make sure you get
the lowest rate. So if you want to see how much money you can save and learn
more about Credible, I’ll put the link to where you can do that, in the description
below. Minority Mindset is a partner with
Credible, so if you use them we will get compensated, but there’s no additional
cost to you. So if you want to learn more, I got the links in the description below.
Fourth: Stop paying monthly. Let me show you a really simple trick that you can
use to pay off your student loans quicker without even realizing it. Let me
come back to this previous example where you have a $50,000 student loan balance,
and you have a 6% interest rate. Now, the recommended monthly payment is five
hundred and fifty dollars a month. But now, what you can do instead of paying
five hundred and fifty dollars a month, you take this number, divide it by two
which is two hundred and seventy five dollars, and you pay this, not every
month, you pay this every two weeks. So now you’re paying two hundred and
seventy five dollars every two weeks—I don’t know if you can read that—but if
you follow this model of paying your student loans every two weeks with half
of your monthly payment, now in this example, you will pay off your student
loans one year sooner, and you will save sixteen hundred dollars over the
course of your student loan term. When you pay your student loans off, once a
month, you will pay this five-hundred-and- fifty-dollar monthly payment twelve
times every single year. But, if you pay two hundred and seventy five dollars
every two weeks, well, there are 52 weeks a year, and fifty
two divided by two is twenty six, and twenty six payments of two hundred and
seventy five dollars adds up to thirteen payments of five hundred fifty dollars.
So, if you pay every two weeks, you will slowly make an extra payment every
single year, and you won’t even realize it. Now, if you pay your monthly
payments every two weeks, and you add an additional $50 to each two-week payment,
now we’re talking, and you’ll be able to pay off your student loan so much quicker.
Fifth: Use your bonus. You work really, really hard, and your boss notices your
effort, and they reward you with a big bonus. [celebrating] Wait, before you go
out and celebrate with the vacation to the Bahamas, [music] what you mean? I want you
to funnel that extra money towards your student loans. Right now, what I want you
to do is take half of your bonus, 50% of it, and fund it straight to your student
loans. So are you saying no Bahamas? It sucks, I know, but it will help you breathe,
[quick breath] a whole lot easier much sooner, this way, you can afford two trips to the
Bahamas. Double trouble [music] Sixth: Don’t do it again. If you’re done
with school, you can’t turn back the clock and start being financially
conscious when you were in college, but you can change the future. FUTURE. Before
you jump into the new masters program, ask yourself, is that six figures of debt
really worth those extra three letters? Uuh, a masters is two letters, Jaspreet. Pull
out a calculator and see if the additional cost that you’re going to have
to pay, is worth a pay bump that you’re going to get. But regardless of what you
decide to do, I need you to, seven: Start today. The interest on your loans are
front-loaded. During the first year of you paying off your student loans, almost
half of every dollar you pay is going to go directly to interest versus the last
year of your student loans, almost every dollar you pay is going to go
straight to your principal. That means, it pays to get money-smart early, this way,
you pay extra money towards the student loans earlier on because that’s money
that you won’t have to pay interest on, and that’s more money you will get to
save over the long-run. And if you want to make the smartest decisions with your
money, we even have a free e-book on money management and investing that you
can read for free when you sign up for my e-books, and you can do that by clicking
the link up here or by clicking the link in the description below. Thank you for
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videos are released and as always, KEEP HUSTLIN’ *

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99 thoughts on “7 Ways To Eliminate Your Student Loans FAST

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