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100 thoughts on “1 MILLION BTC MOVED IN 30 MINUTES?! 🔴 Deutsche Bank: BITCOIN REPLACING FIAT 2030


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  2. I learnt that big banks like Deutsche also think that crypto and specially BTC can become world currency and provide great alternative financial system with recurring and 24*7 payments across the world

  3. Whale alert reacted to the transactions with this message: 'These transactions are very likely change transactions. We will reduce the amount of these being shown'

  4. What i learned today : Is Celcius WAlle APP is replacing my traditional Fiat money. Unlike my old wallet, Celcius APP give me 4-10% or 80% of the Celcisu Network profit interest on my saved/HODL crypto currencies and They have James Bond

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  6. I've learned that huge values

    are transferred on the bitcoin network.

    dB mentions cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the report,

    bitcoin replacing FIAT during the next decade.

    PBoC’s is People's Bank of China endorse cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

  7. Deutsche Bank is broke. I guess they are seeing Crypto Currencies as a new hope to save their company. This can be bullish but also very dangerous.

  8. Yes I use the Market cipher indicator, it is quite amazing…I find 90% accurate by some metrics. It doesn't make the trades for you, but it sure as hell aggregates all the useful charts under 1 interface, and gives you a very clear idea of the direction.

  9. Never selling!!! yo, Bitcoin is a digital hardware that will power robotic technology.!!! i will use robots to destroy political corruption, and Bitcoin will be the fuel for robots!!! Yall looking for money and gains, I'm looking to power murderous robots!

  10. I learned that a lot of Bitcoins where moved today. Too bad there is no complete fungibility. If I were to transact these kind of amounts I would prefer not to be known how much I do transact.

  11. its gonna be funny when Richard Heart Runs off with all the ETH and posts a video about how stupid people are. I mean every video he does he tells his viewers their idiots. how can you trust someone that insults you every time he speaks? Ponzi, Ponzi, Ponzi

  12. I like the concept of Bitcoin — to be used as money for day-to-day use. I also like the fact that if you store it, it won't depreciate in value. Will it catch on? Let me make an analogy.

    Here's some music from history. Listen to the first few moments of these clips (unless you find yourself liking them; then you might want to hear the whole thing).

    Here's some music from 12th and 14th centuries (plus the next few hundred years). Though these two pieces are stylistically hundreds of years apart, they will be COMPREHENSIBLE to anyone alive. This sound is based PURELY ON THE NATURAL SERIES OF OVERTONES. (Think gold)

    Master Perotin

    Josquin des Prez

    Music from the 18th to 19th centuries
    . The following music is based on an artificial "perversion" of the natural overtone series. To paraphrase one contemporary critic, "MR BACH PROMOTES THE SCHEME WHEREIN ALL KEYS ARE EQUALLY OFFENSIVE." The method lasted for hundreds of years, and is still used in today's music. You will probably find both of these clips COMPREHENSIBLE, whether or not you like the styles. You will probably NOT EVEN NOTICE that it is "offensive". (Think fiat)



    Here's some music from the 20th century. After a few hundred years of the previous "type" of music, Schoenberg found it necessary to shake things up a bit. He extended Bach's concept, and had many adherents, like Webern. Alas, outside of the movies (and some very dedicated fans), it hasn't yet become popular. I ask my 21st century contemporaries "This is where things are gong — but do YOU find it COMPREHENSIBLE?" (Think crypto)



    In summary, it may be that normal, natural people can stretch into the world of artifice (fiat, Bach) to a certain extent, but beyond that (crypto, Schoenberg), things get incomprehensible for most. I don't wish to predict where history will go, but I can't help think of how the development of trading tokens developed from the "natural" gold to the "artificial" fiat we have today. Maybe fiat — complete with markets and derivatives — is all we can handle.
    Can homo sapiens take the next step, or does that belong to a different species?

    Just sayin'.

    Clicked the Like button, as usual.

  13. Ivan is so right !! Crypto subscription that's the way forward. I want to leave my banks and go full crypto but the infrastructure in is not ready yet.


  15. IVAN re….the WALLETS moving approx the same range/# of BTC: Carl at 'The Moon' Channel explains the mechanics. Fast forward to 6 min in his Video. He also points us to the page supporting what we are observing.

