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21 thoughts on “हिंदी – Case study on HDFC Bank

  1. what is the diffrence between fundamental and tecnical …? which is good short term or long term ? make video plz…thanks sir

  2. Sir i want to participate in the management of any company .so what to do for achieve it?
    Aslo i am in 12th standard

  3. Wonderful stuff, watched all of your videos.
    Please make a video on how to do these types of analysis of business models. And dig deep details.

  4. Can you tell me why HDFC bank fundamentals are considered strong despite negative cash flows from operations for many years even though Net profit is growing. -ve cash flow from operations suggest they may also have bad loans like Yes bank, though not declared yet.

  5. Hi Sagar! Please make a video on alternative packaging industry and the scope of it. Ban of single usage plastics seems an eventuality.
    Also one on Li-Ion battery manufacturer companies as EV boom is on news these days.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Sir one of the stocks on your list piramal enterprises has been falling continuously and is very close to the price at which you were interested in buying it.
    The co. Has 40k crores exposure to real estate loans out of the total 56k crores loan book. Shouldn't this be a worrying factor considering the liquidity stress in real estate sector.

  7. Thank you Sir
    Great video.
    Plz to make on minda industries and Galaxy surfactant.
    Thank you sir.
    Have a great day
    Happy investing.

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