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7 thoughts on “2018 Guide to Qualifying for a Mortgage with IBR Student Loans

  1. 1.I have been forgiven for my student loans.for med.injury.
    2.i bought a two bedroom townhouse in ga.thats worth 125k.the realistate is a sellers market.So i want to keep my house but have NO credit.Tried to start with sears but they said call them i didnt bother.
    3.Being on disability my income total is $1,000 a month.So How can i get a second home to rent.Out?

  2. Hello,
    I am currently in an IBR with my student loan lenders that renders a $0 payment. From what I'm understanding, Fannie Mae conventional loans may be my only option. My issue is finding a lender that offers the loans. I would like to take advantage of a conventional loan that has a 3-5% down payment. I know about PMI requirements and the likes, I am having the hardest time finding a lender to accommodate this. I go into the pre-approval stating that I am looking for a fannie mae loan and end up hearing the same, rejection. I know my credit is in the mid-700s and I am just starting the process. I really don't know what or where to turn. Who are these non-"big box" lenders that understand the guidelines? As well, I contacted my student loan lender (Navient) and asked for documentation on what my payments would be if I were to no longer qualify for the IBR and was told they could not give me hypothetical documentation. Can you offer me some guidance with these issues?

  3. I'm a vet…I'm paying on student loans and I'm rehabn loans…i was denied a home loan 2 weeks b before closing after underwriter fitness more Sloans that were in default. Because of SL 65k…my husband's 71k. we were told we cannot be in an IBR. I'm devastated. how can you help?

  4. Great information! I'm trying to purchase a home. I have $19,000 student loans that are not being reported on my credit report. I'm currently not on a payment plan. I want to get a 3-5 conventional loan. Would I need to set up a payment plan or just try to qualify?

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