11 Athletes Who Destroyed the Stage ft. Shaq, Sasha Banks, & More | Ranked: Wild ‘N Out

– A football jersey, you
ain’t trying to rumble. When you drop an album,
it’s more like a fumble. (crowd cheers) (bell dings) – Hey JaVale McGee, you
tall, but you ain’t cool, the only thing that you
good at is Shaqtin’-a-Fool. Yeah, I’m Chico Bean
and my rhymes is lit, you turn around and look like
your neck is taking a (beep). (crowd laughs)
(bell dings) – My question is how long
it take for you to get bald, you got a hesitate,
real short, I’m tall. Matter of fact, let
me wait for a second, stand right there, measure
tape on your (mumbles). (crowd laughs)
(bell dings) – All right, champ, look,
we know you undefeated, but here’s a breath mint,
(beep) ’cause you need it. I know you can’t
tell right and left, but I don’t know
what’s stronger (beep), your fist or your breath. (crowd cheers)
(bell dings) – [Man] I’m dragging
that high five. – Where you going, baby?
– Nowhere. (crowd laughs) – You know you saw my fight
and you know I don’t play. Matter of fact I hit him so
hard, I almost caught a case. Look, I like you Nick
man, I really, really do, but talking all this nonsense,
I’ma lay you out too (beep), put the chop around you. – Whoa!
– Hold up, Hold up! – Sasha, Sasha, Sasha, one of
the most ferocious athletes there is across the world, but I think you have
a kind heart, right? – Mm-hmm. – Since you say, “yeah,”
let’s put it to the test, Kon and Big Mack, I need you. (crowd cheers) Spit the water out, if
you don’t want Kon to die. (crowd cheers) Hold on, hold, hold, hold! (crowd cheers) – My bad bro, my bad bro. – Man we losing this game. (bell dings)
(buzzer chime) – D-Wreck. – What’s up baby?
– What’s up? – 6’10, 100 million, Maybach
out front, say no more. (crowd cheering)
(bell dings) – That’s real life,
that’s real life! (crowd claps) – That is true. – Nick, you think you bad,
but you’re really my son, since you wrap your
head like a girl, come get slammed by one. (crowd cheers) – Give me the ball,
give me the ball! – [Male] Give me the ball! – That’s how stupid you
look on TV, passing Kobe the ball every time, but
that makes me wonder? – Yeah? – When you started dating Iggy, did Kobe make you pass her too? (crowd cheers) (laughs) – Pass her, where you
get them damn jeans from, you pass them (beep)
back to Sears. – I don’t know what he said,
but it wasn’t plead the fifth. – Come on out here man. (crowd cheers) – Okay. On my count, one, two, three! – You look similar
to a horse’s ass. – Boy, if you don’t get
your, “Can I see your “license (beep) going
to jail looking that.” – Did you just come off the
cast of Broke Back Mountain? (crowd cheers) – Boy if you don’t get your,
“I voted for Barack Obama “but you lying to
get black friends.” (crowd cheers) – If you don’t get your
friends, wearing, tight jeans un-cowboy acting
ass out of here. (crowd cheers and applauds) – They can’t to hear
me, they can’t hear me! (crowd cheers) (bell dings) (buzzer chime) – Okay, I wasn’t
gonna step at Nick, but now I’ma do it okay. Got the football jersey on. A football jersey, you
ain’t trying to rumble. When you drop a album,
it’s more like a fumble. (crowd cheers) (bell dings) – I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! – Hey listen, because
you got fired by NBC, and Mariah, she left
you for a better ring. We should call you
Draymond Green because you’re something
like a rebound king! (crowd cheers)
(bell dings) – Yo yo hold on, hold on! Oh damn! – Stay right here,
stay right here! – Hell is this? – Basketball’s my game, and
yeah that’s what I play, your career is
like my step back, its fading away. (crowd cheers) (bell dings) – Hey yo D, back in the day,
me and you, you was the Lakers, we was neighbors, right? But everybody know what you
been doing with your life, we ain’t see you in a
while what’s up Dwight? Ya’ll make noise for
the new Basketball wife. (crowd cheers)
(bell dings) – All right listen,
I don’t even rap. DJ, cut the beat! – Oh that’s his (beep),
that’s his thing. – I just want to
go at people today! (crowd laughs) This year is the year
of the son, right? All right, we got
Ricky Smiley’s son, (bell dings) we got Ruben Studdard’s sons, (bell dings) we got the son of Buddha, (bell dings) and we got Magic John-son! (crowd cheers)
(bell dings) – Bring the beat back! – I got this, and you
claim you like chicks man dog you lying,
everybody give it up for the jolly gay giant. (crowd cheers) (buzzer) – Jolly gay, I like that
quote, you wasn’t the only one making Mariah hit
them high notes. (crowd cheers)
(bell dings) (slow upbeat music) – Game over! Not fair, ya’ll make some noise, I don’t even have
to ask, D-Wreck, Shaquille O’Neal came
in here and dominated! (crowd cheers)

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100 thoughts on “11 Athletes Who Destroyed the Stage ft. Shaq, Sasha Banks, & More | Ranked: Wild ‘N Out

  1. Shoulda done an honorable mention for the Shaq one were Chico was talking bout toss em up to shaq and let em dunk yo bitch ass

  2. Sasha Banks… I swear I’ve seen her before…that’s right, in my piggy bank because she’s a dime. For real though she’s fine af.

  3. Matt Triplett's didn't even deserve to be on this list that was the worst line in all of Wild 'N Out he literally just said he wears pants and D.C. probably had a ten times better line as a 9-month old baby would but he was the bigger man and threw the game to give that nobody cowboy wannabe a win.

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