[2019] How to Deposit $Cash$ in SBI Cash Deposit Machine (Any State Bank)

Hey what’s up YouTube! I made a couple of
videos on Cash Deposit Machines before but post demonetization several things
have changed. The introduction of new 500 and 2000 notes and in the process of
remitting your money in the cash deposit machine several things have changed. So I
thought why not make a new video on it. So let’s not waste some time and get
right into it. You have to take your ATM Card same thing which was done before select
banking then whatever language you want You gotta enter you pin, then select deposit.
There are no service charges for the transcation when you do it with the Card.
As you can see one hundred five hundred and two thousand notes are
acceptable and I’m having the same so I have five hundred not one 500 load and
one 2000 knows which would sum up to around two three thousand trade lips so
I’m gonna place it right here like this and when after senator yes there you two thousand bucks twenty
five hundred note and try one Curtis mandatory you need to have other car and
order number for you to apply for a passport the second

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14 thoughts on “[2019] How to Deposit $Cash$ in SBI Cash Deposit Machine (Any State Bank)

  1. is the charge 25/- per deposit or is it for a single month?

    N.B: thank You for making this update video. it helped me a lot.

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