    THANK YOU IVAN for all your hard work you invest in creating your content each and EVERYDAY!!!!!🤗

    I love my handsome Swede (we want to see your Test Results on your IQ – pleaseeeeee!). 45 min videos & you speak at WARP SPEED the ENTIRE time. Individuals with ADD love attempting to keep up. You're an integral individual in this space (even if you are a CIA asset 🤫 lol)

    XO from Ann in the land of We The People (America). And HELL NO, we are not turning over our Sovereignty for a CENTRALIZED Global Governance. At this Chapter in Humanity & the level of blatant rat invested corruption – now is not the time for a Centralized form of GLOBAL power. Human's are easily corruptible – EVEN if those WITH morals. Evil can easily flip the majority of good people or at least force them to look the other way when the LIVES of our immediate lov5ed ONES (esp our CHILDREN) are used as a weapon against us (lives threatened). I'd say non-jewish Germans during the WWII are a prime example…… of how good people turn their Head to Evil when their own lives/families are put at risk by challenging/apposing/exposing an immoral Government. CURRENT EXAMPLE of a corrupt Government against innocent citizens? China's round up of MILLIONS of practitioners of Falun Gong, imprisonment, tortured and the harvesting of their organs; by accounts – some were still alive & performed w/out Anesthesia.

    Ivan, I 'get' that you personally feel a World w/out Boarders is the naturally progressive 'Modern' way to move forward (ie dissolving the Sovereignty of individual Nations).

    Do more research on the oppression in China the demonic corruption of their Gov & exploration of their Citizens. The Middle East is no different. The level of unchecked political corruption here in the US is insane!

    I am in total disagreement with Open Boarders Global and semblance toward a Centralized Governance. The EU is a failed experiment. Quite a few Nations want to regain their National Sovereignty and now find it UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE to leave the EU. And this pull out is coming from a 'Union' of Nations who possess 'relatively' the same values/cultures!!!

    Ivan, laugh it off as you may, but DO ponder the protests around the Globe & what these citizens are protesting. Do you honestly think they would EVER agree to replace the gov their protesting against, in lieu of a Global Governance with power centralized even further within the hands of a few????

    Global power needs to REMAIN DECENTRALIZED so Humanity has a half assed chance of retaining Self Will (creativity) vs becoming disposed of by Multinational Corporations, and oppressed into surfdom, packed into overcrowded stack/pack cities as the Chattel of the .001%

    It is a bit irritating when your optimistic 'BELIEFS' lead you to laugh at c
    Citizens around the Globe who do not choose Open Boarders as the wisest path in the current Chapter of Humanity.

    TIMING?? Is NOW, under the current widespread DEEPLY rooted corruption/deceipt, the OPTIMAL time for Humanity to give over it's Reigns???

    Ivan, please set aside a week of your private time to look into organ harvesting & global human trafficking (& blackmail at the highest levels).

    My apologies for going off 100% off topic (Crypto/Block chain) and babbling on about the hazards of Open Boarders & purging the Sovereignty of Nations. Your laugh triggers me every time.

    You're eager to embrace and fully forge into the boundless possibilities of our high tech future.

    Let's just make sure as we embark, that each and every second of our social & technological progression is thoughtfully weighed upon the Freedoms we will NEVER be able to reclaim once we give them over (ie EU nations). Humanity looses it's full creative potential when we are muffled, socially caged, & physically oppressed. We are built to soar – not to be maimed into submission by clipped wings.

    Look into UN Agenda 21/2030. Research the origination of the Lucis (formerly Lucifer) Trust.
    Not all is as it seems.

  16. Today I learned that crypto needs to circulate in order to increase use and value and good way to do it is with subscriptions

  17. I don’t usually comment… your ability to push back against people , that are rude, in such a friendly and warm way is a true talent. You have a natural friendly way of communicating that sets you apart and above others in the space. Keep up the amazing work.

  18. I have learned that banks 🏦 are starting to wake up to inevitability of shift to cryptocurrencies in the future

  19. Wow Ivan , the first time i see you uncomfortable … trying really hard not to put down the hex ponzi scheme , not to insult your followers who invested in hex 😆
    I know you are a great guy who doesnt want to insult anyone but you are also a very smart guy that knows what hex is about

  20. Great show Ivan
    I learned how important the energy market and electricity grid is and what kind of impact it can hold if BTC thrives into 2030
    I want to learn programming for free 🤓

  21. Hey Ivan! Today I learned that if you are in the market hoping that it has one more big pump where you can sell, you are missing big opportunities to explore and exploit all the possibilities that are coming in the future! Have a good one! Green tea for me!

  22. Ivan, 8 have gold and silver. DCA into gold with 10g bars, very tiny and easy to store. Even 1oz coins is very easy to store

  23. I love you Ivan. The PDF is GOLD! Deustche bank and friends don’t play around…the system is about to be revamped digitally w the DeFi on-ramps that have been developed over the years as the regulatory sandboxes work w Forbes 500 blockchain companies (usually tied w EEA like Quorum)

    Look at Microsoft Azure and Enjin 😉

    Tokenization + incentivizing via algorithmic learning that uses AGI to determine outcomes is a big deal when you add in smart contracts and widespread availability. Education systems alone will be wayyy more efficient, once they get out of the stone ages and disinformation of course lol. AI revolution incoming!

