5 Kid Birthday Gifts You Can Mail That Aren’t a Gift Card

Hello friends! In today’s video I have
five gifts that you can mail instead of a gift card for a child’s birthday. It can be very difficult to figure out what to send them that’s not a gift card that would be super cool that they would love. still love to have that you can mail
them through snail mail. If we are meeting for the first time, hi! my name is Shawn. Welcome! On this channel I create party ideas like this one. Alright let’s jump into today’s video. Here we go. First gift that you can mail that isn’t a
gift card for a child’s birthday. It’s a $2.00 bill. Yes! these things still exist. The only reason I came up with this idea is because we have a relative who sends
my kids these two dollar bills And they definitely are a conversation
starter. My kids love them because they’re cash, they’re unusual, and it’s a lot of fun to see the reaction of the cashier when you give them one of these
in the Starbucks line or at the Target checkout. Highly recommend. The second gift you can mail, instead of a gift card, is a book. Go on Amazon. Type in the age of the child and it will give a suggestion of book that that child might want to read. So pick one or you can ask the parent of the child what kind of books they’re into . The gift of literacy is a win-win for everyone. The third gift that you can give instead of a gift card are stickers. Now yes this depends on the
age of the child. A fifth grader or sixth grader might not enjoy stickers but a fourth grader and under love stickers. My toddler love stickers. You don’t even need to give her a gift when it’s her birthday. Just give her a bunch of stickers and she just loves sticking them. She’s behind the camera talking. She loves sticking stickers all over herself. Stickers also fit perfectly into a card that can be mailed . The fourth gift that you can mail instead of a gift card is a beach ball. Yes you can mail a beach ball. Go ahead and blow it up. Yes blow it up, write the address on it, write your message, take it to the post
office, and they will actually mail a beach ball. I did this at a church I worked at a couple years ago. And we mailed out a whole bunch of beach balls. Also mailed out frisbees. So you can also mail a frisbee if your child would rather have a frisbee. Won’t they be surprised when they find a beach ball sitting at their doorstep because you know that beach ball is not going to fit in the mailbox. It will get delivered straight to the door. The last gift that you can mail instead of a gift card is a birthday box that you create yourself. What would you put into a birthday box ? What am I talking about? Get a box ,whatever size you want, from at your post office. You can get one of their special little mailers that cost… what is it like seven dollars or something? that you can mail straight at the post office. And fill it up with things like confetti, a balloon, candles, money, Little Debbie cupcakes. You can put in a party horn and a party hat. and of course a message. You could even include one of those birthday banners. Wouldn’t it be a surprise to your kid to
open up and there’s a whole birthday party in a box? A thumbs up is the best compliment you can give me. Subscribe if you want to get more party ideas from this channel. And I will see you in my next video. Thanks for watching . oh that was sweet you guys got a kiss you guys are special

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