  24. …or maybe, just maybe it is the real Satoshi that is moving his 1 million BTC and planning on doing something big!

  25. Blabber is a social media platform built on eos already out. No KYC/AML and I've made around $760 since I've started using Blabber. Plus the team is working hard building a decentralized market place for Blabber too. Amazing app and team I've talked with a few people from the team.

  26. Richards hex wallet gets around 50% of the hex and the eth is being funneled into a different address. This is one of the coders he hired going over the contract with naomi brockwell.

  27. Hi Ivan on Tech I love your content .Please make a video on altcoins which are replacing the current financial institution like pledgecamp which is replacing kickstarter and indiegogo. New Generation Crowdfunding platform with concepts like backer protection , storefronts,referral marketing for projects etc. Currently as TA says in accumulation stage.Would love to hear your views on it.

  28. Hey Ivan, that haven't been 1 million btc. Actually, this seems to me to be a distribution (just follow the addresses in blockchain), they are linked and with every Tx, 17 BTC are distributed to a different wallet. Currently it has stopped, but I guess this is just temporarily.
    Cheers and stay crypto

  29. I have learned that even negative info brings value to that what info is about . Negative marketing is still a marketing.

  30. Heellooo Ivan! In today's stream I've learnt that through the "Konzept – Imagine 2030" report, the banking sector is envisioning a series of scenarios that incorporate the growth of Bitcoin, comparing it with the evolution pace of the Internet. From that comparison emerges a quite probable exponential BTC and crypto growth hypothesis, which is usually hard to comprehend because our minds tend to underestimate long term impacts (I'd add: our occidentally shaped minds, not the Chinese ones for instance ;-)).

  31. Ivan its called peeling. its the same 55k coins that are getting shuffled to different addresses. each time its transferred there's 17 BTC peeled off to a new wallet. over and over again. not sure why. its the Bittrex exchange from what ive heard. they're shuffling wallets around

  32. I bet no one has read the 2030 inititive for sustainable development. Dont matter how much bitcoin goes up. 2030 we all very poor.

  33. Ivan you should cover this news on the sale of dotORG as a good reason for something like Namecoin

  34. This is for you Ivan :

    Beware not to contribute to the destruction of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

  35. Although there is high speculations that the bitcoin will attain $10,000 this December. Well after the recent recovery,  If the bulls can take the price above $7,800 it would signal strength and the projection that btc will close the year around $9,000-$10,000. Thus, this is a very good time to also buy bitcoin and trade with a very profitable strategy/signals as a trader, only gamblers will want to Hodl the coin waiting till it hit high rate. Well, i have been trading with Mr Lovatt Norton's strategy/daily signals which have used to increase my portfolio from 0.9BTC to 4.8BTC within a month.. I guess this every trader would say is a very good profit, as a trader i will advice you take this advantage to accumulate more coin with the little you have now. Norton can be reach via Whatsapp: +19497672504 and Telgram @ Lnorton09 on how to trade profitably.

  36. Today I learned how FOMO will be needed to make consumer demand high enough for retailers to be incentivised to widels accept btc.

  37. I have learned that allot of people in this crypto space think that the world spins around them, they need to be open minded and think out side the box. Allot of people think they are lawyers and experts in this place when clearly they are not and need reaction like everyone els. Great job on the video Ivan!

  38. i learned that ivan has a lot of purchase power. he is wooried about where to store physical gold jejeje

  39. How can you say BTC is in a bear market? Alts are in a bear market. BTC is in an extended plateau phase. its 40% of ATH value, thats not crypto bear market

  40. One thing i never hear is what bitcoin will be able to purchase in the future. We always hear what btc is worth in fiat but how much btc will it take to purchase a house or a car.

  41. In China, everyone believes that Bitcoin will not have much room for appreciation, but many people use the reputation of Bitcoin to hype other currencies. Most people create a new currency to hype. When the price goes up, they sell all their currencies and cash out. China has a population of 1.4 billion, which is too common. TRON, the most successful founder of the currency, has made hundreds of millions of dollars, and everyone in China who knows Bitcoin knows him. It only takes tens of thousands of dollars to develop a currency. In China, foreign friends have no risk. You do n’t know the Chinese market, and you do n’t know anyone. If a friend wants to do it now, please contact me. This doesn't require any technology, everything is packaging, just hold a newly created currency and tell them that this will appreciate in the future, and they believe it.

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